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Legislator PhotoRepresentative Jeff Reardon

Democrat - District 48 - Happy Valley

Capitol & District Phone: 503-986-1448
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE H-473, Salem, Oregon 97301


Thank you for visiting my legislative website. I am honored to serve my third term representing the residents of Happy Valley and East Portland.

I’m proud to Chair the House Committee on Higher Education and Workforce Development (HHEWD). I use my experience as a classroom teacher and school board member to make decisions that are in the best interests of Oregon’s students. I am also happy to sit on the Joint Committee on Ways and Means Sub Committee on Transportation and Economic Development.

Since being sworn in, I have found representing my district to be very rewarding. Over the years, I have been passionate about environmental issues, protecting our pollinators, pedestrian safety, and supporting our schools. I am proud of the big accomplishments I have made in the legislature and beyond this last year.

Passing HB 2017A, a comprehensive Transportation Infrastructure funding package, was one of the biggest priorities of the 79th Legislative Session. It will benefit House District 48 greatly by investing millions of dollars for the Southeast Powell Boulevard jurisdictional transfer, bicycle/pedestrian safety, as well as infrastructure and maintenance in Happy Valley, Portland, Clackamas County, and Multnomah County. Meanwhile, the Lents Stabilization and Job Creation Project seeks to create a stable housing base, increase jobs opportunities, improve natural resource conditions, and address flood-related issues in the Lents neighborhood. The HHEWD committee passed HB 3437 to support Oregon’s workforce structure by creating a convener that improves communication. This bill will reduce silos, identify and remove duplicate efforts, and strengthen industry by region.

The legislature has made great strides for equality in Oregon. While the Reproductive Health Equity Act (HB 3391) ensures that all Oregonians will receive the full range of preventative reproductive health services they need at zero out-of-pocket cost, the Equal Pay Act of 2017 (HB 2005) requires that employers pay equal wages for the same work.

We also increased our 2017-2019 K-12 school budget by $800 million, providing $8.2 billion to educate our kids. This last November, I pulled together the Career Technical Education Caucus and lobbied hard to ensure that HB 2246, the bill providing implementation of Measure 98, passed unanimously in both chambers. This year, HHEWD worked together to pass HB 2998 to ensure that students are not paying for community college courses that cannot be used at the university. HB 2729 will use Open Educational Resources to help mitigate the cost of textbooks at public institutions.

I look forward to continue representing you during the 2018 session. I encourage you to share your views with me. You may write to me, or ask to sign up for my e-newsletter, at: or you may call my office at (503) 986-1448.


Thank you,

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