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 Capitol Names: Historic Names Inscribed Above the Senate Chamber

In the friezes above the Oregon Senate and House Chambers are inscribed the names of 158 men and women who helped shape Oregon. Capitol Names: Individuals Woven Into Oregon's History, Philip Cogswell, Jr.'s book published by the Oregon Historical Society, recounts the accomplishments that earned each person a place in Oregon's Capitol.

Borrowing from Capitol Names, this virtual tour explores the 69 individuals remembered in the Oregon Senate. Begin the tour of names inscribed above the Oregon Senate Chamber.

 Capitol Names by Philip Cogswell, Jr.

​"These individuals, with their widely differing backgrounds, represent the variety of threads that were woven together to make Oregon what it is. In many cases, had these people been different than they were, had they acted differently, Oregon's history would be different and, in a sense, Oregon today would be different."

- Philip Cogswell, Jr., Capitol Names: Individuals Woven Into Oregon History