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June 12, 2013

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Rep. Parrish Ready to Welcome Them To Oregon


SALEM, OR – With a unanimous vote today, the Oregon House gave veterans in-state tuition rates at Oregon public universities and community colleges. The House vote was to concur with the Senate amendments to House Bill 2158-B, which strengthened the bill.


“Oregon now joins more than 20 states that are competing for education dollars that a veteran receives as part of his or her benefits package for serving our nation,” said Rep. Julie Parrish (R – West Linn/Tualatin). “By opening up our doors and welcoming them as students to Oregon, we’ll see a bump in revenue to our universities that might not have otherwise been realized. More importantly, once these students graduate, they will have their degree in hand and bring their job skills acquired in the military to the Oregon companies who hire them.”


HB 2158 started as a committee bill in the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee. The concept was presented to committee members in 2012 and the committee opted to put it forward as a committee bill. During the course of the hearings, there was concern from the Oregon University System that HB 2158 would have a fiscal impact for universities. The bill went through an amendment process that significantly changed the scope of the bill and was passed to the Senate.


In response, Senator Alan Olsen introduced Senate Bill 820, which was chief-cosponsored by Rep. Parrish, as an attempt to restore the content of HB 2158 as originally presented. The Senate Veterans Committee not only restored the original bill to its full form, an amendment from Senator Monnes-Anderson added children of Purple Heart recipients for a tuition waiver.


Rep. Parrish thanked her committee chair, Representative Greg Matthews (D-Gresham), on the House Floor for his instrumental help guiding through the process some of the more complicated bills serving veterans.


“I appreciate that Rep. Matthews has to balance good policy with some of the other competing goals in our budget, and he’s really strived to strike that balance so we can serve our veterans,” Rep. Parrish said. “He committed to those of us who were torn about amending HB 2158 that he would come back and keep working on this issue until we got the full bill. His heart runs deep for our veterans, and I’m proud to serve with him.” 


Rep. Parrish is relieved that the legislators who were passionate about HB 2158 wouldn’t have to wait to pass the bill in its proper form.


For more information, contact Rep. Julie Parrish at 503-432-9707 or rep.julieparrish@state.or.us.