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Legislator PhotoRepresentative Carla C. Piluso

Democrat - District 50 - Gresham

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1450
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-491, Salem, Oregon 97301


Carla's 2020 Legislative Priorities Tracker

Thank you for visiting the Team Piluso priorities tracker! 

I am committed to creating a fair opportunity economy, public safety, a welcoming Oregon, and a sustainable future. My priority bills for the 2020 session are listed below, along with how they currently stand within the legislative process. We have also linked to each bill's page on OLIS, the Oregon Legislative Information System. You can use OLIS to find a copy of any bill that has been introduced, accompanying testimony, and public meeting times.

Some of these bills are complicated and subject to change through the committee amendment process. If you have a question or comment about what a bill does, please feel free to contact my office. You can click here for information about how to testify on a bill, and here for information on how a bill gets passed.


 2020 end-of-session update: The Legislature adjourned the 2020 session wihout completing the people's work. My Republican colleagues chose to walk off the job in order to obstruct action on climate, and in the process many priorities--including my own--were left lying on the table. 

​The story isn't over yet, especially with the curveball of the coronavirus pandemic. You can subscribe to my newsletter for updates. Thank you for your support and engagement this session.

HB 4076: Age Discrimination Task Force

Older employees bring proven job and leadership experience to the workplace, and they need and deserve equal access to employment opportunities. But a recent study found that 62% of older Oregon workers have seen or experienced age discrimination on the job.

We need to bring the right people around the table to discuss why it is so hard to enforce the laws against age discrimination in Oregon. HB 4076 will establish a Task Force as a first step towards an economy that is fair to older Oregonians. 

Status: Work session held on 2/5, currently in the Joint Ways and Means committee.


HB 4131: Family Preservation Project

FPP is an essential program that keeps incarcerated women connected to their kids. When parents go to prison, kids miss out on a parent's love through no fault of their own. FPP works intensively with mothers incarcerated at Coffee Creek and their children living across the state, keeping families connected and creating better outcomes for all—including lowering recidivism, reducing trauma, and keeping kids engaged at school.

FPP has been doing this work and getting results for years, but the program lost state funding last year. HB 4131 will fund the Family Preservation Project and give the program budget stability going forward.

Status: Work session held on 2/12, currently in the Joint Ways and Means committee.


SB 1558: Court Care

The Court Care program provides high-quality drop-in childcare in and around courthouses. This program gives kids a safe place to be kids while keeping them from witnessing traumatizing scenes in the courtroom. It also breaks down barriers for parents to attend appointments and other court business, giving more families access to justice.

Status: Work session held on 2/12, currently in the Joint Ways and Means committee.


HB 4005: Safe Storage

Safe gun storage incentivizes gun owners to store their guns safely—putting a stop to many tragic, preventable firearm deaths. A 2018 study found that 4.6 million minors live in homes with at least one unsecured weapon, posing a threat to children who may set off a firearm by accident and anyone who is considering acting on their feeling of hopelessness and ending their own lives. HB 4005 would encourage gun owners to protect their loved ones and save lives, and it requires a person who owns a firearm to secure the firearm with an engaged trigger or cable lock, or to be stored in a locked container. This needs to be the year we act on common-sense firearm safety measures.

Status: Work session held on 2/12, currently in the Rules committee.


HB 4039: Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Services  

This bill would direct the Department of Human Services to conduct statewide assessment of needs of and services for unaccompanied homeless youth in Oregon. These services include shelter facilities, outreach, culturally specific services, mental health or substance abuse services, and strengthened partnerships with host home programs and other transitional housing options. It is extremely crucial that youth separated from their families get the services they need to survive, and this is the first step in the right direction.

Status: Currently in the Joint Subcommittee on Human Services, there is a work session scheduled on 2/24.


HB 4099: Tuition Equity 

This would provide COFA migrants, refugees, and special immigrant visa holders, access to in-state tuition. Immigrants and refugees are incredibly resilient, and they make enormous contributions to our state, so it is consequential that they have access to education.

Status: Work session held on 2/12, currently in the Joint Ways and Means committee.