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Legislator PhotoRepresentative Sheri Schouten

Democrat - District 27 - Beaverton

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1427
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-280, Salem, Oregon 97301


State Representative Sheri Schouten: Oregon House District 27


I am proud to represent Oregon House District 27, which includes Beaverton and SW Portland, and to serve my second term as your State Representative.

For the 2019 Legislative Session I am prioritizing issues that make a difference to Oregon families. My office’s key priorities include:
  • The Drug Take Back Program which would create a state-wide drug take back program to help make disposing of unwanted, unused, and expired prescription drugs as easy as getting them from your pharmacy by establishing take-back kiosks around the state and providing mail-back envelopes on request.
  • Copay Transparency, a concept that would ensure that consumers have an easy way of calculating their out-of-pocket expenses for their prescription drugs by requiring that insurance carriers provide no fewer than 25% of their plans with a flat, pre-deductible copay cost. Many families are struggling to meet costly deductibles for specialty drugs to treat cancer, hemophilia, multiple sclerosis, and other health challenges, and copay transparency will help them budget for their health care expenses and provide certainty.
  • Dignity for Incarcerated Women is a bill based on a first of its kind piece of legislation that was passed in Kentucky during the 2018 legislative session with overwhelming bipartisan support. This bill will put important protections into place for women in corrections including access to feminine hygiene products and undergarments at no cost, a requirement to maintain a physical barrier between male and female detainees, a prohibition on shackling of pregnant women in custody, and access to substance abuse programs.
  • The Single-Use Polystyrene Ban would address a serious environmental concern: every day, people across Oregon are throwing away pounds upon pounds of single-use cups, containers and other plastics that ultimately end up in our landfills, streams, oceans, and rivers, threatening Oregon wildlife for centuries. LC 998 would prohibit food vendors from using polystyrene containers in selling, offering for sale, serving or dispensing prepared food to public; drastically reducing the amount of polystyrene waste that Oregon produces. This effort comes in conjunction with other environmental concepts including a single-use plastic ban, and bans on plastic straws, except on request. Nothing we use for a few minutes should be allowed to pollute our environment for generations to come.

I encourage you to reach out to our office if you have any questions regarding my legislative priorities, or if you are having any difficulty working with state agencies. You can contact us with an email to or a call to (503) 986-1427. I appreciate your input, and am honored to serve as your State Representative.

Warm Regards,

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Representative Sheri Schouten
Oregon House District 27

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