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Narrowing Your Search With Boolean Operators

Below is information about Boolean operators which may be used to narrow or expand your search results.

Capitalization usually does not matter in search, except for operators. For Boolean operators to work correctly they need to be capitalized.


​Use AND to narrow your search results to contain specific words. The returned search results include all of the words specified.
Example: oak AND table AND chair. The document must contain all of these words.


​Use OR to expand your search to include more terms. The returned search results include one or more of the specified words.
Example: car OR automobile. The document qualifies if either or both words are present.


​Use NOT to narrow your search results. The returned search results don’t include the specified free text expressions or property restrictions.
Example: produce NOT vegetable. The word following the NOT operator must not be present.


​Use a wildcard "*" if you want to be sure to get variations of the term you are looking for or if you are not sure about spelling.
Example: Project* to search for all items starting with the word project.


Double Quotes
​Use double quotes ”" to find exact phrases if you are sure about the phrases.
Example: “Water rights”


Property Search

​Use property searches if you know for sure that a particular word is in the title or name of a document. You can use filename:value to search for words in the file name or Title:value to search for a term in the Title.

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