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Capitol Accessibility, Maintenance and Safety (CAMS)

Phone: 503-986-1744
Address: 900 Court Street NE, Salem, OR 97301


Architectural Design

Phase III project details:

Base isolation under the 1938 portion of the Capitol. ​

North public plaza.png

​New North public plaza for gathering. 

Hearing Rooms.jpgNew Staircase.jpg

​Four new hearing rooms on the Concourse level.        New staircase from First floor to Concourse level. 

Courtyards moved to first floor.jpgRestaurant.jpg

Courtyards moved from Concourse level to First Floor.                Concourse level restaurant relocated.          ​

 Ph​ase II project details:


Base isolation under the hearing rooms and seismic joints connecting the legislative offices. ​1209_south_across street dusk.jpg

New ADA ramps on the South Street Entrance to allow for access from the South side of the building.

 Ph​ase I project details:


         Artistic Renderings (2018)_Page_1.jpg             cam01transparency - Front.jpg

    Artistic Renderings (2018)_Page_2.jpg       cam02_small_trees.jpg

Artistic Renderings (2018)_Page_3.jpgcam03_small_trees.jpg 

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