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 February 27, 2014


 Press Release

Whisnant Bill to Help Veterans Clears Senate, Awaits Governor's Signature 


 Salem, OR-  Having cleared the Oregon House of Representatives unanimously on Feb. 13, House Bill 4057 passed the Senate yesterday on a 29-0 vote.


Sponsored by Rep. Gene Whisnant (R-Sunriver), HB 4057 directs various state boards and agencies to report to the Legislature the progress that has been made to accept and allow military training and service to be counted as experience necessary to obtain professional licenses and certifications.


HB 4057 continues the work that Rep. Whisnant and his legislative colleagues have been doing on behalf of veterans. In 2012, the Legislature passed HB 4063 and passed HB 2037 in 2013. Both bills are designed to help employ veterans, as well as their spouses and domestic partners. One directed agencies and boards to award state licenses based upon military training and educational courses that are equivalent to state requirements. The other bill tasked the Teacher Standards and Practice Commission to establish by rule an expedited process by which a military spouse or domestic partner who is licensed to teach in another state may apply for and obtain a teaching license.


"Simply put, this bill will help the proud Americans who serve our country in uniform to have an easier transition back into civilian life," Rep. Whisnant said. "As a veteran, I think the state has an obligation to do whatever it can to honor the sacrifice of our military personnel."


After passing both chambers, HB 4057 now heads to Governor John Kitzhaber's desk so it can be officially signed into law.



Rep. Whisnant is serving his sixth term as State Representative for Redmond, Sunriver, Tumalo and parts of Bend and Deschutes County.  




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