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Oregon State Legislature News and Information


Legislator PhotoRepresentative E. Werner Reschke

Republican, House District 55 - The Crater Lake District

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1455
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-383, Salem, Oregon 97301
Website: https://​www.oregon​

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Rep. Reschke Votes To End Ballot Measure 110’s No-Penalty Drugs in Oregon2/29/2024 2:36 PM 
Letter to OHA: Be Honest2/27/2024 3:45 PM 
Letter: Opposing HJR 2012/13/2024 2:56 PM 
Representative Reschke Appalled with OHA Hiding Important Data1/25/2024 2:00 PM 
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Letter to Secretary of State Concerning Misinformation Campaign11/8/2023 9:42 AM 
Rep. Reschke Urges Special Session to Repeal Measure 11010/9/2023 10:00 AM 
Representative Reschke Delivers Funding for La Pine Wellness Center8/11/2023 9:40 AM 
La Pine Incubator Funding7/21/2023 12:51 PM 
Representative McIntire & Representative Reschke Announce Funding Wins for Klamath County, Respective Districts6/25/2023 2:53 PM 
Representatives McIntire and Reschke Praise U.S. Air Force Selection of Kingsley Field to Receive Most Advanced Fighter Jet in the World5/25/2023 2:50 PM 
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A Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, Ag-Overtime Tax Credit11/23/2023 
ODOT, SOS Survelliance11/10/2023 
And Were Back...11/6/2023 
Time to Repeal Ballot Measure 110 Now10/9/2023 
Education Failure, Part I9/29/2023 
For Whom the Road Tolls!8/28/2023 
There’s a Fire in the Forest!7/29/2023 
There’s a Hole in the Boat!7/14/2023 
2023 Legislative Session Summary6/26/2023 
Virtual Town Hall6/4/2023 
Honoring Sacrifice5/29/2023 
The Jello is a Gelln’5/20/2023 
The Bridge, Budgets & Social Engineering4/21/2023 
Clarification: Oregon’s Parental Rights: Going, going,…4/16/2023 
Oregon’s Parental Rights: Going, going,…4/15/2023 
Ensuring Safety for our Children in School3/31/2023 
2/25/2023: Economic Forecast, Library Day and Voting Age2/28/2023 
Week 4 - Legislative Update2/11/2023 
2023 Legislative Session Begins1/18/2023 
Thankful For, Thankful To11/23/2022 
The CDC Says...9/8/2022 
Why We Are Free7/3/2022 
Oregon Tech, Legislative Days and More6/10/2022 
Summary of the 2022 Legislative Session3/12/2022 
Voter Alert: Oregon Sales Tax Public Hearing Tuesday!2/6/2022 
Voter Alert: Ag Overtime Public Hearing Tuesday!2/5/2022 
Session Begins, Long Pharmacy Lines2/4/2022 
Always Winter and Never Christmas12/23/2021 
George Washington’s Thanksgiving Day Proclamation11/25/2021 
Finally, Some Good News From the State of Oregon10/19/2021 
Redistricting: Klamath County Residents Not Served Well10/2/2021 
Recap of 2021 Legislative Session6/30/2021 
Floor speech to end Governor's state of emergency5/20/2021 
Working to Reopen Oregon5/7/2021 
Governor Orders Another Lockdown4/29/2021 
April: What Passed the House4/19/2021 
Capitol Update: March 20213/26/2021 
MONDAY: Important Agricultural Public Hearing3/6/2021 
How to Testify Before a Legislative Committee1/26/2021 
The Irony of the 2021 Legislative Session1/10/2021 
Declaring a Catastrophic Disaster, Requirements Not Met11/25/2020 
Oregon Dept. of Forestry Fire Report9/22/2020 
FEMA Wildfire Disaster Assistance9/18/2020 
Wildfire Update9/15/2020 
Wildfire Update9/10/2020 
Vandalism,Violence and Now Death9/1/2020 
Oregon's Emergency Payment Relief Program8/19/2020 
Special Session Recap: Good News, Bad News8/12/2020 
Governor Brown calls 2nd Special Session8/11/2020 
Celebrating our Freedom7/8/2020 
Update on Federal Programs to Mitigate Coronavirus Economic Impacts4/15/2020 
Coronavirus Small Business Update4/2/2020 
COVID-19 / Coronavirus Legislative Update3/28/2020 
Failure to Lead3/10/2020 
Oregonian Editorial: Why Oregon’s kicker law is good and necessary9/15/2019 
2019 Legislative Session - The Good, Bad, Ugly8/27/2019 
Capitol Update3/26/2019 
December is always a great time to be in the Capitol Building12/22/2018 
Summer Review9/6/2018 
Opposition to Klamath River Dam Removal7/6/2018 
November State Newsletter 11/3/2017 
Post Session — August Update8/4/2017 
Independence Day7/3/2017 
Legislative Update6/15/2017 
The Newest Water Call5/18/2017 
We are now half way through the Legislative session.5/2/2017 
Anti-Rural Water Bills.3/17/2017 
More Gun Laws? Really?!3/7/2017 
Revenue is not the Problem2/22/2017 
Water Takings Part 22/14/2017 
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