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Oregon State Legislature Paid Family Leave Work Group


​Paid Family and Medical Leave Work Group


In response to legislation introduced by Rep. Jennifer Williamson in the 2017 session (HB 3087), Rep. Williamson and Sen. Kathleen Taylor convened a work group in January 2018 to examine issues concerning the development of a statewide paid family and medical leave program. Family and medical leave is protected time off from work for an employee to recover from a serious illness, care for a family member who is ill, or bond with a newborn or newly adopted child. The work group will prepare policy recommendations to the Senate Committee on Workforce and the House Committee on Early Childhood and Family Supports Committee on a legislative proposal in the 2019 legislative session.

You can find a roster of work group members below, and access documents that have been presented at work group meetings.

Staff Contact Information:
Debra Maryanov, LPRO Analyst

Work Group Meeting Agendas, Summaries, and Handouts

Meeting DateAgendaSummaryHandouts
January 11, 2018AgendaSummaryFamily and Medical Leave Background Brief
February 12, 2018AgendaSummaryOregon Chief Information Office - Stage-Gating Presentation
February 19, 2018AgendaSummaryEmployment Relations Board Presentation on PSD and ESD Impact
February 26, 2018AgendaSummary 
April 9, 2018AgendaSummary

Role of State Agencies Graphic

Agency Roles in Family and Medical Leave Insurance

Paid Family and Medical Leave Presentation from SAIF

National Paid Family and Medical Leave Premiums

Role of Private Insurers in Paid Family and Medical Leave Programs

Comments on Paid Family and Medical Leave Legislation - The Standard

National Paid Family and Medical Leave Legislation - Private Industry Perspective

May 8, 2018AgendaSummary

PFML Components: Employee Eligibility Requirements

PFML Components: Employers Covered

PFML Components: Program Administration

PFML Components: Recordkeeping Requirements

June 4, 2018AgendaSummary

PFML Components: Claims Processing

PFML Components: Employee Benefits

PFML Components: Employment Protections

July 16, 2018AgendaSummary

PFML Components: Program Costs and Financing

Washington Paid Family Leave Act Small Business Support

​September 11, 2018​Agenda​SummaryPaid Family & Medical Leave Program Costs: Overview of Cost Analysis Model and Its Application in Select States
October 22, 2018​AgendaSummary

PFML Scenarios from Business Stakeholders

PFML Scenarios from Labor Stakeholders

Cost Estimates of Oregon Paid Family and Medical Leave Work Group Scenarios Proposed by Work Group (Institute for Women's Policy Research)

Oregon Size of Firm by Establishment County – 1Q18

Private and Public Sector Jobs by County, 2017

Maps of Private and Public Employment by County

November 13, 2018AgendaSummary

Revised Cost Estimates of Oregon Paid Family and Medical Leave Work Group Scenarios Proposed by Work Group (Institute for Women's Policy Research)

PFML Premium Withholdings and Maximum Benefits in Other States Table

Number of Jobs by Wage Range in Oregon, 2017

Oregon Employees by Firm Size

Expanded Table of Oregon Employees by Firm Size (adds employers with 500+ employees and breakout for agriculture sector)

PFML Scenarios 5-8 from Business Stakeholders

Oregon's Care Economy: The Case for Public Care Investment (January 2017)

​December 11, 2018Agenda​Summary

Cost Estimates of Oregon Paid Family and Medical Leave Work Group Scenarios 5-8 Proposed by Business Representatives (Institute for Women's Policy Research)

Excerpt of FMLA 2012 Technical Report on Employee Retention Rates

Supporting Documents

Work Group Members

Representative Jennifer WilliamsonCo-Chair of Work Group
Senator Kathleen TaylorCo-Chair of Work Group
Senator Tim Knopp Senate District 27
Representative Teresa Alonso Leon  House District 22
Representative Daniel Bonham House District 59
Representative John Lively House District 12
Amanda DaltonNorthwest Grocery Association; Oregon Wheat Growers; Columbia Gorge Fruit Growers; and Oregon Resource Association
Jenny DreslerOregon Farm Bureau Federation
Paloma SparksOregon Business and Industry
Jessica Giannettino VillatoroOregon AFL-CIO
Christine LewisOregon Bureau of Labor and Industries
Kate NewhallFamily Forward Oregon
Elana Pirtle-GuineyGovernor's Office
Ramon RamirezPineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN)
Eva RippeteauOregon AFSCME
Theresa Van WinkleOregon Department of Consumer and Business Services
Scott WinkelsLeague of Oregon Cities