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Legislator PhotoRepresentative Andy Olson

Republican - District 15 - Albany

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1415    District Phone: 541-967-6576
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-381, Salem, Oregon 97301
District Address: PO Box 891 Albany, Oregon 97321




Being first a husband and a father, I share many of the same priorities as other parents; stable education, safe communities, and a prosperous economy in which I can provide for my family.

Having retired with the Oregon State Police after 29 years, I understand the importance of solid leadership, the ability to serve and helping people throughout the community.

My wife and I have been married for 44 years, we have three married daughters, and five grandchildren. Working in the legislature, I always consider how the decisions I make will impact the future of not only my children and grandchildren, but also your families and future generations. I want them to have the same opportunities this great country has provided me.

Serving in the legislature since 2005, I have been blessed to be elected into leadership positions by my colleagues. I have served as Co-Speaker Pro Tem, House Republican Leader, Deputy Leader, and Whip. I have worked hard to build relationships throughout the building, which has allowed me to move important legislation. I thoroughly enjoy working across the aisle and making common sense solutions which all parties can support.

Currently, I serve on the Governor's Task Force on DUII, the Sexual Assault Evidence Kits Testing Task Force, the Administrative Hearings Oversight Committee and the Asset Forfeiture Oversight Council. I also serve as the Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Human Services and Housing, a member of the Joint Committee on Marijuana, the Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization and Vice-Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.