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​Check out our new "Daily Journals and Recordings" under House Journals!

This is a great way to keep up on daily proceedings of the House as well as seach for specific happenings (our recording log section offers a search function)!
Vote explanations and potential conflicts of interest are included as well! We hope you enjoy this new feature.

 Office of the Chief Clerk




Obie Rutledge
Deputy Chief Clerk

Brian Fenderson
Honorary Page Coordinator


Brian McKinley
Sergeant at Arms

Chief Clerk

Timothy G. Sekerak  
900 Court St. NE, H-271, Salem, OR 97301  503-986-1870 





 Sarah Curry
Journal Clerk

 Mandi McGowan
Measure History Clerk


Lacy Ramirez
Reading Clerk

Oregon's Chief Clerk: Serves two-year term, elected by the membership of the House of Representatives

The Chief Clerk of the House is the administrative officer elected by the membership to be responsible for ensuring that the chamber's business and proceedings run smoothly. The Chief Clerk's Office is therefore responsible for a multiplicity of duties including the processing of the official business of the House, providing the proper setting for consideration and enactment of Oregon laws, maintaining the Rules of the House of Representatives, and advising presiding officers and other members on the proper interpretation of chamber rules and protocols.

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