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Oregon State Legislature Publications Reports

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Find below legislative related publications and reports. 


For reference assistance, questions about the legislature, legislative process, or other government agencies, please email, or call 1-800-332-2313.    

Mandated Education Funding Reports

Reports regarding the education appropriation made by the 2003 Legislature and whether the appropriation is sufficient to meet quality education goals.

Legislative News and Press Releases

News and Press Releases are published by Legislative Members, Caucus and Leadership Offices, as well as Legislative Departments.

Background Briefs and Summary of Legislation Publications

Background Briefs and Summary of Legislation publications are produced by the Legislative Policy and Research Office (LPRO) and can be found on their website.

Reports Required by Statute

For reports required by statute (ORS 192.245) to be submitted to the Oregon Legislative Assembly – please email the complete report, in PDF format, to the Legislative Administrator at: legislative.​

Statute also requires an executive summary of no more than two pages be sent to Senate and House Assembly Members.

Open Government Impact Statements

Open government impact statements describe how measures affect the disclosure, or exemption from disclosure, of public records. They are prepared by Legislative Counsel as required by ORS 192.488.  

Open Data - Le​​gislative D​ata Available to the Public

The Oregon Legislature freely provides the legislative measure, committee, and legislative member data used in the Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS) to the public in an Open Data Protocol (OData) API.   Learn more.​​​

Official State of Oregon Redistricting Information

Redistricting is the process of redrawing legislative and congressional district lines following the decennial U.S. Census.  The lines are redrawn so that districts are of roughly equal population as required by the Oregon Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. Learn more.​​​​​

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Education Funding Report 2020-2021
Education Funding Report 2017-2019
Education Funding Report 2015-2017
Education Funding Report 2013-2015
Education Funding Report 2011-2013
Education Funding Report 2009-2011
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Education Funding Report 2003-2005
Education Funding Report 2001-2003

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