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Oregon State Legislature News and Information


Legislator PhotoOregon Senate Republican Caucus        

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1950
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-323, Salem, Oregon 97301

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Senate Republican Leader Statement on Majority Leader Election5/22/2020 2:30 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Economic Forecast5/20/2020 9:34 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Oregon Employment Department Bureaucratic Failures5/19/2020 3:17 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on 28 Oregon Counties Approved to Reopen5/14/2020 12:08 PM 
Senate Republican Leader to the Governor: Prerequisites to Reopen are Unrealistic5/9/2020 8:35 AM 
CORRECTED: Senate Republican Leader Urges Governor to Distribute CARES Act Funds Statewide5/8/2020 11:55 AM 
Joint Release: Sen. Girod and Rep. Drazan Call on Governor to Display Bipartisanship During COVID-19 Crisis 4/29/2020 4:58 PM 
Senate Republicans Elect New Leader4/24/2020 9:30 AM 
Senate Republicans Press Governor to Lift Restrictions on Rural Oregon4/20/2020 9:00 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on the "Western States Pact"4/15/2020 9:40 AM 
Senate Republicans Ready to Work with the Governor for Immediate Relief to Oregonians3/27/2020 5:25 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Coronavirus3/16/2020 4:48 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Governor's Executive Order3/10/2020 11:03 AM 
Senate Republicans to Return Sunday, March 83/6/2020 11:38 AM 
Oregon Senate Republicans Willing to Return March 83/5/2020 9:36 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Urges Senate President to Return to Intent of the Short Session2/27/2020 11:03 AM 
Governor Backtracking Previous Statements on Ability to Allocate Funds to Umatilla River Flooding2/26/2020 11:22 AM 
PRESS RELEASE: Statement on Partisan Politics to Move Cap and Trade Out of Ways & Means Committee2/24/2020 10:26 AM 
Counties Representing Nearly 2 Million Oppose Cap and Trade2/21/2020 10:35 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Governor's Deception for Reducing Carbon Emissions2/18/2020 2:58 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Letter to Senate President2/17/2020 11:44 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Revenue Forecast2/12/2020 9:20 AM 
Big Timber & Environmental Special Interests Agree to Bait and Switch by the Governor2/11/2020 1:33 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Attack on Second Amendment Rights1/16/2020 4:09 PM 
NEWS ADVISORY: Senate Republican Leader to Provide Details on Cap and Trade (LC-19)1/15/2020 9:23 AM 
Representative Lynn Findley Appointed to Senate1/6/2020 4:15 PM 
collapse Year : 2019 ‎(51)
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Rural Counties Awarded Over $1 Billion in Timber Harvest Lawsuit11/20/2019 6:21 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Revenue Forecast11/20/2019 10:44 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on No Special Session to Fix SB 10139/18/2019 5:20 PM 
Statement on Potential Special Session8/28/2019 3:42 PM 
Statement on Revenue Forecast8/28/2019 3:30 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Comments on Majority Party Seeking Changes to Oregon Constitution8/26/2019 12:39 PM 
Senate Republican Leader on Stopping HB 20206/28/2019 12:25 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Press Conference on Walkout6/28/2019 9:10 AM 
Representative Denyc Boles Statement on Senate Appointment6/28/2019 8:50 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Timber Unity Rally6/27/2019 11:55 AM 
Senate Republican Caucus Statement6/26/2019 8:50 PM 
Senator Baertschiger on Negotiations6/25/2019 3:00 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Representative Denyc Boles Appointment to Vacant Senate Seat6/25/2019 1:35 PM 
"No Deal with Democrats," said Senate Republican Leader6/24/2019 12:04 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Weekend Rallies6/23/2019 1:59 PM 
No Reset on HB 2020; Senate Republicans Walk6/20/2019 10:30 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Threats from Majority Party6/19/2019 2:12 PM 
Senate Republicans Willing to Suspend Rules to Pass All Budget Bills6/18/2019 11:49 AM 
Cap and Trade Gas Tax Passes House of Representatives; Heads to Senate Next6/17/2019 8:59 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Ways & Means Committee Partisan Politics6/12/2019 12:46 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Polystyrene Ban Failure6/11/2019 2:12 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Senate President Limiting Republicans' Free Speech6/5/2019 1:08 PM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Governor’s Kicker Plan5/31/2019 11:35 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Passing of Senator Jackie Winters5/29/2019 2:56 PM 
​Statement from Senator Jackie Winters on Passage of SB 10085/24/2019 9:40 AM 
Statement from Senate Republican Leader on Education Spending Bills5/23/2019 12:50 PM 
Statement by Senate Republican Leader on PERS Reform5/23/2019 12:25 PM 
Nonpartisan Office of Economic Analysis Report Shows Democrats’ Agenda Jeopardizes Oregon Economy 5/16/2019 12:51 PM 
Senate Republicans Attempt to Recall HB 3427 on Senate Floor5/15/2019 11:23 AM 
Senate Republican Leader Statement on Quarterly Economic Revenue Forecast5/15/2019 8:53 AM 
Statement from Senator Herman Baertschiger, Jr. on Continuing to Deny Democrats a Quorum5/9/2019 9:50 AM 
Senate Republicans Stand for Education, Continue to Deny Democrats a Quorum5/8/2019 11:30 AM 
Senate Republicans Stand Up for Voters and Businesses in Denying Democrats a Quorum5/7/2019 11:15 AM 
NEWS ADVISORY: Press Conference to Provide Details on Senate Republican Caucus Absence5/6/2019 11:45 AM 
Gross Receipts Tax Passes House Disguised as Student Success Bill5/2/2019 9:50 AM 
Senate Republicans Stand Up for Parental Rights and Against Mandatory Vaccinations4/24/2019 3:55 PM 
 Senate Minority Office Announces New  Communications Director4/17/2019 2:55 PM 
Oregon Senate Passes Legislation Giving Youth Offenders a Second Look4/16/2019 12:08 PM 
Senate Passes Resolution Commemorating Modoc War4/2/2019 11:47 AM 
Democrats use parliamentary tricks to steal money from the kicker4/1/2019 12:14 PM 
Statement from Senator Herman Baertschiger on Appointment of Bev Clarno as Oregon Secretary of State3/29/2019 3:38 PM 
Baertschiger: Oregon Business Climate Will Suffer3/26/2019 10:38 AM 
Baertschiger: “Mr. President, I’m going to ask you a question. Is this a glimpse into Oregon’s future?”3/19/2019 2:47 PM 
Statement from Sen. Winters on the passing of Norma Paulus2/28/2019 4:43 PM 
In Case You Missed It: 'You're not the only one': Former Coffee Creek inmates allege 'widespread' sex abuse, rape Senator Alan Olsen Champions Legislation to study abuse in women’s correction facilities2/28/2019 4:42 PM 
Sen. Baertschiger statement on revenue forecast2/27/2019 3:31 PM 
Baertschiger statement on passing of Sec. Dennis Richardson2/27/2019 3:30 PM 
Sen. Winters statement on passing of Secretary of State Dennis Richardson2/27/2019 3:30 PM 
Senator Olsen Defends Disabled Veterans2/20/2019 3:44 PM 
Senate Democrats Pass Rent Control,  Ignoring the Lack of Affordable Housing in Oregon2/12/2019 1:42 PM 
Senate Republican Office Announces Caucus Staff1/14/2019 2:17 PM 
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(44)
DAS Procurement Practices Audit Reveals Substantial Government Waste and Mismanagement12/19/2018 11:15 AM 
LC 644 will help protect students and parents from the unthinkable12/14/2018 2:26 PM 
Senator Herman Baertschiger Elected Senate Republican Leader12/11/2018 8:00 PM 
Senator Jackie Winters Statement on Senate Republican Leadership12/11/2018 7:03 PM 
Senator Winters releases statement on Governor Brown's proposed budget11/28/2018 3:37 PM 
Winters Statement on September Revenue Forecast8/29/2018 2:16 PM 
Winters Statement on Gov. Brown's Proposed Public Records Limits6/29/2018 2:56 PM 
Winters Statement on Sec. Richardson Diagnosis 6/6/2018 11:08 AM 
Winters Statement on May 2018 Revenue Forecast5/23/2018 8:52 AM 
Senate Democrats Reject Real Investment  in Small Business 5/21/2018 3:59 PM 
Statement from Senators Boquist and Baertschiger on merit of special session5/17/2018 3:47 PM 
Statement from Senator Baertschiger on Special Session4/18/2018 1:11 PM 
Winters Statement on Gov Brown Signing Small Business Tax Increase4/6/2018 2:14 PM 
Thatcher to Work with Other States to Stay on Daylight Saving Year Round3/12/2018 4:18 PM 
Joint Statement from Republican Leaders on 2018 Short Session3/3/2018 4:57 PM 
Senate Republicans Reflect on 2018 Short Session3/3/2018 3:55 PM 
Senate Passes Pair of Bills Taking Important Steps Towards Buying Down PERS Liabilities3/3/2018 9:55 AM 
Senate Votes to Increase Public Employee Whistleblower Protections3/1/2018 4:26 PM 
Knopp Appointed co-Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Student Success3/1/2018 4:26 PM 
Senate Democrats Pass  Contentious Advance Directive Bill2/27/2018 12:50 PM 
Senator Knopp Introduces Amendment; Says Threatening a School Should Be a Felony2/26/2018 4:51 PM 
Senate Designates Eastern Oregon University as Oregon's Rural University2/26/2018 1:02 PM 
Senate Democrats Pass Unfair Tax Hike on Oregon's Small Businesses2/23/2018 12:54 PM 
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