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To the people of Oregon,

We are living in extraordinary times, grappling with challenges that touch every aspect of our lives – from the pressing issue of homelessness to community safety concerns, the threat of wildfires, and the mounting cost of living. In the face of these issues, it is the duty of our state government to provide tangible solutions that work for you, the people of Oregon.

The recently concluded 2023 Legislative Session showcased the unwavering commitment of Oregon Senate Democrats to crafting a brighter future for you and your neighbors. Throughout the session, we took action on the urgent priorities that matter most to people in every corner of our state:

Prioritizing Oregon's Needs

Homelessness and Affordable Housing: We took the housing and homelessness crisis head-on: cutting red tape to build housing fast, limiting large overnight rent increases to prevent homelessness, investing millions in the construction of new homes, and strengthening support systems to help get folks off the street. (SB 611, HB 3042, HB 3417, HB 2001, HB 2889, SB 1013, SB 919, SB 937, HB 2984) 

Community Safety and Drug-Use: We made real progress on public safety by banning ghost guns – the weapon of choice for criminals, combating the rise in retail theft, expanding training opportunities for new police officers, and addressing the fentanyl epidemic with a renewed commitment to making Measure 110 work as the voters intended. (SB 337, HB 2645, HB 2572, SB 615, SB 326, SB 900, HB 2772, HB 2005) 

Economy that Works for Everyone: Recognizing that many Oregon families are struggling to keep up with the cost of living, we championed measures to grow family-wage jobs, protect Oregon workers, and make child care more affordable and accessible for working parents. (HB 3307, SB 31, SB 913, SB 999, SB 594, SB 592, SB 907, HB 2058, SB 1048, HB 2294, HB 2649, HB 2683, SB 1040, SB 571, SB 4, HB 2009) 

Your Health and Well-Being: We stayed true to our commitment to making healthcare more affordable and accessible – especially behavioral health and addiction care – and protecting every Oregonian’s right to make their own medical decisions with their health care providers, not politicians. We codified Roe v. Wade and closed insurance loopholes for gender-affirming care, ensuring access to essential healthcare for all Oregonians. (HB 2002, HB 2513, HB 2665, HB 2697, HB 2395, HB 2757, HB 3426, SB 192, SB 1041, SB 1089)

Wildfires and Protecting Our Planet: We championed initiatives to safeguard our communities from wildfires, empower the stewards of our land to participate in the green economy and combat climate change, and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of major polluters. (HB 3409, HB 3630,SB 545, SB 543, SB 123, HB 2530, SB 85, HB 3229, SB 546, HB 3043, SB 488, HB 2982, SB 82, HB 2522, HB 3462, HB 3215, SB 80)

Historic Investments for Oregon Kids & Schools: We secured a historic $15.3 billion in funding for K-12 schools. We also provided more support for our teachers and students struggling to read. (SB 283, HB 2504, HB 3227, SB 489, SB 279, HB 3178, HB 3561, HB 3198, SB 3, SB 756, SB 819, HB 2281, HB 3565, SB 424, SB 272)

Effective, Efficient Government: We fought to make Oregon’s government more accessible and accountable to you. The bills we passed will strengthen our democracy and improve government transparency. (SJR 34, HB 2004, HB 2107, SB 166, SB 168, (HJR 16, SB 11, SB 207, SB 275, SB 661, SB 510)

A Path Forward:

Looking ahead, we will continue to work towards a more equitable, prosperous, and secure future. From addressing the homelessness and housing affordability crisis to protecting community safety, promoting economic opportunities, and safeguarding our environment, we are steadfast in our resolve to deliver for you and your family.

It is a pivotal moment for Oregon. The urgency of this situation demands a unified response that rises above partisan divides. The 2024 legislative session will be vital to our mission to meet the needs of Oregonians. We will continue to lead with our state's common values and aspirations to make life better for every person in every corner of Oregon. 

Committed to You:

Our commitment to you, the people of Oregon, is unwavering. We are committed to listening, advocating, and effecting positive change that works for every Oregonian. The strides we've made this session are just the beginning, and we will continue to stand up for you to build an Oregon that truly works for you.

Oregon Senate Democrats 2023 Legislative Accomplishments

​​2023 Session Community Investments Map​

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