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Oregon Senate Democrats

Getting Things Done for Everyday Oregonians.

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Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-223, Salem, Oregon 97301
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Welcome to the Legislative Website of the Oregon Senate Democrats!

Senate Democrats are committed to improving Oregonians' health, safety and livelihoods in 2020 and beyond. ​

​​​In the 2020 Legislative Session, Oregon Senate Democrats are focusing on Oregon's priorities by:​

• Ensuring sustainable environmental stewardship; 

• Investing Oregon’s future through education and workforce training;
• Building healthy communities; 

• Strengthening Oregon’s economy and balancing the budget; and 

• Promoting public safety and access to justice. 

​Senate Democrats will continue to focus on the state's future and on securing positive outcomes for Oregonians. To accomplish that, they will w​​ork diligently on meaningful climate legislation and to protect Oregon's environment and its economic vitality.  Additionally, Democrats will prioritize thoughtful implementation of the Oregon Student Success Act and investments in Oregon's workforce.

Legislators will continue to focus on ensuring healthy communities, including access to mental health services.  Democrats will prioritize ways to protect vulnerable Oregonians, such as foster youth and survivors of violence.  

Additionally, Democrats take seriously the need to lead with fiscal responsibility and are committed to make certain the Legislature invests substantially in the Rainy Day Fund, and they also remain dedicated to improving government transparency and public access to information.   

Senate Democrats are committed to work diligently on Oregon’s most pressing issues. The 2020 Legislative Agenda reflects a dedication to responsible leadership, addressing the state’s most urgent needs, taking care of its citizens, and ensuring a secure future for generations to come.​

For an overview of our Ag​​enda in the 2020 Session, click here.

If you wish to learn about our caucus leadership, individual Senate Democrats or read about some of our past accomplishments, click the links to the left.

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