State Representative

Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer)

House District 25

For Immediate Release:

August 14, 2007


Contact: Rep. Kim Thatcher

Rep. Thatcher Appointed to Key Legislative

Interim Committees

Committee Work Will Focus on Immigration Reform, Gov’t Accountability


(Salem) Representative Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) has been appointed to the Elections, Ethics and Rules Committee and the Government Accountability and Information Technology Committee for the 2007-08 interim.  Both committees are expected to review and prepare legislation for the 2008 Special Session and 2009 Regular Session.


“I am pleased to continue my work on these two key committees,” said Rep. Thatcher, who retained her committee assignments from the 2007 Regular Session.  “With the Special Session less than six months away, the Legislature will have a very busy interim with many pressing issues to consider.”


The Elections, Ethics and Rules Committee could play an important role in setting the policy agenda for the upcoming Special Session.  As a result, Rep. Thatcher said she’ll continue to work on immigration reform bills that had died in the committee during the previous session.


As recent tragedies have shown us, local law enforcement urgently need the ability to investigate and detain violators of federal immigration laws,” Rep. Thatcher said.  “I will also continue my work on legislation to require proof of legal presence for driver’s licenses and public benefits.”


Rep. Thatcher will also continue her work to improve government efficiency on the Government Accountability and Information Technology Committee.  She is also participating in a non-legislative, bi-partisan workgroup that is studying ways to improve and measure government performance.


“State government can always do better in delivering services to Oregonians,” Rep. Thatcher said.  “I’m confident the interim committee and the bi-partisan workgroup will develop innovative solutions to increase accountability in Salem.”




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