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Update on Past Legislation - HB 3457

I find it very rewarding to hear positive results from past legislative bills I have sponsored. Recently, I was talking to a lobbyist for Relief Nurseries and he relayed how grateful they were for the funding they have received from the implementation of HB 3457.


Relief Nursery is a non-profit child abuse and neglect prevention agency proven to strengthen high-risk families and keep young children safe. Nationally recognized, Relief Nursery stops the cycle of child abuse and neglect with its blend of therapeutic early childhood services and comprehensive family support, including alcohol & drug recovery support services.


Currently, Oregon has 23 Relief Nurseries that provide vital services to vulnerable families with children under the age of six. The majority of families using Relief Nursery services are headed by a single parent living in poverty and facing a myriad of challenges raising their children. Parents enroll in Relief Nurseries hoping to break the intergenerational cycle of abuse and neglect.


So, what is the connection between Relief Nursery and HB 3457? Glad you asked! During the 2005 legislative session, which was my freshman year, in the Oregon Legislature, Representative Wayne Krieger, who was Chair of the House Committee on Judiciary assigned me the task to rewrite the Civil and Criminal Asset Forfeiture laws. During that session, I worked nonstop to gain support for this bill and was elated when it passed almost unanimously. With the passage of HB 3457, law enforcement was given the tools to seize assets acquired through illegal drug activity.


Since the implementation of this bill, the Nurseries have received  more than $517,000. HB 3457 is paying dividends 10 years later!


Upskirting - HB 2596

Sadly, the need for this bill came from an incident that occurred in an Albany classroom in my district. A local teacher was the victim of a student who took  an "upskirt" photo and then posted it to social media outlets.


The phenomenon called "upskirting" is the recordings of a person's intimate areas using an electronic device, such as a cell phone, then circulating and sharing the images on social media.


You can imagine the humiliation and embarrassment this teacher felt, when she found out that a student secretly took an upskirt photo of her and sent it out through social media. She did not even know this was happening until a student told her!


Currently, what happened to this teacher is not illegal. I am aiming to correct that with this bill as our laws often do not keep up with technology. HB 2596 has had a public hearing with testimony in support of the bill. A work session will be scheduled soon. I expect this bill to move forward shortly.


Let's make an effort to tell a teacher "thank you"  for all they do for our kids!


For more information, click here and here.


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Andy Olson

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