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​​Legislative Policy and Research ​​Office​​

Who We Are​

​​​Oregon State Capitol
​Oregon’s Legislative Policy and Research Office is made up of continuing and seasonal nonpartisan staff to support Oregon’s legislative process. Staff support Oregon’s lawmakers and the legislative process by staffing legislative committees and responding to research and analysis requests from lawmakers. LPRO staff supports Oregonians in engaging with lawmakers and in the legislative process by providing language access services and coordinating public engagement and testimony on behalf of legislative committees. 


Oregonians have a legislative process that is open, transparent, and informed by objective legislative research and analysis.


LPRO provides professional nonpartisan staffing, analysis, and research that supports and informs the policymaking process.


​Objectivity, Responsiveness, Inclusivity, Excellence. These values apply to our work providing the Oregon Legislative Assembly with professional nonpartisan staffing, analysis, and research, as well as to our conduct in our shared work environment.​ ​
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Leadership Team​​​
LPRO is led by the Legislative Policy and Research Director, who is selected by lawmakers through the Legislative Policy and Research Committee.

Misty Mason Freeman

Legislative Policy and Research Director 

Serves as the chief executive officer of LPRO and oversees the provision of policy research and committee staff services to the Legislative Assembly. 

​Beth Patrino

Deputy Director for Committee Services

Responsible for overseeing the work of LPRO analysts providing nonpartisan staffing services for legislative committees, task forces, and work groups. 

Oliver Droppers

Deputy Director for Policy Research

Responsible for overseeing the policy research of LPRO analysts in support of applied research and policy analysis initiatives. 

​​Lisa Rybloom

Deputy Director for Administration

Responsible for the management of administrative support staff, officewide publications, and administrative functions of LPRO. 

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LPRO Staff​​​​​

​LPRO consists of:

  • Administrative and Editor Team provides administrative services to legislative committees, task forces, and workgroups.
  • Language Access Team provides American Sign Language and spoken language interpretation, translation, and live captioning services.
  • Legislative Analysts coordinate and facilitate the work of legislative committees, task forces, and workgroups and serve as policy area experts.
  • Research Team provides policy research, analysis, and development upon request from legislators, legislative committees, task forces, and workgroups.
Policy Area
Current Committee(s)/Task Force(s)
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Join Us!
I​nterested in a non​partisan role supporting Oregon’s legislative process? LPRO hires nonpartisan continuing and seasonal staff and interns to meet the needs of Oregon’s Legislative Assembly. All job openings with the Oregon legislature, including LPRO, are posted here.  
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Contact Us​
pin_drop​​Where to Find Us​​​​:
255 Capito​l St NE, R​m., 5th floor, Salem, OR 97301​​​
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​Oregon State Capitol​, ​90​0 Court St​. NE, Rm.​ 453, Salem OR, 97301