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-The Oregon Legislature is currently in Interim. View the Interim Calendar here.

- The House Rules of the 81st Legislative Assembly can be viewed here​.

-January Legislative Days are this week, from Jan. 10 - 13. See schedule.

-Deadline for pre-session measure filing is this Friday, Jan. 14!








Chief Clerk

Timothy G. Sekerak  
900 Court St. NE, H-271, Salem, OR 97301  503-986-1870 

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Oregon's Chief Clerk: Serves two-year term, elected by the membership of the House of Representatives

The Chief Clerk of the House is the administrative officer elected by the membership to be responsible for ensuring that the chamber's business and proceedings run smoothly. The Chief Clerk's Office is therefore responsible for a multiplicity of duties including the processing of the official business of the House, providing the proper setting for consideration and enactment of Oregon laws, maintaining the Rules of the House of Representatives, and advising presiding officers and other members on the proper interpretation of chamber rules and protocols.


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Welcome to the Oregon Legislative Civics Education and Outreach Office!

OLEOO was founded in 2020 after recognizing there was a need to improve youth civic education in Oregon. Over the past couple years, OLEOO has developed several experiental/enrichment programs that have been offered in-person and virtually. Click here to see all current OLEOO program offerings. There is a program for all Oregonians!

Apply now to be a Page for this upcoming 2022 Legislative Session -->

House Page Application

Legislative page Application


If you are a middle or High school student and would like to take part in one of the Legislature's Page programs in the 2022 short session, or if you are a college or university student and would like to be an intern in the Chief Clerk's office for the 2022 short session, please email the Director at



¡Bienvenidos a la Oficina de Educación y Alcance Cívico Legislativo de Oregón!


OLEOO se creó en 2020 después de reconocer que había necesidad de mejorar la educación cívica de los jóvenes en Oregón. OLEOO ha desarrollado varios programas educativos que se ofrecen en persona y en línea. Haga clic aquí para ver todos los programas del OLEOO. ¡Hay un programa para todos los habitantes de Oregón!


Aplica hoy para ser un alcance para esta próxima Sesión Legislativa 2022 -->


Solicitud de Alcance de la Cámara de Representantes

Solicitud de Alcance Legislativa

2020 Camera Use on the House Floor 
2020 Floor Letter Example 
2020 Floor Privileges 
2020 Movement on the House Floor 
Administración de la Cámara Mientras en Sesión 2020 
Diagrama de la Casa de Representantes 2020 
Uso de Cámara Durante Sesión de 2020 
National Conference of State Legislatures 
Council of State Governments 
Honorary Page Program 
Oregon Historical Society 
Oregon State Capitol Foundation 
American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries 

Oregon Legislative Information System

Streamlined access to current
and past session information ​​


2021 Interim Calendar_2021.06.15.jpg

2021 Interim Calendar

The 2021 Interim Calendar has been released! View the dates for Legislative Days, a possible Special Session, LC deadlines, and more here.

House Seating Chart 
Roll Call Sheet 
House Member Seniority 
House Floor Desks by Party 
House Districts to Senate Districts 
Capitol Operations Plan, 2021 Regular Session 
House Member Monikers 
Member Guidebook 2021 
House Member Excused Absence Form 
2021 RS Recapitulation Table 
House Rules, 81st Legislative Assembly, 2nd Revision 
HCR 21 - Dates and Deadlines for 2021 Reg. Session 
How an Idea Becomes Law 
Measure Flow Chart (flower petal) 

2021 Daily House Journals


Archived House Journals​​

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