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Embracing bold solutions to put our state on a path to success.

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1950

Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-323, Salem, Oregon 97301
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collapse Year : 2024 ‎(24)
Revenue Forecast: The State Should Limit Spending Amidst Stagnant Growth, High Inflation, and Rising Costs5/29/2024 9:13 AM 
Lawmakers Urge Department of Education to Offer New Financial Literacy, Life Skills Requirements as Stand-Alone Courses as Intended5/23/2024 1:12 PM 
House and Senate Republican Women Send Letter to OSAA Calling for Immediate Protection of Girls in High School Sports4/16/2024 11:00 AM 
Senator Tim Knopp Welcomes Senator Daniel Bonham as New Senate Republican Leader4/4/2024 8:19 AM 
Bill Recriminalizing Hard Drugs Signed into Law4/1/2024 3:14 PM 
Amidst New Attempts to Steal the Kicker, Senate Republicans Commit to Protect Oregon Taxpayers3/14/2024 2:03 PM 
2024 SESSION RECAP: Senate Republicans Prioritized Emergencies Like Measure 110 and Housing Supply; Lowered Costs for Oregonians, Protected the Kicker3/7/2024 8:15 PM 
Strengthening Oregon's Response to Child Abuse3/7/2024 2:51 PM 
Oregon Senate Honors Bend Veteran Dick Tobiason3/6/2024 5:25 PM 
Bill Providing Rural Towns a Necessary Tool to Increase Housing Production Clears Oregon Senate3/6/2024 11:42 AM 
Oregon Legislative Republicans Urge for Immediate Reconsideration of the Proposed Habitat Conservation Plan3/5/2024 1:44 PM 
Oregon Senate Recriminalizes Hard Drugs in Historic Vote3/1/2024 5:16 PM 
Senate Passes Bipartisan Package to Increase Housing Production in Communities Across Oregon2/29/2024 1:30 PM 
Financial Relief for Wildfire Victims Passes Oregon Senate2/28/2024 12:05 PM 
Senate Republicans Defend Age-Appropriate Reading Material in Schools, Urge Democrats to Give This Polarizing Issue More Discussion in Future Sessions2/27/2024 2:14 PM 
Oregon Senate Votes for Common Sense Protections for Children's Advocacy Centers2/22/2024 12:00 PM 
Oregon Senate Votes to Provide Legal Authority for Oregon to Implement Sustainable Water Management Plan2/21/2024 11:45 AM 
Senate Republicans Join Democrats in Passing a Class A Misdemeanor for Drug Possession2/14/2024 2:25 PM 
Revenue Forecast: Pro-Job Policies Needed to Improve Economic Outlook2/7/2024 8:35 AM 
Oregon Republicans Stand with Texas on Securing the Border, Send Letter to Governor Greg Abbott2/6/2024 11:55 AM 
In a Shocking Twist, Democrat-Stacked Supreme Court Sides with Democrats and Union Cronies on Measure 113 Despite Plain Language of Constitution2/1/2024 8:50 AM 
Senate Republicans' 2024 Session Agenda Will Tackle Emergencies like Measure 110 and Housing Supply, Lower Costs for Oregonians, Protect the Kicker from Democrats1/31/2024 12:10 PM 
Democrats Unveil ‘Measure 110 Lite’, Proposal Doesn't Solve Drug Addiction Crisis1/23/2024 2:21 PM 
Leader Knopp Announces Staff for 2024 Session1/8/2024 8:15 AM 
collapse Year : 2023 ‎(82)
Court Finds DEQ Skirted the Law on Energy Regulations12/21/2023 2:18 PM 
Democrat Leaders, DOJ Cronies Ask Oregon Supreme Court to Ignore Plain Language of Measure 11312/14/2023 2:25 PM 
Oregonians Have Been Clear: It’s Time to Repeal and Replace Measure 11012/4/2023 4:00 PM 
Senate Republicans Ask Governor Kotek to Declare an Emergency on Measure 110, Convene Special Session11/10/2023 8:00 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Knopp Reaffirms Support of Israel’s Defense Against Terrorists Who Wish to Eliminate It11/2/2023 5:00 PM 
Oregon Senate Leaders Stand with Israel, Condemn Hamas Terrorist Attacks10/10/2023 9:00 AM 
Joint Statement: Oregon Has Much to Celebrate This National Manufacturing Day10/6/2023 8:15 AM 
Senate Republicans Urge Legislature to Refer Measure 110 Back to Voters9/29/2023 11:30 AM 
Republicans Take Action to Give More Sexual Assault Survivors an Opportunity to Seek Justice9/28/2023 4:54 PM 
Leader Knopp Welcomes the Incoming House Republican Leadership Team9/27/2023 4:40 PM 
Revenue Forecast: We Must Invest in Housing, Infrastructure, Job Creation8/30/2023 10:00 AM 
Senate Republicans to Challenge SOS on Measure 1138/8/2023 2:30 PM 
ICYMI: Senate Republican Leader Knopp Condemns Failed Democrat Soft-of-Crime Agenda on Fox News7/19/2023 1:55 PM 
Deadly Consequences: Oregon Democrats' Soft-on-Crime Agenda7/18/2023 3:45 PM 
2023 SESSION RECAP: Senate Republicans Delivered Big Wins for Oregonians, Held the Democrat Majority Accountable6/25/2023 6:25 PM 
Republican Priority Fixing Oregon's Flawed Sex Crime Laws Clears Oregon Senate6/25/2023 12:00 PM 
Oregon Senate Asks Voters to Establish Impeachment Process for Statewide Elected Officials6/25/2023 10:45 AM 
Oregon Senate Passes Critical Next Step to Solidify Oregon's Lead in Semiconductor Manufacturing6/24/2023 5:30 PM 
Legislation to Assist the International Port of Coos Bay's Potential Pacific Coast Intermodal Terminal Passes the Oregon Senate with Broad Bipartisan Support6/24/2023 4:50 PM 
Senate Republicans Take Innovative Approach to Expand Statewide Access to Affordable Child Care6/23/2023 5:05 PM 
Oregon Senate Votes to Support Families with Disabled Children6/23/2023 11:00 AM 
ICYMI: Successes Highlighted by Local and National Media Following End of Protest6/23/2023 7:50 AM 
Small Forestland Owners Receive Added Relief from the Private Forest Accord's Impacts on Harvest6/22/2023 6:50 PM 
Senate Democrats Pass Legislation Raising Monthly Insurance Premiums for Oregonians6/22/2023 2:45 PM 
Oregon Senate Votes to Ban TikTok on Government Devices6/22/2023 2:10 PM 
Republicans Increase Access to Virtual Public Charter School6/22/2023 2:00 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Knopp Supports Freedom for Oregonians at the Pump6/22/2023 1:50 PM 
Senate Republicans Increase Housing Options in Rural Oregon6/22/2023 1:00 PM 
Senate Republicans Protect Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Families from Burdensome Estate Tax6/21/2023 5:40 PM 
Senate Asks Voters to Establish an Independent Commission to Determine Compensation for Public Officials6/21/2023 4:35 PM 
Senate Democrats Vote to Hurt Struggling Renters6/21/2023 1:30 PM 
OREGONIANS WIN: Republicans and Independents Protect the Rule of Law and Parental Rights, Hold the Majority Accountable6/15/2023 11:25 AM 
Democrats Are Putting Bipartisan Issues on the Backburner Over an Unlawful, Extreme Agenda6/6/2023 11:45 AM 
Joint Committee on Oversight and Accountability Holds First Meeting, Highlights Areas of Concern6/2/2023 8:30 AM 
President Wagner Intends to Impose $325 Fine Each Day Senators Exercise Their Constitutional Right to Protest6/1/2023 12:15 PM 
Republicans Seek a Bipartisan End to Session, Democrats Seek a Return to Unlawful Bills, Extreme Partisanship5/31/2023 1:30 PM 
Senate President Rob Wagner's Unlawful, Uncompromising, Unconstitutional Actions5/30/2023 10:45 AM 
MEMO: Senate President Rob Wagner's Unlawful, Uncompromising, Unconstitutional Actions5/30/2023 10:45 AM 
Key Investments, Legislation Jeopardized by President Wagner's Unlawful, Uncompromising Behavior5/24/2023 4:30 PM 
To Avoid the Senate President's Threatened Government Shutdown, Senate Republicans, Independents Will Return on June 25th to Pass Substantially Bipartisan Budgets, Bills5/23/2023 10:50 AM 
Senate Republicans and Independents Urge Democrat Party of Oregon to Return $500,000 Falsely Reported Campaign Donation Linked to FTX5/22/2023 6:00 PM 
Senate Republicans Defend Democracy, Support Constitutional Bipartisanship5/18/2023 11:00 AM 
Republicans Trust Oregonians with Their Money, Their Families5/17/2023 9:50 AM 
Democrats Admit Accepting Stacks of Questionable Cash for Their Campaigns5/16/2023 10:30 AM 
Weekend Negotiations Were Not Done in Good Faith5/15/2023 1:30 PM 
Leadership Talks Continue5/11/2023 10:50 AM 
Democrats Resort to Lies to Push Extreme Policy Priorities5/8/2023 2:30 PM 
Senator Suzanne Weber and Representative Emily McIntire Sue Oregon Legislature, Represented by Oregon Right to Life5/3/2023 1:30 PM 
Senate Republicans Demand Transparency and Accountability5/3/2023 11:15 AM 
Republican Leaders Issue Statement in Response to Secretary Fagan’s Resignation5/2/2023 12:45 PM 
Gary Wilhelms Applauds Senate Republicans' Commitment to Transparency5/1/2023 4:50 PM 
Republican Leader Statement on Senate Floor Session Recess5/1/2023 1:45 PM 
Republican Leaders Pen Op-Ed in The Oregonian - Oregon Parents Should Not Have to Co-Parent with The Government5/1/2023 11:30 AM 
Republican Leaders - Secretary of State Shemia Fagan Must Resign4/28/2023 1:30 PM 
House Bill 2002B: The Facts4/25/2023 3:30 PM 
Republican and Independent Leaders Urge Democrat Leaders to  Create a Joint Oversight and Accountability Committee4/21/2023 12:45 PM 
Death and Taxes: The Only Things Guaranteed in the Democrat-Controlled Senate4/18/2023 12:00 PM 
Senate Republicans Vote for Good Governance and Transparency4/17/2023 6:28 PM 
Legislation to Boost Home-Based Food Businesses Clears Oregon Senate with Bipartisan Support4/17/2023 3:15 PM 
Oregon Democrats Pass Most Extreme Abortion and Gender-Altering Bill in Nation's History Out of Committee4/13/2023 8:15 PM 
Senator Weber's Proposal to Increase Housing Stock Clears Oregon Senate with Bipartisan Support4/13/2023 5:00 PM 
Senate Republicans Force Votes on Safe Communities4/10/2023 5:30 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Thanks Governor for Joining Efforts to End Travel Reimbursement Policy for Fully Remote Work4/3/2023 3:00 PM 
Oregon Senate's Passage of Semiconductor Bill Points to the Need for Additional Legislation to Follow3/29/2023 12:45 PM 
Senator Knopp Leads Oregon Senate in Passing Bipartisan Bill Removing Rural Housing Construction Barrier3/29/2023 8:00 AM 
Homelessness Package is Only the First Step in Addressing the Housing Backlog3/22/2023 9:00 AM 
Knopp, Breese-Iverson, Boquist Send Letter to the Governor Urging Independent Nonpartisan Counsel to Investigate OLCC3/21/2023 1:00 PM 
Senators Brock Smith, Weber, Representative Osborne Introduce Bill Protecting Waterways from Toxic Pollution from Homeless Camps3/20/2023 4:30 PM 
Senate Republicans Criticize Extreme Bill Allowing Convicted Felons Including Murderers and Rapists to Vote While in Prison3/9/2023 4:30 PM 
Victims Join Senate Republicans to Speak in Support of Fixes to Oregon’s Flawed Sex Crime Laws3/8/2023 8:30 AM 
Senate Unanimously Passes Most Bipartisan Bill of the Session3/1/2023 12:30 PM 
Senator Knopp Urges Bold Action Ahead of First Hearing on Semiconductor Bill2/22/2023 5:00 PM 
TONIGHT: First Hearing on Bipartisan Bill to Boost Oregon’s Semiconductor Industry2/22/2023 3:00 PM 
Senator Knopp Responds to Quarterly Revenue Forecast, Introduces Bill Returning Kicker as a Check2/22/2023 10:00 AM 
Senator Knopp Defends Public Employees Retirement Fund from Potential Losses from Forced Policy Change2/16/2023 5:00 PM 
Oregon Senate Passes Bipartisan Childcare Shortage Relief Bill Co-Chief Sponsored by Senator Anderson2/15/2023 4:00 PM 
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