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Leg. Website Banner Thin.png​Representative Julie Fahey

Democrat - District 14 - West Eugene & Veneta

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1414
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-295, Salem, Oregon 97301


Fellow Oregonians,

It is a tremendous honor to serve you as Speaker of the Oregon House. 

As your Speaker, I am committed to maintaining a focus on the issues that matter most to Oregonians and continuing a culture of mutual respect in the capitol. As a State Representative, I am proud to represent my constituents in House District 14, which includes West Eugene, Bethel, and Veneta. During my time in office, I have received thousands of emails, phone calls, and visits from my constituents. I've had the chance to hear hopes, concerns, and frustrations from so many of those I represent. My commitment to the people I represent has always been to be as available and responsive as possible, and to continue reaching out to community members to understand their needs.

This is also how I approach my role as Speaker – I know that understanding the unique challenges Oregonians face requires connecting with each and every corner of the state, both my own constituents and those my colleagues represent. We were sent to Salem to roll up our sleeves, do the people’s work, and make people’s lives better. In the House, we get things done and we get them done together – working across the aisle, honoring Oregon’s public process in crafting legislation, and making sure the policies we pass can be implemented by those on the ground. 

As representatives in our state government, we are focused on addressing our housing affordability crisis, creating safer neighborhoods, fully funding our schools, advocating for working families, and supporting the small businesses that drive Oregon's economy. And we know that as a legislative body, we must be responsive to changing circumstances and ensure that our state is prepared for the challenges ahead.

To stay up to date about what is happening in state government, you can subscribe to my e-newsletter at the right side of this webpage. I also hope you'll reach out to my office to share your perspective on the issues facing our community – you can reach me by email at​ or by phone in my capitol office at 503-986-1414. I look forward to hearing from you.​


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Representative Julie Fahey

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