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Legislator PhotoRepresentative - Wlnsvey Campos

Democrat  - District 28 - Aloha

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1428
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-285, Salem, Oregon 97301



State Representative WLnsvey (wins-vay) Campos, of House District 28, was raised in Bandon, Oregon by a single father in a low-income household. As the proud daughter of immigrants, she was confronted as a child with the disparity between those who were afforded opportunities and those who were not regardless of how hard they worked.

This perspective informs her work both as a State Representative, but also in her role as a Case Manager for Family Promise of Beaverton where she currently helps families experiencing houselessness find their new homes. ​

Wlnsvey considers herself lucky to have had a community in her hometown that supported and encouraged her, as well as her father who worked long hours and provided her with a strong backbone for advocacy and social justice, that led to her being able to say, "I am here." Here and ready to be an advocate for all of our communities. Here and proud to be part of Aloha and the larger community of House District 28. Here and ready to fight for comprehensive, system-levels policies to address not only the root causes of our housing challenges, but also for our education system, healthcare, and the climate crisis.

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