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Legislative Policy and Research Office

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900 Court St. NE, Room 453, Salem OR, 97301


The Legislative Policy and Research Office (LPRO), created by the Legislative Assembly in Senate Bill 1569 (2016), provides centralized, professional and nonpartisan research, issue analysis and committee management services for the Legislative Assembly.   Among other responsibilities, LPRO:

  • Assists committee chairs in developing committee work plans, organizing and administering meetings, posting agendas and processing measures in and out of committee;
  • Provides nonpartisan, objective research to legislators and assists with developing policy options;
  • Conducts measure analysis (summarizes what measures do, captures key issues discussed and provides background information);
  • Coordinates with Legislative Counsel’s Office to obtain legal opinions, bill drafts and amendments;
  • Works with Legislative Fiscal and Revenue Offices to obtain impact statements on measures;
  • Serves as a resource and additional communications link for legislators, legislative personnel, agencies, the public and other participants in the legislative process;
  • Assists committees with adherence to procedural and parliamentary rules;
  • Develops publications, such as Background Briefs on policy issues and a Summary of Legislation for each Session; and
  • Produces committee meeting records, which are available on the Legislative Assembly’s website.
collapse Topics : 2020 ‎(12)
Alcohol and Cannabis2020-Alcohol and Cannabis 
Business and Labor2020-Business and Labor 
Emergency Preparedness2020-Emergency Preparedness 
Environment and Natural Resources2020-Environment and Natural Resources 
General Government2020-General Government 
Health Care2020-Health Care 
Human Services2020-Human Services 
Transportation and Infrastructure2020-Transportation and Infrastructure 
collapse Topics : 2019 ‎(19)
Agriculture and Natural Resources2019 - Agriculture and Natural Resources 
Alcohol and Marijuana2019 - Alcohol and Marijuana 
Business and Consumer Protection2019 - Business and Consumer Protection 
Capitol Culture2019 - Capitol Culture 
Education2019 - Education 
Elections2019 - Elections 
Emergency Preparedness2019 - Emergency Preparedness 
Energy2019 - Energy 
Environment2019 - Environment 
Government2019 - Government 
Health Care2019 - Health Care 
Housing2019 - Housing 
Human Services2019 - Human Services 
Judiciary2019 - Judiciary 
Labor and Employment2019 - Labor and Employment 
Land Use2019 - Land Use 
PERS2019 - PERS 
Transportation2019 - Transportation 
Veterans2019 - Veterans 
collapse Topics : 2018 ‎(16)
Agriculture and Natural Resources2018 - Agriculture and Natural Resources 
Business and Consumer Protection2018 - Business and Consumer Protection 
Education and Workforce Development2018 - Education and Workforce Development 
Elections and Ethics2018 - Elections and Ethics 
Emergency Preparedness2018 - Emergency Preparedness 
Energy2018 - Energy 
Environment2018 - Environment 
Government2018 - Government 
Health Care2018 - Health Care 
Housing2018 - Housing 
Human Services2018 - Human Services 
Judiciary2018 - Judiciary 
Labor and Employment2018 - Labor and Employment 
Land Use2018 - Land Use 
Transportation2018 - Transportation 
Veterans2018 - Veterans 
collapse Topics : 2017 ‎(17)
Agriculture and Natural Resources2017_Agriculture and Natural Resources 
Business and Consumer Protection2017_Business and Consumer Protection 
Education and Workforce Development2017_Education and Workforce Development 
Elections and Ethics2017_Elections and Ethics 
Emergency Preparedness2017_Emergency Preparedness 
Health Care2017_Health Care 
Human Services2017_Human Services 
Labor and Employment2017_Labor and Employment 
Land Use2017_Land Use 
Marijuana Regulation2017_Marijuana Regulation 
Summary of Legislation 2020 
Summary of Legislation - 2020 1st Special Session 
Summary of Legislation - 2020 2nd Special Session 
Summary of Legislation 2019 
Summary of Legislation 2018 
Summary of Legislation 2017 
Summary of Legislation 2016 
Summary of Legislation 2015 
Summary of Legislation 2014 
Summary of Legislation 2013 
Summary of Legislation 2012 
Summary of Legislation 2011 
Summary of Legislation 2010 
Summary of Legislation 2009 
Summary of Legislation 2008 
Summary of Legislation 2007 
Summary of Legislation 2005 
Summary of Legislation 2003 
Summary of Legislation 2001 
collapse Topic : Economy, Business and Labor ‎(12)
Alcohol Regulation 
Economic Development 
Employment and Labor 
Enterprise Zones 
Family and Medical Leave  
Infrastructure Programs 
Protecting Personal Information 
Recent Alcoholic Beverage Industry Legislation 
State Building Code 
System Development Charges 
Tiny Home Regulation 
Workforce Development System  
collapse Topic : Education ‎(7)
Accountability in K-12 Education 
Chronic Absenteeism Issue Brief 
Education Funding 
Education Rankings 
Education Reform 
Student Success Act (HB 3427) Issue Brief 
Title IX 
collapse Topic : Emergency Preparedness ‎(1)
Portland Net Program 
collapse Topic : Energy ‎(1)
Public Purpose Charge 
collapse Topic : General Government ‎(12)
Campaign Finance 
CARES Act Summary 
Compensation for Board-Commission Members 
Coverage of Coronavirus Losses 
Direct Democracy in Oregon 
Government Ethics and Law 
HR 266 Summary 
JSCVR Proposal Crosswalk with Federal Legislation 
Measure 47 (2006) and Mehrwein Decision 
Special & Emergency Sessions Issue Brief 
collapse Topic : Health Care ‎(1)
Pharmacy Benefit Managers  
collapse Topic : Housing and Human Services ‎(2)
Inclusionary Zoning 
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Issue Brief 
collapse Topic : Natural Resources ‎(15)
Agricultural and Forest Lands 
Biomass Energy 
Endangered Species 
Geothermal Energy 
Hydrogen Energy 
Land Use 
Marine Energy 
Marine Reserves 
Renewable Fuels 
State Parks and Recreation 
Water Management 
Wind Energy 
collapse Topic : Public Safety ‎(3)
Measure 110 (2020) 
Sex Offenders 
collapse Topic : Transportation ‎(3)
Driver Licenses 
Freight and Passenger Rail 
Public Transportation 
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