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March 25, 2013


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Waldo Lake motor-free protection passes Senate

SB 602A protects the pristine legacy of Oregon’s second-largest natural lake


SALEM—One of Oregon’s most treasured natural areas won an important protection today as the Oregon Senate voted to restrict motor-powered boats and aircraft from Waldo Lake. SB 602A’s ban on motors will sustain the tranquility and water quality of a lake considered one of the purest in the world, while maintaining access for campers, hikers, and water users.


“Experiencing the serene and unpolluted waters of Waldo Lake is a birthright for Oregonians, and we ought to protect that for future generations,” said Sen. Floyd Prozanski (D-Eugene), author of the bill. “This legislation will allow everyone to enjoy this unique setting without being impacted by noise or water pollution.”


Prozanski submitted SB 602A in response to conflicting proposals from the Oregon Marine Board and Oregon State Aviation Board regarding the use of motors on Waldo Lake. In 2010, the Marine Board voted to bar motorized boats from using the lake; however, the Marine Board’s jurisdiction does not apply to seaplanes that land on the lake. The Aviation Board recently considered a proposal to continue to allow seaplanes on the lake under certain conditions. Senate Bill 602A provides clarity on this issue by restricting both motorized boats as well as seaplanes.


“Oregon has many special places, and Waldo Lake is one of the biggest jewels in our crown,” said Sen. Jackie Dingfelder, (D-Portland), chair of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee. “Preserving the pristine waters and idyllic scenery of Waldo Lake is vitally important to maintaining Oregon’s environmental heritage.”


SB 602A provides for an exception to the motor ban for boats propelled by electric motors under speeds of 10 miles per hour.


Senate Bill 602A now heads to the Oregon House of Representatives for consideration.