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Keeping Oregon on the Path to Stability

For too long, Oregonians have felt hardship on many fronts. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic ripple through our communities. Wildfire and drought endanger rural life and environmental safety across the state. Many of our essential workers, in education, health care and many other sectors have endured the brunt of the difficulties over the past few years – from economic instability and inflation to fatigue and loss of morale. 
Oregon Senate Democrats entered the 2022 Legislative Session to keep Oregon on the path to stability, bring relief to our struggling neighbors and ensure that we continue down the road to recovery. Though times have been hard, Oregonians have continued to join together and support each other. That’s why we’re through the crisis phase of COVID-19 pandemic and on our way back to normal. 
We delivered on a $400 million package of investments to provide an immediate, coordinated response to homelessness and expand access to affordable housing. We provided $200 million for skills training and pathways into well-paying careers in fields like health care and manufacturing. We directed $100 million towards recruiting and retaining education staff to help schools stay open for in-person learning five days a week. We sent another $100 million to expand access to affordable child care and better support Oregon’s child care workforce. We made many critical investments and passed legislation to extend the benefits of our recovery into every corner of the state. 
Our work is never done. With our accomplishments during the 2022 Legislative Session, we’ve set the table to continue to work hard towards the 2023 Legislative Session.


Oregon Senate Democrats 2022 Legislative Accomplishments


2021 Session Community Investments Map

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