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Oregon State Legislature Find Bills and Vote Information

Gavel and weight scale​How to Find a Bill or Vote Information

A Bill is proposed legislation considered by the legislature.  A Bill may create a new law, or amend​ an existing law.  There are multiple ways to research bills, listed below are the most common.​

How to Find the Bill You're Looking For

There are multiple ways to fi​nd the bill you are looking for.  Two of the most popular are to search by a keyword, or to search by bill number.  Below are instructions on how to do both.

Keyword search using the Search Bills box above:  

  • Enter a word, or a phrase, such as “highway tax,” or “education,” into the search box to the right, then click the magnifying glass, or press enter on your keyboard.
  • Once in the Search Return Screen, select which legislative session you wish to focus on from the Filter Your Search options.
  • The results for that session will appear along with a summary of the Bill.

Bill number search using the Search Bills box above:

  • Enter a bill number, or a bill number with SB, or HB (e.g., 200, SB 200, or HB 3000 - SB=Senate Bill, HB=House Bill).
  • Press Enter or click the magnifying glass next to the search.
  •  In the Search Return Screen, select which legislative session you wish to focus on from the Filter Your Search options.
  • The results for that session will appear along with a summary of the Bill.

How do I ...

  • How do I receive Bill and Committee meeting alerts?
    From a Bill or Committee Overview page in OLIS, you can subscribe to receive email updates as bills move through the legislative process, or if a committee meeting is scheduled.  You can also go here to subscribe, or manage your subscriptions.

How to Find Vote Information for a Bill

Information showing how legislators vote on a bill is contained within the Measure History for each Bill.  Below are instruction on how to find that information.

  • Find the Bill you're interested in within the Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS).  You can also search for a bill in the box above.
  • When you've found the Bill you want in OLIS, click on the Overview tab and scroll down to the Measure History area and click the bar to expand this information (example below).
    Measure History
  • In this area you will see the history for the Bill, including how legislators voted.  Vote information can be viewed by clicking on the expand icon plus.gif for that days action.   This where you will find how each legislator voted for the action for that day (example below).
    Member Votes Example

Ho​w do I ...​

  • How do I contact my Legislator? 
    You can call, email, or write a letter to your Legislator.  If you wish to see your legislator in person, you can call and make an appointment.   Here is contact information for Senators, and Representatives.​​

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 Search Bills - Displays a search box that allows users to search for information.   Search Bills

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