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- Rules of the House of Representatives of the 81st Legislative Assembly have been adopted in conjuction with HCR 21.

View them here or under "General Publications"

- The 2021 Regular Session began Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

- The House will next convene Monday, April 19 at 10:00 a.m. and reconvene at 4:00 p.m.

 Office of the Chief Clerk




Obie Rutledge
Deputy Chief Clerk


 Mandi McGowan
Measure History Clerk

Chief Clerk

Timothy G. Sekerak  
900 Court St. NE, H-271, Salem, OR 97301  503-986-1870 


Brian McKinley
Sergeant at Arms and Civics Education




 Sarah Curry
Journal Clerk


Lacy Ramirez Gruss
Reading Clerk

Oregon's Chief Clerk: Serves two-year term, elected by the membership of the House of Representatives

The Chief Clerk of the House is the administrative officer elected by the membership to be responsible for ensuring that the chamber's business and proceedings run smoothly. The Chief Clerk's Office is therefore responsible for a multiplicity of duties including the processing of the official business of the House, providing the proper setting for consideration and enactment of Oregon laws, maintaining the Rules of the House of Representatives, and advising presiding officers and other members on the proper interpretation of chamber rules and protocols.

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 Civics Education Programs

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Oregon Legislative Education & Outreach Office:

Online civics and leadership classroom

*The (in person, in building) 2021 Oregon House Page and the Oregon Legislative Page Programs are both postponed until the pandemic emergency restrictions have been lifted.
OLEOO online and distance learning programs are still available and functioning.  For more information on virtual and distance, civics education programs for all ages, please contact the OELOO Director at


*El Programa Aprendiz y el de Internos para el año 2021 se posponen hasta que se hayan levantado las restricciones de emergencia de la pandemia. ¡Sin embargo, aun ofreceremos varios programas de Educación Cívica remoto y en línea! Para obtener más información sobre estos programas, por favor mande un correo electrónico al director


Directions to enter the OLEOO online classroom:

  • Go here,  log on, or create a gmail account and then enter the online classroom.  Log on and click the +

  • On the top right to “join a classroom.” Choose which classroom you would like to participate in from the list below and enter the code  (Example: “hky5l23”)

​(Leveled) Oregon Civics

Pre-2: jinwj2r

3-5: ydojrgc

6-8: erit6aa

9-12: bsf6r24

AP: pflukfb

International Civics: (Generally 8-AP)



Vexillology (Study of Flags)



Federal Civics (Generally 9-AP)



All classes offered by the Oregon Legislative Education and Outreach Office (OLEOO) are free and open to all Oregon citizens. Our goal is to create an interactive and engaging educational environment that will supplement public, private, online, at home and all forms of education in Oregon.  While we strive to support education in Oregon during our mandated stay-at-home order is in place, this website is permanent and will be added to as the months and years go by.


If you need any part of this curriculum in Spanish, please email: 

We understand that not all areas of Oregon have adequate internet service, for that reason PDF and hard copies can be made available if requested.

For more information or other inquiries, please contact Brian McKinley, Oregon Legislative and Education Outreach Office (OLEOO) Director: - (503) 986-1883

Si necesita alguna parte de este plan de estudios en español, envíe un
correo electrónico a: 

Entendemos que no todas las áreas de Oregon tienen un servicio de Internet
adecuado, por esa razón, se pueden poner a disposición copias
impresas o en forma de PDF si así se solicita.

Para obtener más información, por favor comuníquese
con Brian McKinley, Director de OLEOO: (503) 986-1883


2020 Camera Use on the House Floor 
2020 Floor Letter Example 
2020 Floor Privileges 
2020 Movement on the House Floor 
Administración de la Cámara Mientras en Sesión 2020 
Diagrama de la Casa de Representantes 2020 
Uso de Cámara Durante Sesión de 2020 

Oregon Legislative Information System

Streamlined access to current
and past session information

 Legislative Calendar

2021 Session Calendar


Special Sessions: June 24 - 26, August 10, December 21, 2020

View the 2021 Legislative Session Calendar here and

Committee Meeting Schedule here 
Correction: Joint Ways and Means meets at 9:00 AM Fridays, Senate Natural Resources at 3:15 PM Mondays and Wednesdays, and Senate Veterans & Emergency Prep at 3:15 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays, effective February 10