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Oregon State Legislature News and Information


Legislator PhotoOregon Senate Republican Caucus        

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1950
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-323, Salem, Oregon 97301

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Senate GOP Leader’s Statement on the Revenue Forecast8/25/2021 10:05 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Blasts Governor's New Mandates8/11/2021 1:06 PM 
Senate GOP Leader's Statement on the Passing of Representative Gary Leif7/22/2021 12:49 PM 
OFRI Audit Misrepresents Oregon Forestry Industry to Advance Political Agenda7/21/2021 3:35 PM 
2021 Session Demonstrates Need for Balance6/26/2021 5:50 PM 
Oregonians Will Pay More For Less Reliable Energy Under Democrat Plan6/26/2021 11:34 AM 
During Active Wildfires, House Democrats Vote to Underfund Fire Fighting and Defund the Forest Practices Act6/26/2021 8:03 AM 
Oregonians Should Remember Democrat COVID Overreach6/25/2021 11:58 AM 
Senate GOP Pushes to Fund More Police Amid Rising Crime6/24/2021 3:03 PM 
Republicans Fight for Those Wrongfully Convicted, Effort Blocked by Senate Democrats6/24/2021 2:46 PM 
Senate Democrats Vote to Maintain Tax on Stimulus Checks6/24/2021 1:35 PM 
Senate Republicans Attempt Last Ditch Effort to Fix Democrats' Loose Voting Law6/24/2021 1:26 PM 
ZIP Codes Should Not Determine Students' Education6/15/2021 12:14 PM 
Senate Democrats Block Tax Relief for Working Families and Ending the Governor's COVID Emergency6/9/2021 1:28 PM 
Senate Republicans Vote to Expand Opportunity in Education6/9/2021 11:14 AM 
Senate Democrats Say 'No' to Extra Pay for Police Officers Responding to Riots6/7/2021 12:29 PM 
Senate Republicans Push for Property Tax Relief for Disabled Veterans5/25/2021 12:47 PM 
Senate Republicans Vote to Get Kids Back in School Full-Time in the Fall5/24/2021 11:51 AM 
Senate Republicans Force Vote on Student Loan Relief5/20/2021 10:52 AM 
Swimming in Cash: Republicans Set Priorities For Excess Tax Revenue5/19/2021 3:30 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Blasts Governor's Decision to Implement Vaccine Passports in Oregon5/18/2021 5:05 PM 
Oregon Mask Rules Need to Reflect CDC5/13/2021 1:49 PM 
Senate Republicans Support Teachers Union Effort to Fully Reopen Schools for Next School Year5/13/2021 1:16 PM 
Senate GOP Leader Opposes Political Patronage5/11/2021 4:15 PM 
Bipartisan Bill from Legislature Would Fully Reopen Schools5/6/2021 2:32 PM 
Governor's Lockdown Whiplash Highlights Need for Emergency Power Reform5/4/2021 6:17 PM 
Democrats Reward Donors with Bigger Payouts for Trial Lawyers4/29/2021 1:53 PM 
For Working Oregonians, Legislature Must Rein in Governor’s Power4/28/2021 12:39 PM 
Uncapping Virtual Charter Schools Will Uncap Student Potential4/21/2021 5:21 PM 
Democrats Drop Education Standards4/21/2021 1:13 PM 
Senate Panel Recognizes Late Great Senator Jackie Winters4/15/2021 2:33 PM 
Senate Democrats Look To Overturn Principles of Fairness Pass Guilty Until Proven Innocent Legislation4/14/2021 2:04 PM 
Senate Urges Federal Government To Take Responsibility For Decades of Forest Mismanagement4/14/2021 12:30 PM 
Supreme Court Strikes Down Secretary Fagan’s Argument As Flawed, Sides With Legislature on Redistricting4/9/2021 9:06 AM 
GOP Authored Civics Education Bill Will Promote Healthy Democratic Participation4/7/2021 12:00 PM 
Republican Sex Crime Prevention Legislation Clears Senate4/5/2021 12:09 PM 
Democrats Advance Agenda to Make Life More Dangerous While Cracking Down on Oregonians Self-Defense Rights3/25/2021 3:24 PM 
Democrats Charge Ahead With Plan to Steal the Kicker3/25/2021 11:20 AM 
Senate Democrats Spurn Victims to Side with Rapists, Kidnappers, Child Pornographers, and Attempted Murderers3/23/2021 5:59 PM 
SJR 12: Lazy Policymaking Destroys Quality Health Care Through The Backdoor3/18/2021 12:29 PM 
Governor Brown’s Plans for Students Require Accountability3/12/2021 3:44 PM 
Senate Democrats Target Republicans with Attempted Rule Change3/11/2021 12:49 PM 
Senate Republican Leader’s Statement on the Governor’s School Order3/5/2021 2:15 PM 
Senate Bill 842 Returns Stimulus Check Money to Working Oregonians3/3/2021 4:00 PM 
Senate Republicans Roll Out Education Reform Agenda2/26/2021 11:37 AM 
Senator Thomsen Introduces Education Equity Act2/26/2021 11:00 AM 
Senate Republicans Demand Legislature Refocus Legislative Priorities2/25/2021 2:23 PM 
Stories of Hurting Oregonians Don’t Show Up in State Revenue Report 2/24/2021 3:53 PM 
As Violent Crime Surges, Democrats Push Bill to Curtail Right of Self-Defense2/22/2021 4:37 PM 
Time to Give Struggling Businesses the Relief They Need2/18/2021 4:51 PM 
Senate Republicans Introduce Tax Relief Measures for Struggling Oregonians2/17/2021 12:45 PM 
Senator Anderson Introduces ‘Stimulus Check Protection Act’2/16/2021 3:22 PM 
Governor Runs Away From Reponsibility, Again2/10/2021 3:28 PM 
No Excuses for the Governor on School Reopenings2/5/2021 12:44 PM 
Repealing Tax Relief Will Hurt Working Oregonians2/3/2021 3:00 PM 
Governor Brown’s School Reopening Promises Ring Hollow1/26/2021 9:50 AM 
Senate Republicans Respond to Gov. Brown’s State of the State Address1/21/2021 4:08 PM 
Pandemic Graduation Rates Don’t Reflect Quality Education1/21/2021 10:45 AM 
2021 Session Begins Unconstitutionally1/11/2021 3:20 PM 
Oregon Senate Republicans elect new leadership team1/11/2021 3:00 PM 
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(63)
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Passage of School Liability Protection Bill12/21/2020 5:43 PM 
Senate Republican Leader to Advocate for Wildfire Relief in Upcoming 2021 Long Session12/21/2020 4:57 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Third Special Session12/15/2020 10:42 AM 
Governor Brown Plans to Close Multiple State Prisons, Disregards Public Safety12/2/2020 2:45 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Governor’s Budget12/1/2020 5:13 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Revenue Forecast11/18/2020 9:21 AM 
Senate Republicans Call Out Governor Kate Brown for Continued COVID-19 Government Overreach11/17/2020 2:26 PM 
Senator Fred Girod to Continue as Senate Republican Leader11/16/2020 6:20 PM 
Senate Republican Leader on Wildfire Damage Assistance for Santiam Canyon Schools10/12/2020 10:43 AM 
Statement on Safety Hazards from Smoke Damage in Rural Schools9/25/2020 1:31 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Revenue Forecast9/23/2020 9:20 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Fires and Devastation9/14/2020 3:35 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Almost 100-Days of Violence in Portland8/28/2020 10:22 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Retirement of Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton8/26/2020 9:05 AM 
Statement on E-Board Changing Use of Coronavirus Relief Funds to Prioritize Portland8/17/2020 3:56 PM 
Statement on Democrats Excluding Oregonians From Legislative Process, “We are left with half-truths, and that scares me.”8/12/2020 12:25 PM 
Statement on Governor Brown’s Years-Long Failure to Assist Unemployed Oregonians8/11/2020 1:40 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Sine Die8/10/2020 10:25 PM 
Statement on Bipartisan Opposition to Senate Bill 17028/10/2020 6:12 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Democrats Locking Oregonians Out of the Legislative Process8/10/2020 9:10 AM 
Executive Branch Stockpiling Coronavirus Relief Funds Despite Pleas of Local Governments8/7/2020 10:50 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Second Special Session7/31/2020 2:46 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on New Mask Rules7/24/2020 7:46 PM 
“Does this look ‘peaceful’?” Senate Republican Leader Points to Violence in Portland Riots7/24/2020 1:48 PM 
Senate Republican Leader on Continued Violence in Portland7/23/2020 11:20 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Federal Law Enforcement in Portland7/17/2020 12:07 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on State Budget Re-Balance Plan7/16/2020 12:43 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Sine Die6/26/2020 6:24 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on HB 42136/26/2020 6:05 PM 
Senate Unanimously Passes SB 16046/26/2020 11:23 AM 
Senate Republicans Vote Against Cell Phone Tax6/26/2020 11:19 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Early Release of Inmates6/25/2020 4:36 PM 
Senate Republicans Vote Against Special Session Rules6/24/2020 9:30 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on the Passing of Former Representative Vic Gilliam6/18/2020 2:10 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on the Special Session6/16/2020 9:40 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Education Guidance for School in the Fall6/10/2020 5:11 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Needed Rural Hospital Grants6/5/2020 5:44 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Majority Leader Election5/22/2020 2:30 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Economic Forecast5/20/2020 9:34 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Oregon Employment Department Bureaucratic Failures5/19/2020 3:17 PM 
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Joint GOP Letter to Governor on Graduations 
Joint House and Senate GOP Letter to Governor Re School Reopenings