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collapse Year : 2022 ‎(51)
Senator Sollman Issues Statement Following Tragic Double Homicide11/22/2022 
Oregon Legislature’s LGBT Caucus Mourns Victims of Club Q Shooting11/20/2022 
Senate Democrats Elect Leadership Team ahead of 2023 Legislative Session11/18/2022 
Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner Statement on the December Revenue Forecast11/16/2022 
Vulnerable Oregonians Protected Through Emergency Funding Action9/23/2022 
Dembrow Applauds Agency Efforts to Improve Graduation Standards9/1/2022 
Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner Statement on the September Revenue Forecast8/31/2022 
Domicile Unknown Data Demands Action to Address Homelessness8/19/2022 
Golden Recommits to Statewide Wildfire Prevention Strategy 8/17/2022 
Senate Democrats Condemn Ruling in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency6/30/2022 
Senate Democrats Vow to Protect Abortion Access in light of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Ruling6/24/2022 
Senate President Pro Tempore James Manning Condemns Dobbs v. Jackson Decision6/24/2022 
Senate Majority Leader Wagner Statement on June Revenue Forecast5/18/2022 
Senator Janeen Sollman Applauds Investments in STEM Education5/13/2022 
Governor Signs Bill to Make Oregon’s Laws More Inclusive3/28/2022 
Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner Statement on Adjournment of the 2022 Legislative Session3/4/2022 
Senate Democrats Pass Overtime Pay for Oregon Farmworkers3/3/2022 
Injured Worker Protection Bill Passes Senate3/3/2022 
Behavioral Health Workers Supported Under Senate Action3/3/2022 
Oregon Senate Advances Educator Workforce Supports3/3/2022 
Senate Democrats Protect Low-Income Health Coverage 3/3/2022 
Senate Democrats Approve Payments to Lower-Income Workers to Help Address Rising Cost of Living3/3/2022 
Opioid Settlement Revenues Directed Under Senate Action3/3/2022 
Senate Democrats Take Action on Coordinated Response to Reduce Homelessness3/3/2022 
Forest Environmental Protections Agreement Approved by Senate3/2/2022 
Bottle Bill Modernization Advances Under Senate Action3/2/2022 
Emergency Heat Relief Legislation Passed by Senate Democrats3/2/2022 
Senator Jeff Golden Champions Relief for Schools Impacted by Wildfires3/2/2022 
Senate Democrats Advance Measure to Improve Public Safety3/1/2022 
Senate Democrats Pass Future Ready Oregon3/1/2022 
Senator Dembrow Leads Fuel Disaster Legislation to Senate Passage3/1/2022 
Oregon Senate Democrats Pass Universal Legal Representation2/28/2022 
Oregon Senate Democrats Pass Economic Equity Investment Program 2/28/2022 
Sen. Patterson Takes Action to Increase Transitional Housing in Salem2/25/2022 
Mattress Stewardship Program Established Under Senate Action2/25/2022 
Senate Democrats Improve Oregon Voter Registration Practices2/24/2022 
Firefighter Cancer Protections Expanded Under Senate Action2/23/2022 
Senate Democrats Expand Access to Capital for Small Businesses2/22/2022 
Portland Legislators Decry Recent Gun Violence, Demand Action2/21/2022 
Senate Democrats Strengthen Rural Wildfire Protection Practices2/17/2022 
Southern Oregon Legislators Lead on Illegal Cannabis Enforcement 2/17/2022 
Senate Democrats Improve Public Health Emergency Response2/16/2022 
Senate Democrats Protect Bakery Workers from Unfair Workplace Practices2/15/2022 
Senate Democrats Move Future Ready Oregon2/11/2022 
Senate Democrats Pass School District Leadership Stability Bill2/10/2022 
Senate Majority Leader Wagner Statement on March Revenue Forecast2/9/2022 
Oregon Senate Democrats 2022 Session Agenda2/1/2022 
Senate Democrats Focus on Educational Success Public Health and a Strong Economy2/1/2022 
Senator Michael Dembrow Previews Fuel Disaster Legislation1/26/2022 
Rachel Armitage Appointed to Oregon Senate1/14/2022 
Rep. Janeen Sollman Appointed to Oregon Senate1/14/2022 
collapse Year : 2021 ‎(80)
Senate Democrats Honor Senator Chuck Riley for Distinguished Service to Oregon 12/31/2021 
Senate Democrats Pass Legislation to Prevent Evictions and Keep Oregonians Housed12/13/2021 
Senate Passes Drought Relief Package to Support Rural Communities12/13/2021 
Senator Golden Secures $25 million to Combat Illegal Cannabis Operations12/13/2021 
Oregon Senate Democrats Applaud Supreme Court Decision Upholding Legislative Redistricting Plan11/22/2021 
Senate Majority Leader December Revenue Forecast Statement11/17/2021 
Oregon Legislature Passes Congressional and Legislative Maps9/27/2021 
Senate Democrats Pass Redistricting Maps9/20/2021 
Members of the Committees on Redistricting Issue Statement Following Release of Congressional and State Maps9/17/2021 
House and Senate Redistricting Committees Release Proposed Maps for Public Review and Testimony9/3/2021 
Majority Leader Wagner Statement on September Revenue Forecast8/25/2021 
Senate Democrats Vote to Cover All Kids6/26/2021 
Senate Democrats Commit to 100% Clean Energy by 20406/26/2021 
Senate Democrats Pass the Equal Access to Care Act6/26/2021 
Senate Majority Leader Statement on Adjournment of the 2021 Legislative Session6/26/2021 
Senate Democrats Improve Prescription Drug Affordability6/25/2021 
Senate Democrats Pass Comprehensive Wildfire Legislation to Protect Communities and the Environment6/25/2021 
Oregon Senate Passes the Sanctuary Promise Act6/24/2021 
Senate Democrats Expand Access to Oregon's Vote by Mail System6/24/2021 
Establishes Staffing Requirements for Memory Care and Elevates Longterm Care Workforce6/23/2021 
Senate Passes Bill to Keep Oregonians Housed6/22/2021 
Oregon Senate Extends Time for Task Force on Universal Health Care6/21/2021 
Oregon Senate Honors Senator Jackie Winters6/21/2021 
Oregon Senate Improves Oversight of Pharmaceutical Companies and Access to Necessary Medication6/21/2021 
Oregon Senate Votes to Prohibit Discrimination in Health Care Delivery6/21/2021 
Oregon Senate  Improves Education Outcomes Streamlining Course Numbering Systems6/17/2021 
Oregon Senate Votes to Improve Experience and Outcomes for Diverse Student Populations6/17/2021 
Oregon Senate Votes to Create the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Advancement 6/16/2021 
Senate Majority Leader Wagner Statement on the Expulsion of Mike Nearman6/10/2021 
Finalizes and Strengthens the Oregon Indian Child Welfare Act6/9/2021 
Oregon Senate Builds on Anti-Doxing Legislation6/9/2021 
Oregon Senate Improves Access to Preventative HIV Treatment6/9/2021 
Oregon Senate Passes Anti-Doxing Legislation6/7/2021 
Senate Democrats Pass Bill to Provide Oregonians Protection Against Discrimination Based on Gender Identity6/7/2021 
Oregon Senate Passes Suite of Bills to Improve Public Safety and Police Accountability6/4/2021 
Oregon Senate Passes the CROWN Act6/2/2021 
Oregon Senate Approves Juneteenth as Official State Holiday6/1/2021 
 Oregon Expands Family Leave to Help Workers and Families5/26/2021 
Oregon Senate Passes Legislation to Prevent Online Vape Sales and Protect Youth5/26/2021 
K-12 Education Budget Advances Equity and Invests in Students5/25/2021 
CORRECTION Senator Frederick Fights for Justice and Dignity5/24/2021 
Senate Votes to Protect Youth from Deceptive Interrogation Tactics5/24/2021 
Majority Leader Wagner Statement on June Revenue Forecast5/19/2021 
Telehealth Care is Essential Care5/19/2021 
Oregon Senate Approves Indigenous Peoples Day As an Official State Holiday5/18/2021 
Senate Votes to Improve Energy Efficiency Standards for Home Appliances5/18/2021 
Oregon Senate Democrats Protect Homeowners5/17/2021 
All Oregonians Deserve Access to Affordable Energy Service5/13/2021 
Landmark Gun Safety Bill Clears Final Vote5/5/2021 
Oregon Can Improve Equity in Education5/4/2021 
Oregon Senate Improves Shelter Options for Oregonians 5/3/2021 
Senate Democrats Urge Congress to Enact Oregon’s Model of Fairness5/3/2021 
Oregon Senate Democrats Improve Justice in the Courts4/29/2021 
Oregon’s Outdoors Should be Safe for All4/28/2021 
Senate Democrats Approve Class Sizes that Support Student Success4/26/2021 
Senate Redistricting Chair Comments on Release of State Apportionment Data4/26/2021 
Senator Patterson Passes Bill to Provide Remedy for Pharmaceutical Market Manipulation4/22/2021 
 Senator Gorsek Passes Bill to Address Illegal Catalytic Converter Market4/21/2021 
Senator Patterson Passes Bill to Address Sexism in Pharmaceutical Pricing4/21/2021 
Senator Patterson Passes “Domicile Unknown” Bill4/21/2021 
Senators Frederick, Jama, Manning Respond to Chauvin Conviction4/21/2021 
Oregon Senate Approves Memorials and Resolution Calling for End to Racist Legacy of Slavery4/15/2021 
 Senate Democrats Extend Protections for Renters in Crisis4/14/2021 
Senate Democrats Pass Bill to Ensure Justice for LGBTQ+ Victims of Crime4/14/2021 
Senate Democrats Protect Workers Against Retaliation for Reporting Wrongful Conduct4/14/2021 
Redistricting Chairs Laud Oregon Supreme Court Decision4/9/2021 
Senate Democrats Approve Penalties for Displaying a Noose - An Act of Hate and Deliberate Intimidation4/1/2021 
Senate Democrats Approve Bill to Protect Students, Public Workers and Communities from Gun Violence3/25/2021 
Senator Prozanski and Advocates Discuss the Need for Measure 11 Reform3/23/2021 
Senate Democrats pass the HOPE Amendment 3/18/2021 
No Pay for Walking Out3/11/2021 
Majority Leader Rob Wagner Lauds Governor’s Summer Learning and Child Care Funding Proposal3/8/2021 
Oregon's Redistricting - Your Voice is Critical3/3/2021 
Bill to Protect Schools and Public Buildings Moves to the Senate Floor2/25/2021 
Majority Leader Wagner Statement on Republicans Refusal to Work2/25/2021 
Majority Leader Wagner Statement on March Revenue Forecast2/24/2021 
Majority Leader Wagner Calls on Representative Hernandez to Resign2/5/2021 
Oregon Senate Democrats Release 2021 Legislative Agenda1/22/2021 
Senate Democrats Welcome New Members1/11/2021 
Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner Statement on Ensuring a Strong Democracy1/7/2021 
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(48)
Majority Leader Wagner Statement on the Close of the Third Special Session12/21/2020 
Oregon Senate Passes Critical Support for Local Restaurants12/21/2020 
Senate Democrats Keep Oregonians Housed during the Public Health Emergency12/21/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Statement on a Third Special Session12/15/2020 
Majority Leader Rob Wagner Statement on December Revenue Forecast11/18/2020 
Senate Democrats Elect 2021 Leadership Team11/14/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Statement on Emergency Board Action to Support Oregonians11/9/2020 
Black, Indigenous and People of Color Caucus Call on Republican Legislators and Law Enforcement to Denounce Hate and Protect Vulnerable Communities9/25/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Statement on Emergency Board Support in Response to Wildfire Devastation9/25/2020 
Majority Leader Rob Wagner Statement on September Revenue Forecast9/23/2020 
Oregon Legislature Strengthens Chokehold and Use of Force Statutes8/10/2020 
Senate Democrats Give Struggling Oregonians Unemployment Insurance Support8/10/2020 
Senate Majority Leader on Adjournment of the Second Special Session of 20208/10/2020 
Senator Floyd Prozanski Letter to Chad Wolf on Federal Forces in Portland7/29/2020 
Majority Leader Rob Wagner Statement on July 2020 Emergency Board Meeting7/14/2020 
Legislature Passes Sweeping Police Accountability Bills6/26/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner on the Close of the First Special Session of 20206/26/2020 
Oregon Senate Approves Critical Legislation to Improve Police Accountability6/26/2020 
Oregon Senate Strengthens Protections for Forests and Clean Water6/26/2020 
Senate Democrats Pass Legislation to Improve Connectivity for Rural Oregon6/26/2020 
Senate Democrats Take Action to End License Suspensions due to Fines and Fees6/26/2020 
PRESS RELEASE Senate Democrats Take Action to Provide Financial Relief to Oregonians6/26/2020 
PRESS RELEASE Senate Passes the Oregon Indian Child Welfare Act6/26/2020 
Senate Majority Leader on Special Session for Policy Proposals6/16/2020 
Legislators Release Plan to Address COVID-19 in State Prisons6/15/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner’s Statement on Emergency Board Action6/5/2020 
Senate Democrats Support the People of Color Caucus and Ongoing Work to Advance Justice6/2/2020 
Senator Rob Wagner Elected as Majority Leader for the Senate Democrats5/22/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick will Step Down as Leader5/21/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Burdick on June Revenue Forecast5/20/2020 
Senate Majority Leader on Passing of Representative Greenlick5/16/2020 
Oregon Senate Democrats Commend Corporate Activities Tax Rule Revision 4/29/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick Congratulates Senator Fred Girod on Leadership Election4/24/2020 
Senate Democrats Commend Oregon Supreme Court Decision Protecting Oregon’s Paid Sick Leave Law4/24/2020 
Oregon Senate Democrats Comment on Emergency Board Action amid COVID-19 Pandemic4/23/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick Statement on Oregon Supreme Court Campaign Contribution Limits Decision4/23/2020 
Democrat Senate Judiciary Members Applaud U.S. Supreme Court Decision Ending Non-Unanimous Juries4/20/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick on Executive Order for Climate Action3/10/2020 
Statement from Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick on Defending Oregon's Democracy3/5/2020 
Senate Committee on Rules Hears Measure to Protect Democracy3/3/2020 
Senate Committee on Rules Passes Walkout Accountability Measure2/26/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick Comments on Senate Republicans' Failure to Work2/24/2020 
Oregon Senate Approves Legislation to Improve Law Enforcement Accountability2/20/2020 
Oregon Senate Approves Bill Making Public Records Advocate Independent2/17/2020 
Oregon Senate Passes Legislation to Allow Student Athlete Compensation2/17/2020 
Senator Wagner Champions Protections for Vulnerable Youth2/13/2020 
Senate Majority Leader Burdick on March 2020 Revenue Forecast2/12/2020 
Senator Ginny Burdick Announces Senate Democratic 2020 Caucus Agenda2/3/2020 
collapse Year : 2019 ‎(94)
Senate Majority Leader Burdick Comments on December 2019 Revenue Forecast11/20/2019 
Senator Roblan Will Not Seek Reelection11/19/2019 
New chapter for Oregon’s students begins Sunday9/27/2019 
From education investment to protecting the environment, numerous bills officially will become law this weekend9/26/2019 
Statement from Sen. Floyd Prozanski on Gov. Kate Brown’s announcement regarding special session8/28/2019 
Senate Democrats to propose bills to prevent future walkouts8/23/2019 
Senate Democrats deliver on education and other priorities for all Oregonians7/8/2019 
Tobacco, e-cigarette tax to increase Oregon Health Plan funding6/30/2019 
Senate votes in favor of campaign donation limits, better transparency in election process6/30/2019 
Senate sends landmark paid family and medical insurance program to Governor for her signature6/30/2019 
Legislation sets stage for universal health care6/30/2019 
Legislation to improve capitol culture passes through Senate6/29/2019 
Senate calls for paid ballot postage6/29/2019 
Oregon Senate passes bill to investigate all cases of abuse and sexual conduct by school employees6/29/2019 
Statewide council will improve services to youth6/29/2019 
Statement by Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick  on Senate Republican walkout6/20/2019 
Senate votes to close Oregon’s ‘vehicle theft loophole’6/19/2019 
Oregon sets national standard for nonprofit hospitals6/17/2019 
SB 994 prioritizes kids’ safety in DHS mandated custody changes6/13/2019 
Child abuse fatality reviews to become more transparent, accessible6/13/2019 
Voluntary nurse visits lead to healthier children and families6/13/2019 
Oregon Voting Rights Act heads to Governor’s desk6/12/2019 
Single-use plastic bags will be history in Oregon6/11/2019 
Prescription readers will help visually impaired people 6/6/2019 
Oregon Public Worker Protection Act passes Senate6/6/2019 
Senate votes to end coyote killing competitions in Oregon6/5/2019 
 ‘Revenge porn’ isn’t isolated to online distribution 6/3/2019 
Statement by Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick on passing of Senator Jackie Winters5/29/2019 
‘Fracking’ ban bill goes to Gov. Kate Brown for signature5/29/2019 
Measure 11 reform goes to Gov. Kate Brown for signature5/24/2019 
Bill keeps guns away from those most likely to do harm5/23/2019 
Student Success Act Budget: Revenue will go to education5/23/2019 
Senate votes to give child care office more investigatory tools5/22/2019 
Ensuring fair, accurate elections is a Senate priority5/21/2019 
Sometimes they don’t have 15 days5/20/2019 
Senate Democrats double down on support for tax cuts for everyday Oregonians, better schools for state’s students5/15/2019 
Oregon getting a head start on cannabis interstate commerce5/15/2019 
Statement by Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick  on June 2019 Economic and Revenue Forecast5/15/2019 
Oregon writes a new chapter for its students with  Student Success Act5/13/2019 
Oregon’s students have waited long enough5/9/2019 
Senate Democrats show up to support schools5/7/2019 
Expanding the timeframe for Sexual Assault Protective Orders will help protect survivors5/6/2019 
Senate votes to strengthen care for sexual assault survivors5/2/2019 
Bill keeps abusers from working in child care 4/29/2019 
Tribes could earn emergency preparedness grants, under bill4/29/2019 
Senate: Feds must keep their promise to disabled students4/29/2019 
Bill would allow OLCC to temporarily red-light the ‘green rush’ of cannabis production, when the situation calls for it4/29/2019 
Senate votes to prohibit campaign financed hush money agreements4/25/2019 
Healthcare workers could draw blood to protect their safety, under bill4/24/2019 
Senate passes bill to crack down on workplace discrimination4/24/2019 
U Visas increase reports of crime, help law enforcement 4/24/2019 
‘Kaylee’s Law’ will protect students from the unthinkable 4/23/2019 
Senate supports bipartisan bill to protect survivors of workplace discrimination and harassment4/22/2019 
Bill will make prescription drug labels more understandable to non-English speakers4/18/2019 
Senate votes to expand access to health care4/18/2019 
Naloxone, methadone key to addressing opioid epidemic4/18/2019 
Senate votes to expand tuition equity to grad students4/17/2019 
Child offenders aren’t rehabilitated by going to adult prisons4/16/2019 
Plastic straws are creating an environmental hazard4/11/2019 
National Popular Vote bill clears Oregon State Senate4/9/2019 
Bill will expand access to palliative care for Oregonians4/8/2019 
Youth Development Council will be able to inspect juvenile detention facilities, under Senate Bill 154/4/2019 
Multifamily housing is an important piece of the affordable housing puzzle4/2/2019 
Victims of felony person crimes shouldn’t risk charges4/1/2019 
Parents shouldn’t be able to buy college spots for their kids 3/28/2019 
Dogs and cats shouldn’t be discarded after research3/28/2019 
Fit non-custodial parents should have a say in their kids’ lives 3/28/2019 
Canines should not be used to force inmates out of their cells3/21/2019 
Service districts can boost services to children3/14/2019 
Senate supports law enforcement personnel’s mental health 3/14/2019 
Oregon Senate supports survivors of sexual violence3/14/2019 
Oregon’s students should learn from Holocaust education 3/12/2019 
Oregonian Holocaust survivor honored by Oregon Senate 3/12/2019 
Housing stability will help foster youth get on their feet3/11/2019 
Tax code change would better reflect Oregon values3/11/2019 
Neglectful parents shouldn’t benefit from a child’s death3/7/2019 
Senate Majority Leader on Legislature's settlement with BOLI3/5/2019 
Adi’s Act will help students struggling with suicidal thoughts 3/5/2019 
More flexibility will give Oregon Ocean Science Trust a boost 3/5/2019 
Senate Majority Leader on passing of former Secretary of State Norma Paulus2/28/2019 
Governor signs first-in-nation statewide renter protections2/28/2019 
Senate takes steps to cover portion of Medicaid budget gap2/28/2019 
It takes more instructors to resolve the nurse shortage2/27/2019 
Senate Majority Leader on passing of Secretary of State Dennis Richardson2/27/2019 
Community colleges could offer four-year degrees under bill2/19/2019 
Oregon offshore oil drilling ban passes Senate2/19/2019 
Rent stabilization will help prevent price gouging2/12/2019 
Senate Majority Leader demands apology from Senator Dennis Linthicum2/8/2019 
Legislation would set stage for universal health care2/7/2019 
More Oregon families should have access to broadband2/7/2019 
Rent stabilization bill advances to Senate floor 2/4/2019 
Oregon Senate Majority Office releases agenda for 2019 Legislative Session1/22/2019 
Sen. Arnie Roblan joins effort to block offshore drilling1/8/2019 
Golden to play leading role in campaign finance, climate issues1/4/2019 
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(45)
Sen. Roblan leads the charge on education reform in Oregon12/21/2018 
Sen. James Manning to focus work on law enforcement, budget and economic development issues in Legislature12/21/2018 
Sen. Wagner appointed to lead Education Committee12/21/2018 
Sen. Riley to continue work on government oversight12/21/2018 
LC 644 will help protect students and parents from the unthinkable12/14/2018 
Statement from Senate President Courtney on Oregon Court of Appeals Ruling12/5/2018 
Sen. Ginny Burdick elected as Senate Majority Leader11/20/2018 
Senate Democrats choose Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson as Senate President Pro Tempore Designate11/20/2018 
Sen. Chuck Riley elected as Assistant Senate Majority Leader11/20/2018 
Sen. Rob Wagner elected as Senate Majority Whip11/20/2018 
Senate Democrats elect Leadership Team11/16/2018 
NCSL: Remove cannabis from federal Controlled Substances Act8/1/2018 
Statement by Senate Majority Leader on Janus v. AFSCME6/27/2018 
June 2018 Economic and Revenue Forecast Statement5/23/2018 
More students will have access to the Oregon Promise4/23/2018 
Statement by Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick  on 2018 Legislative Session Sine Die3/3/2018 
Senate votes to address Oregon’s unlawful marijuana market3/3/2018 
Senate takes action against state’s opioid epidemic3/2/2018 
Transparency will help address high prescription drug prices3/2/2018 
Senate sends net neutrality bill to Governor for signature3/1/2018 
Bill makes capital more attainable for small businesses3/1/2018 
Senate votes to help out Oregon’s ‘Wounded Warriors’3/1/2018 
Cleaner Air Oregon makes state a leader addressing air quality3/1/2018 
Advance directives bill provides voice in end-of-life choices2/27/2018 
Duties of hit-and-run drivers need to be redefined2/26/2018 
No second helpings until everyone else gets through the line2/23/2018 
Senate honors trailblazing women for their accomplishments2/22/2018 
Senate sends domestic violence loophole bill to Governor2/22/2018 
Senate protects consumers in wake of data breaches2/21/2018 
Senate stands up for victims of strangulation2/20/2018 
Senate begins unhitching Oregon from the Trump tax train2/20/2018 
Bill protects public health and safe fisheries2/19/2018 
Home care worker training will keep seniors in their homes2/19/2018 
Dreamers should be able to pursue American Dream2/19/2018 
March 2018 Revenue Statement2/16/2018 
Senate turns $100 million potential loss into $140 million gain2/13/2018 
Statement from Sen. Ginny Burdick on Sen. Jeff Kruse’s resignation2/8/2018 
Senate Democrats will fight for small businesses, environment2/5/2018 
Prozanski fights for consumers affected by data breaches1/30/2018 
Majority Leader welcomes Rob Wagner to Oregon Senate1/29/2018 
Sen. Burdick Statement on Measure 101 Results1/24/2018 
Majority Leader statement on passing of Mike Dewey1/18/2018 
Sen. Riley seeks members for Small Business Advisory Council1/12/2018 
Legislators team up to host Hillsboro town hall1/12/2018 
Carbon pricing bills introduced by bicameral legislators1/9/2018 
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(124)
Statement: Burdick speaks out on federal Cole Memo1/5/2018 
Two Senate Democrats earn awards from AARP12/14/2017 
Sen. Ginny Burdick congratulates Sen. Jackie Winters on becoming new Republican Leader11/15/2017 
Riley couple honored with prestigious Neuberger Award11/8/2017 
Sen. Chuck Riley opens legislative district office11/7/2017 
Transportation, education focus of Florence legislative event10/18/2017 
Statement by Sen. Kathleen Taylor on Clean Energy Jobs bill10/18/2017 
Statement by Sen. James Manning on Clean Energy Jobs bill10/18/2017 
Rep. Ken Helm and Sen. Michael Dembrow Statements on Clean Energy Jobs Work Group Meetings10/18/2017 
Statement on September 2017 Economic and Revenue Forecast8/23/2017 
Senate leaders stand together against hate and violence8/17/2017 
Statement: Senators Burdick, Devlin applaud approval of Southwest Capitol Highway Project funds8/15/2017 
Riley sets hearing on OHA’s handling of FamilyCare dispute8/15/2017 
School nurses help our kids stay healthy, focus on learning8/11/2017 
State legislators across country call on Congress to solve cannabis business banking problem8/7/2017 
Sine Die Statement from Senat Majority Leader Ginny Burdick7/7/2017 
Senate takes action to protect privacy rights7/6/2017 
Carbon pricing bill introduced by bicameral legislators7/6/2017 
Oregon Senate is serious about cost containment7/6/2017 
Senate sends Reproductive Health Equity Act to governor7/5/2017 
Senate approves changes to overtime laws in some industries7/5/2017 
Recording grand jury procedures improves transparency7/4/2017 
Senate sends bill to governor that will end ‘lunch shaming’7/3/2017 
‘Cover All Kids’ ensures health coverage for Oregon’s children7/3/2017 
Maritime industry is vital to coastal Oregon economy7/1/2017 
Investment in vision screening will help struggling students7/1/2017 
Historic Veterans’ Affairs budget passed by Senate6/30/2017 
Senate votes to expand definition of ‘distracted driving’6/29/2017 
Task Force would help find ways to lower recidivism6/28/2017 
Oregon starts down the trail to becoming first state in nation to implement a ‘Fair Work Week’ law6/22/2017 
Bill improves efficiency in state’s debt collection processes6/22/2017 
Oregon Senate votes to set up fund for Veterans’ Services6/22/2017 
Community service is valuable in rehabilitating offenders6/14/2017 
Advance directives bill provides voice in end-of-life choices6/8/2017 
Senate votes to protect ‘Good Samaritans’ for rescuing unattended children and domestic animals from hot cars6/7/2017 
Senate Democrats vote to protect child sex trafficking victims6/6/2017 
Senate removes barriers between National Guard members and the Oregon Promise of affordable community college6/6/2017 
Senate Democrats vote to support education funding increase6/6/2017 
Senate Democrats champion bill to help homeless youth6/6/2017 
During federal attacks on birth control, Oregon stands strong6/5/2017 
Senate votes to limit state middle management hiring6/1/2017 
Animal cruelty crimes to be met with stiffer penalties5/31/2017 
State contractors must have policies to prevent harassment5/24/2017 
Small business resources should be promoted in communities5/23/2017 
Oregon Senate passes bill to boost services to children5/22/2017 
Senate directs DEQ to explore voluntary cleanup program5/18/2017 
Senate supports pay equality, passes ‘Oregon Equal Pay Act’ 5/17/2017 
Bill advances ports’ mission to enhance coastal economies5/16/2017 
Senate removes barriers from veterans earning diplomas5/16/2017 
Statement by Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick  on May 2017 Economic and Revenue Forecast5/16/2017 
Adult prison is the wrong place to put Oregonians under 185/15/2017 
Bipartisan bill designed to close gaps in cannabis market5/10/2017 
Senate supports ‘whole person’ health care strategies5/9/2017 
Reentry services help youth in custody transition to adult life5/8/2017 
Bill creates better tracking of success beyond high school5/8/2017 
Senate votes to empower campus sexual assault survivors5/4/2017 
Senate supports traded sector businesses in rural Oregon5/3/2017 
Senate votes to continue program to benefit film industry5/3/2017 
Certification would help individuals get back on their feet5/2/2017 
Bill establishes rights for foster children’s siblings5/2/2017 
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of health care cure5/2/2017 
Financial advisors can play a role in preventing abuse5/1/2017 
Bipartisan bill keeps weapons away from people in crisis5/1/2017 
Bill addressing independent living programs goes to Governor4/27/2017 
Senate supports family related sentencing alternatives4/27/2017 
Senate votes to expand 'rape shield' statute to civil cases4/27/2017 
Bill establishes children of incarcerated parents ‘Bill of Rights’4/26/2017 
Bill allows all Oregon students to participate in activities4/26/2017 
Bill requires advocacy support for sexual assault survivors4/25/2017 
Senate supports removing barrier to minors reporting sexual assault4/25/2017 
Oregon Senate votes to crack down on predatory towing4/25/2017 
Senate Democrats take action to curb ‘union busting’4/25/2017 
Oregon Senate votes to crack down on bias crimes4/24/2017 
Oregon Senate supports Newport Coast Guard air station4/20/2017 
Senate protects personal privacy on vehicle registration4/19/2017 
Bill gives manufactured and floating home owners more notice time before potential evictions4/19/2017 
Oregon Senate votes to abolish extra pilot license fees4/19/2017 
Senate votes to help rural veterans connect with services4/18/2017 
Bill requires teacher training programs provide training on dyslexia4/18/2017 
Speeding up public records release improves transparency4/18/2017 
Bill gives communities tools to make buildings earthquake resistant4/18/2017 
Understanding PTSD is a first step toward helping veterans4/18/2017 
Senate votes to explore expanding veterans resource centers4/18/2017 
Senate votes to support informing workers about tax credits4/13/2017 
Oregon Senate votes to close contracting loophole4/12/2017 
Legislature honors pillar of the South Coast fishing community4/12/2017 
Former foes find common ground on civics education bill4/11/2017 
Bill boosts dyslexia training among teachers statewide4/11/2017 
Oregon Senate votes to protect vital fish habitat4/10/2017 
Bill toughens penalties for official misconduct for public officials4/6/2017 
SB 745 celebrates 50th anniversary of Oregon’s Beach Bill with reinvestment4/6/2017 
Trafficking victims shouldn’t be convicted of prostitution4/5/2017 
Senate stands up for basic rights for those with disabilities4/4/2017 
Senate votes to ban shackling juveniles for court proceedings4/3/2017 
Sen. Roblan supports maritime industry workforce training3/29/2017 
Bill to lower voting pre-registration age moves forward3/28/2017 
Senate votes to crack down on left lane hogs3/28/2017 
Oregon Senate votes to raise legal tobacco age to 213/23/2017 
Proposed law aims to curb adolescents’ abuse of DXM3/22/2017 
Senate supports fair prioritization for adoptive parents3/21/2017 
Septic loans can pay for hooking up to existing systems3/20/2017 
Senate votes to smooth transition to 10-cent deposit3/20/2017 
Bill would require notification of obligations and restrictions3/20/2017 
Riley’s bill to crack down on predatory towing gets hearing3/16/2017 
Senate commemorates longtime colleague and friend3/16/2017 
Sen. Lee Beyer to host joint town halls in Lane County3/14/2017 
Bill requires mandatory reporting outside of working hours3/13/2017 
Oregon Senate honors law enforcement officers for sacrifices3/9/2017 
Joint statement on ACA repeal3/8/2017 
Senate votes to smooth process for spousal support updates3/7/2017 
Legislators kick off bicameral focus on carbon caps3/2/2017 
Johnson recognized by dairy farmers for outstanding service2/24/2017 
Construction contractors get flexibility on job site staffing2/23/2017 
‘Move over’ law expanded to improve roadside safety2/23/2017 
Oregon Senate votes to end isolation punishment for youth2/23/2017 
March Revenue Forecast Statement2/22/2017 
Resolution commemorates internment of Japanese Americans2/16/2017 
Victims’ voices added to local public safety councils2/9/2017 
Oregon Senate Majority Office releases agenda for 2017 Legislative Session2/1/2017 
Tobacco 21 bill to keep tobacco out of hands of youth1/26/2017 
Senate Majority Leader Statement on Existing Resources Framework1/19/2017 
Sen. Monnes Anderson takes oath of office for fourth term of service1/9/2017 
Sen. Roblan brings vision for education, economic development to Salem1/9/2017 
Sen. Taylor sworn in to first term in Oregon State Senate1/9/2017 
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(71)
Sen. James Manning appointed to three important committees12/22/2016 
Majority Leader Ginny Burdick welcomes James Manning to Oregon Senate12/14/2016 
Sen. Rosenbaum proud of efforts to put ballots in hands of all eligible voters12/12/2016 
Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick releases statement on passing of former Attorney General Hardy Myers 11/30/2016 
State senator to join UO in making the Knight Campus a reality11/22/2016 
Senate Majority Leader comments on departure of Sen. Edwards11/22/2016 
Senate Democrats choose Sen. Sara Gelser as Deputy Senate Majority Leader11/18/2016 
Sen. Michael Dembrow elected as Assistant Senate Majority Leader11/18/2016 
Ginny Burdick to continue as Senate Majority Leader11/18/2016 
Senate Democrats choose Monnes Anderson as Senate President Pro Tem Designate11/18/2016 
Sen. Rod Monroe elected as Senate Majority Whip11/18/2016 
Sen. Chuck Riley elected as Assistant Senate Majority Leader11/18/2016 
Senate Democrats elect Leadership Team11/18/2016 
Statement on December Forecast11/16/2016 
More Than 500 Gather to Tackle Issues at Oregon Coast Economic Summit8/9/2016 
Senate Democrats Mourn Passing of Senator Alan Bates8/6/2016 
Sen. Roblan’s septic repair loan bill gets Governor’s signature5/25/2016 
Senator Riley to Lead New General Government and Accountability Committee4/27/2016 
Statement by Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick on Conclusion of 2016 Session3/3/2016 
Senate Democrats Vote to Use Lodging Tax Increase to Fund Regional Tourism3/3/2016 
Senate Democrats Pass Tenant Protections for Oregon Renters3/2/2016 
Stiffer Poaching Penalties Progress to Governor for Signature3/2/2016 
Oregon Senate Promotes Transparency for Lobbyist-Client Relationships3/2/2016 
Affordable Housing Bill Passes Oregon Senate3/2/2016 
Oregon Senate Prioritizes Wage Transparency3/2/2016 
Senate Votes to Move Oregon Toward Clean Energy3/2/2016 
Senate Votes for Greater Student Access to Democratic Process3/2/2016 
Senate Passes Bill to Help Battle Prescription Painkiller Abuse Epidemic3/2/2016 
Senate Democrats Increase Funding for Education, Public Safety3/1/2016 
Senate Democrats Support Rural Emergency Medical Services2/29/2016 
Senate Passes Bill to Incent 'Brownfield Cleanup'2/29/2016 
Oregon Senate Votes to Establish School Safety Tip Line 2/29/2016 
Senate Democrats Pass Bill Protecting Whistleblowers, Promoting Transparency2/29/2016 
Senate Democrats Support Protections for Vulnerable Road Users2/29/2016 
Senate Democrats Vote to Designate Cannabis as Farm Crop2/29/2016 
Senate Democrats Champion Bill to Allow Cannabis Businesses to Bank in Oregon2/29/2016 
Senate Democrats Support Justice for Sexual Assault Victims2/26/2016 
Senate Passes 'Melissa's Law' to Require Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Testing2/26/2016 
Senate Democrats Provide Tools to Communities Seeking Affordable Housing2/26/2016 
Senate Democrats Support Access to Higher Education for 'Post-Graduate Scholars'2/26/2016 
Senate Democrats Pass Bill to Crack Down on Fraudulent 'Notarios'2/25/2016 
Senate Votes to Help Oregonians Obtain Loans for Spetic Repairs2/25/2016 
Senate Democrats Pass Bill to Update Marriage Statutes2/25/2016 
Oregon Senate Votes to Adopt Several Tax Credit Adjustments2/24/2016 
Senate Democrats Champion Cannabis Modernization Bill2/23/2016 
Senate Democrats Report Progress on 2016 Agenda2/22/2016 
Senate Sends Bipartisan Cannabis Bill to Governor2/19/2016 
Oregon Senate Passes Law to Expand Business Opportunities for Brewers2/18/2016 
Bill Increases Collaboration Between Small Businesses and Oregon Communities2/18/2016 
Senate Democrats Champion Transparency for Insurance Marketplace2/16/2016 
Oregon Senate Passes Bill to Protect Student Privacy2/15/2016 
Bills Increase Government Efficiency with Session Timing Adjustments2/12/2016 
Senate Votes to Raise Minimum Wage for Hundreds of Thousands of Workers2/11/2016 
Statement by Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick on February 2016 Economic and Revenue Forecast2/10/2016 
Healthy Climate Act Advances to Joint Ways and Means Committee2/9/2016 
Senate Democrats Support Bipartisan Legislation for Sustainable Water Use2/9/2016 
Bill Extends Unemployment for Workers Completing Apprenticeship Courses2/9/2016 
Senate Democrats Boost Access to Prescription Medicine for Those in Need2/9/2016 
Senate Democrats Boost Access to Capital for Small Businesses2/8/2016 
Minimum Wage Bill Passes Committee and Goes to the Senate Floor2/5/2016 
Senate Lifts Sunset on Bill to Improve Health Care Access2/5/2016 
Senate Democrats Propose Three-Region Minimum Wage Solution2/4/2016 
Sen. Hass Unveils Corporate Tax Measure Alternative2/1/2016 
Senate Democrats release 2016 Legislative Agenda2/1/2016 
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(40)
Senate Democrats Elect Senator Ginny Burdick Caucus Leader9/28/2015 
Senate Approves Oregon Promise: Free Community College Tuition Program for Students7/2/2015 
Police Profiling Bill Approved in the Oregon Senate7/1/2015 
Senate Democrats approve Toxic Free Kids Act 7/1/2015 
Access to Opportunity Bill Helps Oregon’s Tuition Equity Students Attend College6/25/2015 
Senate Approves More Convenient Access to Birth Control6/24/2015 
Land Bank Authority Will Create New Tool for Revitalizing Polluted Land in Oregon6/23/2015 
ABLE Act Passes Senate, Will Offer Greater Financial Independence to Disabled Oregonians6/23/2015 
Retirement Savings Tool for Oregon Workers on the Way to Governor Brown6/16/2015 
“Ban the Box” Receives Bipartisan Senate Approval6/11/2015 
Oregon Senate Democrats Stand Up for Working Families, Approve Statewide Paid Sick Time Proposal6/10/2015 
Senate Votes to Reorganize Oregon Education Leadership, Dismantle Oregon Education Investment Board6/8/2015 
Patient Privacy Bill Approved in Oregon Senate6/8/2015 
Senate Clears the Way to Access of Full Year of Birth Control6/2/2015 
Senate Democrats Support Measure to Promote Equal Pay for Equal Work5/28/2015 
Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Bills Receive Senate Vote5/26/2015 
Bipartisan Bill Approved to Protect Women and Children from Gun Violence5/21/2015 
Energy Assistance for Struggling Oregonians Receives Senate Support5/18/2015 
E-Cigarettes: Ban on Sales to Minors and Public Indoor Use Approved in Senate5/11/2015 
Ban on Conversion Therapy Receives Senate Approval5/7/2015 
Asbestos Surveys Before Demolitions Will Protect Neighborhood Health4/30/2015 
Protections for Domestic Workers Receive Senate Approval4/29/2015 
Senate Votes to Curb Illegal Ivory Industry, Protect Endangered Animals4/28/2015 
Legislation Will Require Colleges and Universities to Tackle Sexual Assault4/22/2015 
Senate Expands Protected Work Leave for Domestic Violence Victims4/21/2015 
Oregon Firearms Safety Act Approved in the Senate4/14/2015 
Good Samaritan Law for Drug Overdose Help Approved in Senate4/9/2015 
Legislation Will Require State Contractors to Undergo Equal Pay Training4/7/2015 
Senate Democrats Ensure Stability, Fund Full Day Kindergarten, with Approval of State School Fund Budget4/6/2015 
Senate Approves Legislation to Lower Compulsory School Age, Address Truancy4/2/2015 
Senate Removes Roadblock to Oregon Convention Center Hotel3/25/2015 
Senate Votes to Rein in Restoration Companies that Prey on Disaster Victims3/10/2015 
Motor Voter Legislation Passes Senate, On the Way to Governor Brown 3/5/2015 
Senate Democrats Approve Class Action Lawsuit Reform, Funding for Legal Aid3/3/2015 
Central Assessment Fix Accomplished with Bipartisan Support3/2/2015 
Senate Cracks Down on Revenge Porn2/26/2015 
Consumers Win with Reforms to State’s Auto Insurance Laws2/24/2015 
Senate Takes Historic Step Advancing Oregon’s Economy and Fuel Alternatives2/17/2015 
Senate Gives Go-ahead to Pacific Northwest Manufacturing Partnership2/10/2015 
Senate Democrats Release 2015 Legislative Agenda2/2/2015 
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