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August 20, 2013

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No word from Governor on potential PERS deal


Salem, OR - As the summer winds down, Republican leaders have still not heard from Governor Kitzhaber (D) about reaching a deal to secure real PERS reforms this year. While the Governor has made a public tour of the state flaunting his desire to find a compromise that provides classrooms and local governments with relief, he has yet to sit down with the Republican leadership necessary to find a bi-partisan solution.


"Republicans are ready to pass a stand-alone PERS bill now," said Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). "If the Governor insists on engaging in transactional politics in order to secure a tax increase, we are willing to talk about a solution that includes relief for small businesses. Republicans have consistently shown a desire to work with Democrats and reach compromise, but the Governor must open the lines of communication in order for that to happen."


"Our position is clear, and we are ready to get to work," said Ferrioli.


Republicans re-iterated their concern about the Governor's capital gains tax cut proposal, "Right now there are at least three strikes against this plan," said Ferrioli. "It would benefit the rich more than the middle and working class, it would do little to help small businesses grow and the addition of a sunset takes away certainty for employers of all sizes".


"Small businesses remain the lifeblood of our economy, and anything the legislature does should focus on helping them primarily," said Ferrioli. "We need long-term tax certainty for Oregon's blue-collar entrepreneurs, not temporary tax cuts for the rich."