Keep Kids Safe License Plate
July 21, 2014 
Keep Kids Safe Plate

Keep Kids Safe License Plate 


Did You Know..........



  • DMV needs to sell 500 a year or the license plate will be discontinued
  • We are in our 2nd year which runs November 1, 2013 and ends October 31, 2014
  • We have only sold 177
  • We have only 3 months to sell 323
  • You do not have to wait until your tags expire to replace your plates

Complete an Application for Registration or Replacement Plates and/or Sticker Form


Determine the registration fee; Replacement plates between renewal $10, Keep Kids Safe Group Plate Surcharge ($30 2 year fee, $60 4 year fee)


            Mail your complete application and fees to-


                        DMV Vehicle Mail

                        1905 Lana Ave NE

                        Salem, OR  97314


            You can also take your application and fees to a DMV office.


Please help us reach our goal of 500 

"Keep Kids Safe" license plates by passing this information to other family and friends who want to keep this program alive.


Keep Kids Safe Gene and Josie

Michael C. Jensen Photography

State Representative Gene Whisnant | (503) 986-1453 | | 900 Court St NE
Salem, OR 97301