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Oregon State Legislature News and Information


Legislator PhotoRepresentative Susan McLain

Democrat - District 29 - Hillsboro

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1429
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-493​, Salem, Oregon 97301
Email: Rep.SusanMcL​ 

January 13th: School Closures and Legislative Days Update 1/13/2022 
January 5th: Welcome to 2022!1/5/2022 
December 22nd: Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!12/22/2021 
December 15th: Special Session Recap and Upcoming Town Hall12/15/2021 
December 9th: Preparing for Monday's Special Session12/9/2021 
December 1st: Upcoming Special Session and COVID-19 Updates12/1/2021 
November 24th: Happy Thanksgiving 11/24/2021 
November 17th: Legislative Days, the Revenue Forecast, and Anticipated Expansion of Booster Eligibility11/17/2021 
November 10th: Celebrating Veterans, Native American Heritage Month, and the Passage of the Infrastructure Bill11/10/2021 
November 3rd: COVID vaccinations for children 5-11 start in Oregon TODAY!11/3/2021 
October 28th: Moderna and J&J Booster Shots Now Available in Oregon10/28/2021 
October 21st: Booster Shot Updates and Breast Cancer Awareness Month10/21/2021 
October 13th: Recognizing Oregon’s First Indigenous Peoples Day and National Farmers Day10/13/2021 
October 6th: DMV and Employment Department Reminders and Celebrating Teachers!10/6/2021 
October 4th: I’m excited to continue my work in the House!10/4/2021 
September 29th: Redistricting and COVID Booster Updates!9/29/2021 
September 22nd: Redistricting Update 9/22/2021 
September 15th: Upcoming Special Session and Legislative Days 9/15/2021 
September 8th: Redistricting and Back-to-School Tips 9/8/2021 
September 1st: Have a safe and healthy Labor Day Weekend!9/1/2021 
August 25th: New requirements to wear masks in crowded outdoor spaces8/25/2021 
August 19th: Important Updates on COVID-19 in Oregon8/19/2021 
August 12th: Important Mask and Heat Safety Updates8/12/2021 
August 4th: Updated guidelines for masking in schools and Summer activities in Washington County8/4/2021 
July 28th: Mask guidelines change to include vaccinated people.7/28/2021 
July 22nd: Wildfire updates and a look back at my 2021 Session bills.7/22/2021 
July 14th: Wildfire and Extreme Heat Resources / Town Hall Reminder7/14/2021 
July 7th: Updates on Redistricting and Keeping Cool during this Heat7/7/2021 
July 1st: Historic 2021 Legislative Session Review7/1/2021 
June 23rd: A flurry of bill activity as Session draws to a close.6/24/2021 
June 18th: Celebrating and Honoring Juneteenth6/18/2021 
June 16th: It's the last two weeks of Session!6/16/2021 
June 11th: A Very Happy Graduation!6/11/2021 
June 8th: Budget discussions and Floor debates take center stage this week. 6/8/2021 
June 3rd: June brings a focus on budget issues as we head towards Sine Die6/3/2021 
May 28th: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!5/28/2021 
May 25th: Remembering George Floyd and Promoting Civics Education5/25/2021 
May 21st: Revenue Forecast and Bill Updates 5/21/2021 
May 18th: Important Updates to Oregon's Mask Guidelines5/18/2021 
May 14th: Updated Mask and Vaccine Guidelines! 5/14/2021 
May 12th: Reopening Goals and Education Budget Updates!5/12/2021 
May 7th: County Risk Updates and More!5/7/2021 
May 5th: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and National Nurses Week!5/4/2021 
April 30th: COVID-19 Restriction Updates and More 4/30/2021 
April 27th: Back to Business on the Floor!4/27/2021 
April 23rd: Halfway Through Session!4/23/2021 
April 21st: All Oregonians 16+ Eligible for Vaccine Now!4/22/2021 
April 16th: Successful week of passing bills!4/16/2021 
April 14th: Updates on Bills and Johnson & Johnson Vaccine4/14/2021 
April 9th: Lots of Bill Highlights!4/9/2021 
April 6th: Vaccine Eligibility Expands to all Oregonians over 16, Effective April 194/6/2021 
April 2nd: Important Vaccine Eligibility Updates for April!4/2/2021 
March 31st: Back at the Capitol as the work picks up!3/31/2021 
March 26th: A busy week at the Capitol as we head into Spring!3/26/2021 
March 22nd: American Rescue Plan and More Relief!3/22/2021 
March 17th: Week 9 brings extended floor times3/17/2021 
March 11th: Week 8 brings a lot of important updates!3/11/2021 
March 5th: Celebrating a Vaccine Milestone3/5/2021 
March 2nd: Vaccine and FEMA updates 3/2/2021 
February 26th: Exciting vaccine developments and more!2/26/2021 
February 23rd: Oregonians over 70 now eligible for vaccine and other updates2/23/2021 
February 19th: Power Outage Assistance/Resources!2/19/2021 
February 17th: Digging out from under ice and snow!2/17/2021 
February 12th: Employment Dept Updates and More!2/12/2021 
February 9th: New COVID Vaccine Information for Seniors2/9/2021 
February 5th: A Good Start to a New Month2/5/2021 
February 2nd: Oregon receives grant for national Suicide Prevention line.2/2/2021 
January 29th: Wrapping up a snowy week!1/29/2021 
January 26th: A busy start to week two!1/26/2021 
January 22nd: Week One is in the books!1/22/2021 
January 15th: Happy Friday! 1/15/2021 
January 12th: Welcome to the 81st Legislative Session1/12/2021 
January 8th: The 2021 Legislative Session is Finally Here!1/8/2021 
January 5th: The 2021 Legislative Session is here!1/5/2021 
December 29th: Wishing You a Happy and Healthy New Year!12/29/2020 
December 23rd: Closing out 202012/23/2020 
December 18th: Wrapping Up 202012/18/2020 
December 11th: Time for Some Holiday Cheer!12/11/2020 
December 4th: COVID-19 Vaccine and Local Updates12/4/2020 
December 1st: Governor's Recommended Budget, Thanksgiving Reflections, and New Metrics and Restrictions12/1/2020 
November 25th: Happy Thanksgiving! New Safety Measures to Take Effect After Statewide Freeze11/25/2020 
November 21st Update: Preparing for a distanced holiday, unemployment, and other updates11/21/2020 
November 17th Update: Statewide Freeze Begins Tomorrow11/17/2020 
November 13th Updates: Statewide 2-Week Freeze Begins Next Week11/13/2020 
November 10th Updates11/10/2020 
November 6th Update: COVID-19, Wildfire Recovery, and more11/6/2020 
November 3rd Update: COVID-19 and Wildfire Recovery11/3/2020 
October 30th Update: COVID-19 and Wildfire10/30/2020 
October 27th Update: COVID-19 and Wildfires10/27/2020 
October 23rd Update: COVID-19 and Wildfires10/23/2020 
October 21st Update: COVID-19 and Wildfires10/21/2020 
October 16th Update: COVID-19 and Wildfires10/16/2020 
October 13th Update: COVID-19 and Wildfires10/13/2020 
October 9th Update: COVID-19 and Wildfires10/9/2020 
October 6th Update: COVID-19 and Wildfires10/6/2020 
October 2nd Update: Wildfires and COVID-1910/2/2020 
September 29th Update: Wildfires and COVID-199/29/2020 
September 25th Update: Wildfires and COVID-199/25/2020 
September 22nd Update: Wildfire and COVID-19 Resources9/22/2020 
September 18th Update: Wildfire and COVID-19 Resources9/18/2020 
September 15th Update: Wildfire and COVID-19 Resources9/15/2020 
September 11th Updates: Wildfire and COVID-199/11/2020 
September 9th, 2020: Wildfires and COVID-19 updates9/9/2020 
September 3rd Update: Fire Risk, School Updates, and Upcoming Legislative Meetings9/3/2020 
September 1st Update: Tips for Labor Day Weekend, Business Assistance and more!9/1/2020 
August 28th Update: USPS, Employment and More8/28/2020 
August 25th Update: Case Data, Local & Agency Updates and More!8/25/2020 
August 21st Update: School Opening Metrics, Health Resources, Employment Updates and More8/21/2020 
August 18th Update: Emergency Board, Agency Updates, and more8/18/2020 
August 14th Update: Education Updates, Case Data, Business Supports and More!8/14/2020 
August 11th Update: Second Special Session, Case Data and more8/11/2020 
July 28th Update: School Reopening Metrics, PUA Updates, Case Data and more7/28/2020 
July 24th Update: New Mask Guidance! Budget Hearings, Employment Updates, and more!7/24/2020 
July 21st Update: Keep Masking Up! Employment Updates, and more!7/21/2020 
July 17th Update: Cases on the Rise, Budget Meetings, Employment Update and more7/17/2020 
July 14th Update: Emergency Board, Case and Health Updates, Expanded Mask Requirement7/14/2020 
July 10th Update: Community Conversation Tomorrow, COVID-19, Unemployment and more!7/10/2020 
July 7th Update: Public Safety Conversation, COVID-19, Reopening updates, and more7/7/2020 
July 2nd Update: Happy Fourth of July, Mask Requirement, COVID-19, and Other Updates7/2/2020 
June 30th Update: COVID-19, Special Session, School Reopening and More!6/30/2020 
June 26th Update: Special Session, COVID-19, Unemployment and Other News6/26/2020 
June 23rd Update: Special Session, COVID-19, Unemployment and More6/23/2020 
June 19th Updates: Juneteenth, COVID-19, Town Hall, and other updates6/19/2020 
June 16th Update: COVID-19, Community Conversation, Employment and Higher Eeducation6/16/2020 
June 12th: COVID-19, Education, Policing, and Getting Engaged6/12/2020 
June 9th: COVID-19 and Other Important Updates6/9/2020 
June 5th: COVID-19 and Other Important Updates6/5/2020 
June 1st: COVID-19 Update and Reflections on the murder of George Floyd6/1/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: May 27th, 20205/27/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: May 22nd, 20205/22/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: May 20th, 20205/20/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: May 18th, 20205/18/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: May 15th, 20205/15/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: May 12th, 20205/12/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: May 8th, 20205/8/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: May 6th, 20205/6/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: May 4th, 20205/4/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: May 1st, 20205/1/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: April 27th, 20204/27/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: April 24th, 20204/24/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: April 22nd, 20204/22/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: April 20th, 20204/20/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: April 17th, 20204/17/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: April 15th, 20204/15/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: April 13th, 20204/13/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: April 10th4/10/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: April 9th4/9/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: April 6th4/6/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: April 3rd4/3/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: March 31st3/31/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: March 30th3/30/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: March 25th3/25/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: March 23rd3/23/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: March 20th3/20/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: March 19th3/19/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: March 17th3/17/2020 
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: March 16th3/16/2020 
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McLain touts Ways & Means position, talks billsPamplin Media1/9/2019 
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(9)
Autonomous cars arriving sooner than you thinkEast Oregonian10/4/2018 
Susan McLain discusses education in Forest GroveForest Grove News Times7/31/2018 
First meeting of Task Force on Autonomous Vehicles to convene April 18, 2018Lincoln City Homepage4/11/2018 
DACA tele-town hall set for WednesdayEast Oregonian4/6/2018 
Oregon moves toward state net neutrality lawNews Channel 21 (KTVZ)2/26/2018 
Oregon lawmakers approve bill to make health care a constitutional rightJurist2/14/2018 
McLain: Session an opportunity for accountability in governmentHillsboro Tribune2/7/2018 
Washington County lawmakers and educators open the floor for kids' concernsKATU1/18/2018 
High school students asked to weigh in on state issues at forumHillsboro Tribune1/12/2018 
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Pass Clean Energy Jobs bill for farmers, first responders, familiesHillsboro Tribune12/20/2017 
'How to help community' is focus of McLain meetingForest Grove News Times12/6/2017 
Community breaks ground on Cornelius PlaceForest Grove News Times9/23/2017 
State Rep. Susan McLain tours Habitat for Humanity site in FGForest Grove News Times9/13/2017 
Writers laud McLain, Sollman, Riley, while taking county building department to taskForest Grove News Times8/30/2017 
McLain talks transportation, schools in CorneliusForest Grove News Times8/2/2017 
Bag&Baggage gets funding for Cultural Innovation ProgramHillsboro Tribune7/20/2017 
Democrats pitch revenue proposalBeaverton Valley Times6/17/2017 
Before kids can succeed, they need to arrive safelyForest Grove News Times3/29/2017 
Oregon Legislature Considering Foster Children’s ‘Sibling Bill Of Rights’ Open Minds3/26/2017 
Hillsboro Chamber hosts state legislators at panel eventHillsboro Tribune 1/9/2017 
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(4)
Rep takes her coffee with some conversationForest Grove News Times9/21/2016 
McLain secures $500,000 in lottery funds for Cornelius PlaceHillsboro Tribune3/3/2016 
Forest Grove's School Based Health Center fights stereotypes to bring array of health care services to students and staffForest Grove News Times2/17/2016 
Editorial: Sometimes brown is better than greenThe Bend Bulletin1/24/2016 
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Small businesses are key to a healthy economyHillsboro Tribune12/10/2015 
State now has a more stable footing for educationHillsboro Tribune 10/30/2015 
Governor signs McLain's license plate bill into lawHillsboro Tribune8/20/2015 
Legislation makes Oregon betterPamplin Media Group7/29/2015 
Gallegos, McLain host town hall eventHillsboro Tribune7/9/2015 
State boosts 'disability' student fundsHillsboro Tribune7/9/2015 
Crews clean up CorneliusForest Grove News Times5/28/2015 
A day in the life: a legislator's perspectiveForest Grove News Times5/13/2015 
Black vs. White turns to grayForest Grove News Times5/6/2015 
Fast pace of legislative session continuesForest Grove News Times4/22/2015 
A license plate that helps save livesThe Hillsboro Tribune4/3/2015 
Genentech to expand local operationsHillsboro Tribune4/2/2015 
Schools Won't Be Evaluated By Student Test Scores If Bill PassesOPB Radio3/24/2015 
Why I support the Clean Fuels ProgramHillsboro Tribune3/19/2015 
House committee talks standardized testsStatesman Journal2/10/2015 
Learning the ropes in SalemForest Grove News Times2/4/2015 
McLain plans coffee sessions in Forest Grove, CorneliusForest Grove News Times1/7/2015 
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