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Working Together
Working as a team...Together Everyone Achieves More. No matter where life has brought you, I'm sure you've learned the importance of working together. From sports to politics, from running a business to running a family, working as a team makes for a successful outcome.
A few weeks ago, Senator Wyden held a town hall in Lebanon which marked his 763rd town hall in Oregon. He visits each county once a year. From personal experience, I have great appreciation for Senator Wyden's accessibility. My office works with Senator Wyden's office on a regular basis. Senator Wyden knows the importance of working as a team. His office is quick to respond on constituent issues, and more than happy to hear any concerns throughout Oregon. 
I want to thank Senator Wyden for his ability to work together, and his willingness to be held accountable. Should you have any federal issues that need to be addressed or you need assistance on a personal level with the federal government, please let my office know. I have a great working relationship with Senator Wyden's office and I'm happy to help make the connection for you. 
                Oregon's 157th Birthday   
Historically, Oregon's birthday has been celebrated on February 14th every year since 1859. Due to the birthday falling on a Sunday this year, the Oregon State Capitol Foundation will be celebrating on Saturday, February 13th from 10am-2pm

Festivities include:
Live music
Birthday cake
Kids gift bags and activity tables
Costumed historic interpreters
Covered wagons on display
Photo opportunities with the Gold Pioneer

I hope you can help celebrate Oregon's 157th birthday, and if not, have a great Valentine's Day weekend!
                Honorary Page Program   
The Honorary Page Program still has dates available for the February Session. This is a great opportunity for students from ages 12-18 to participate in the legislative process and get hands on experience at the Capitol. For more information or to apply to become an Honorary Page for the day, click here.       
                      Short Deadlines

If you're unfamiliar with the annual sessions, the voters in Oregon approved Ballot Measure 71 in 2010, which changed the legislative schedule of regular sessions from bi-annual to annual. This limits the odd numbered years to 160 calendar days and even numbered years to 35 calendar days. This is my third short session, and to be frank, it's often chaotic. 


Here's a little glimpse at the deadlines the legislature is looking at for the remainder of February:

  • February 11th - deadline for First Chamber to hold a work session...this means a House Bill must be moved from committee and onto the House Floor, unless the House Bill is in a committee with exemptions, like the Joint Committee on Ways and Means
  • February 18th - deadline for Second Chamber to post a work session...this means if a House Bill is not scheduled for a work session in the Senate Committee it's been assigned to, the bill is essentially "dead"
  • February 23rd - deadline for Second Chamber to hold work sessions...this means a House Bill must be moved from the Senate Committee it's been assigned to and onto the Senate Floor
  • March 6th - Constitutional SINE DIE!

You can see how quickly bills need to move  through the legislative process in order to pass. It's difficult to stay up to speed on every issue, so if there's a specific bill you'd like to bring to my attention, please feel free to email me.


As always, thank you for the continued support.







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