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July 16,  2013


Dear Friends, 

It's been a little over a week since the 77th Legislative 2013 Session ended. You have read reports from the Governor, the Legislative leadership members, and individual legislators stating their opinions about the 2013 session. The Governor was disappointed that the major issues were not addressed. The Democrats blamed the Republicans and the Republicans blamed the Democrats.   Remember, the Governor is a Democrat and the Senate and House had Democrat majorities. House Republican Leader Mike McLane stated, "not with a bang, but a whimper" when describing how the session ended.

In our "Sine Die" Legislative Newsletter (link), I stated that I considered our personal legislative work on your behalf during the session to be successful. However, the session did not address (1) the long term issue of our PERS unfunded liability; (2) the growing costs of higher education and the Oregon Health Plan; (3) the State's need for more jobs with higher pay; and (4) the need to save more of our new revenue for "rainy day" funds. I'll address these subjects in future "Newsletters."

Below I have provided a summary of our legislative actions. You may check on the Oregon Legislative Information System (Link) each of my votes and the complete list of bills which I chief sponsored, sponsored, voted for or voted against. Also, on the three major controversial votes; I issued a press release which addressed my NO votes on In-State Tuition for undocumented students bill (link), the Columbia River Crossing bill (Newsletter link), and the drivers' cards for undocumented individuals (link).



Gene Whisnant









HB 3109         Requires Director of Oregon Health Authority and State Forester to submit a report regarding impacts of the 2012 Pole Creek wildfire on public health, wildlife, fish, and aquatic habitat.



HB 3315         Requires Oregon Employment Department to prevent abuses of H-2B visa program which will protect Oregon jobs.


HM 2               Urges U.S. Departments of State and Justice to protect intellectual property rights and prevent product counterfeiting to save American jobs.


HB 3472         Directs Higher Education Coordinating Commission to conduct a study considering different programs to freeze or decrease tuition. (Awaiting Governor's signature)


HB 3000         Requires public school students seven years of age or younger who are entering the educational system to have vision screening or eye examination.


HB 3130         Allows County's industrial development fund to be used for transportation needs related to economic development that will help create jobs in La Pine.


HB 2710         Allows private development of drone technology but prohibits law enforcement from using a drone to violate privacy without a warrant.  


HB 3249         Requires Department of Human Services to locate the grandparents of a child who is before a court in a dependency matter.


HB 2417         Assists homeless veterans and veterans at risk of becoming homeless. (Awaiting Governor's signature)


SCR 1             Supports adoption of State Plan for Alzheimer's disease and Related Dementias.



Representative Whisnant worked with the Central Oregon Legislative Delegation to secure funding for the OSU Cascade Campus 4-year program.





HB 2721         Requires public employees involved in administration of public assistance programs to report suspected fraud.


HB 2784         Directs PERS Board to limit retirement benefits of a public employee if they are convicted of certain work-related felonies.


HB 2785         Eliminates state positions vacant for six months unless justified.


HB 2786         Directs state agencies to report amount of federal funds received by agency in preceding fiscal year and how the agency operates with less federal funding.


SB 484            Prevents Oregon State Government from hiring a previous employee as a consultant at a much larger salary to do the same job which the employee was doing as a state employee.


SB 485            Prevents state agencies from increasing fees; not approved by the Legislature.


SB 486            Requires personal verification of tax return and amount of proposed refund by at least two supervisory employees in case of refund of $100,000 or more.


HB 1111         Eliminates the ethanol requirement for motor vehicle fuel.






HB 2787   In-State Tuition for undocumented students   Voted No


SB 833      Drivers' cards for undocumented individuals   Voted No


HB 2800    Columbia River Crossing        Voted No 


Thank you  


I appreciate your support, prayers, input, and constructive criticism. It remains an honor to serve as a State Representative. I perform that honor to the best of my ability with the professional and dedicated support of Vicki Olson and Josie Whisnant.



Gene Whisnant


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