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Oregon State Legislature News and Information


Legislator PhotoSenator Kim Thatcher

Republican - District 11 - Keizer

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1711
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-307, Salem, Oregon 97301

collapse Year : 2024 ‎(1)
Lawmakers Urge Department of Education to Offer New Financial Literacy, Life Skills Requirements as Stand-Alone Courses as Intended5/23/2024 
collapse Year : 2023 ‎(16)
Senators Thatcher, Sollman Announce Effort to Make Retirement Life More Affordable for Military Veterans11/29/2023 
Legislators in Oregon and Washington to offer bills creating year-long standard time11/6/2023 
Senator Thatcher Recaps Successes of 2023 Legislative Session6/25/2023 
Oregon House of Representatives Passes Peace of Mind Bill, Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence5/23/2023 
Senate Republicans Defend Democracy, Support Constitutional Bipartisanship 5/18/2023 
Democrats Admit Accepting Stacks of Questionable Cash for Thier Campaigns5/16/2023 
Oregon Senate and House member's contact information 5/11/2023 
Democrats Resort to Lies to Push Extreme Policy Priorities5/8/2023 
Senate Republicans Demand Transparency and Accountability5/3/2023 
Republicans are Committed to Defending Transparency5/1/2023 
HB 2002B: THE FACTS4/28/2023 
Death and Taxes4/18/2023 
Affordability Package4/18/2023 
Oregon Democrats Pass Most Extreme Abortion and Gender-Altering Bill in Nation's History Out of Committee4/14/2023 
Oregon Senate Passes Key Curriculum Transparency Legislation4/11/2023 
Victims Join Senate Republicans to Speak in Support of Fixes to Oregon’s Flawed Sex Crime Laws3/8/2023 
collapse Year : 2022 ‎(2)
Republicans Vote to Empower Parents3/2/2022 
Wrongful Conviction Compensation Moves Forward3/1/2022 
collapse Year : 2021 ‎(3)
Bipartisan Legislation Will Shield Public Records Advocate from Political Interference6/16/2021 
Sen. Thatcher Introduces Vaccine Passport Ban6/4/2021 
Bipartisan Legislation Introduced to Tackle Sexual and Racial Harassment on Oregon Campuses5/3/2021 
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(2)
End of Session Press Release3/9/2020 
Senator Kim Thatcher Stands Up for Independence  of Public Records Advocate2/17/2020 
collapse Year : 2019 ‎(19)
Democrats suppressing Oregonians by tampering with election date for repealing multi-billion dollar sales tax6/20/2019 
Kylee's Fight rally Thursday at Capitol6/19/2019 
Gagging judges endangers Oregonians6/12/2019 
Cap and Trade statement 6/12/2019 
Bag police coming for retailer near you6/11/2019 
#DitchTheSwitch passes House, heads to governor6/6/2019 
Voter suppression has no place in Oregon5/22/2019 
HB 3427 is using a leaky bucket to put out roaring fire5/13/2019 
Lawmakers exempt from forcible injections4/24/2019 
Thatcher calls for statewide assessment of foster system4/16/2019 
Thatcher requests 29 amendments to HB 30634/16/2019 
Thatcher statement on Wilsonville Fire4/3/2019 
Gov Brown responds to Senator Thatcher's foster system letter4/1/2019 
Oregon's Foster Care Emergency3/27/2019 
Gagging judges endangers Oregonians3/15/2019 
Antifa shutting down PSU College Republicans is unacceptable3/12/2019 
SUNSHINE: Bring Brown into the sun with investigation3/11/2019 
News Alert - Hear Ye Hear Ye - DST meeting2/25/2019 
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(9)
OVERBOARD: OHA is a sinking ship, directors like rats8/27/2017 
Riley heeds Thatcher’s request for legislative investigation into OHA’s insidious plans to target HIV patients and FamilyCare8/15/2017 
Illicit political correctness and so-called “Sanctuary State” laws imperiling Oregonians, going further down this road is madness and engenders violence8/14/2017 
Voter Manipulation7/7/2017 
Abortion Free-For-All HB 33917/7/2017 
Republicans ask Gov. Kate Brown to veto HB 34646/30/2017 
Sanctuary Cities6/21/2017 
"Brown AWOL on Veterans Issues"6/13/2017 
Brown's Raiding Veterans Services Flat-out Immoral 3/9/2017 
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(13)
HB 2184 DMV Parks Cross Promotion4/30/2015 
SCR 10 Unanimously Passes Senate4/21/2015 
Sb 945 Up for PH4/13/2015 
Amendment to SB 941 rejected4/6/2015 
April 2nd town Hall3/25/2015 
HB 2177 Universal Voter Registration3/25/2015 
Sunset Advisory Committee Release3/10/2015 
Senator Thatcher Votes Against HB 21773/6/2015 
State Senator Kim Thatcher Appointed to Transparency Oregon Advisory Committee3/6/2015 
Public Hearing Held on Resolution Honoring Joan Austin3/6/2015 
Bills Ending Daylight Savings Time to Receive Public Hearing3/6/2015 
SB 99 DST bill receives hearing3/6/2015 
SCR 10 Public Hearing Notice3/2/2015 
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(5)
 Senator-Elect Kim Thatcher Honored by MADD as  Legislative Champion 12/4/2014 
Oregon Receives National Award for Public Meetings  Notices Project Spearheaded by Rep Thatcher 9/30/2014 
Keizer Korean War Veteran to Receive Special Medals at State Capitol2/20/2014 
Rep Thatcher Launches New Effort for Oversight of Business Licensing in Oregon Feb. 14, 20142/14/2014 
collapse Year : 2013 ‎(13)
Governor Signs New Law to Enhance Oregon Transparency Website7/29/2013 
Representative Thatcher Questions Automatic Voter Registration Bill6/25/2013 
Oregon Transparency Website Improvements Adopted by House6/18/2013 
Yamhill County Legislators Join Forces to Help Newberg Property Owner With New State Law6/11/2013 
Senate Adopts Measure to Combat Number of Oregonians Driving With Suspended Licenses6/5/2013 
Oregonian Editorial Supports Rep Thatcher Economic Development Transparency Bill5/30/2013 
Rep Thatcher Introduces Priority Bill to Track Impacts of New Driver Cards for Illegal Immigrants5/21/2013 
Sprit of ’45 Honored by Oregon House With Passage of Senate Bill 8325/16/2013 
New Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants: Documenting the Undocumented5/15/2013 
Driver’s Licenses Don’t Fix Bigger Problem5/12/2013 
House Passes Bill to Crack Down on Chronic Driving While Suspended Offenders5/1/2013 
Granting Driver's licenses to Illegal Immigrants Sends the Wrong Message4/24/2013 
Rep Thatcher Stands up for Concealed Handgun License Holders at Oregon’s Public Colleges 4/8/2013 
collapse Year : 2012 ‎(11)
Rep. Thatcher Statement on the Nike Bill12/17/2012 
Keep Good Driver's License Standard11/9/2012 
Integrity for Oregon's Election System9/7/2012 
Summer of Education Reform7/6/2012 
New Law Protects Privacy of CHL Holders5/4/2012 
Rep Thatcher Thanks Governor for Signing New CHL Privacy Law4/11/2012 
Oregon House Gives Final Approval to Important Concealed Handgun License Privacy Law3/2/2012 
Worthy Bills Did Not Make ‘12 Cut3/2/2012 
Rep Thatcher Comments on State Economic Development Efforts. Oregon House Floor, February 29, 20122/29/2012 
Concealed Handgun License Bill Adopted by Oregon House for 3rd Time2/15/2012 
Rep Thatcher Proposes Two Bills for February Session1/17/2012 
collapse Year : 2011 ‎(17)
Rep Thatcher Commentary on Unlawful Gun Policy in Newberg School District11/2/2011 
Oregon Universities Gun Law Struck Down by State Court of Appeals Rep Kim Thatcher Touts Victory for Gun Owners 9/28/2011 
Disabled Veteran Works With Rep Thatcher to Help Others Get Special Oregon License Plates9/19/2011 
Governor Signs Important New Drunk Driving Bill Into Law8/4/2011 
Rep Thatcher’s New House District 25 Map, Changes Shaded in Boundaries6/17/2011 
House Passes Ignition Lock Bill to Prevent Repeat Drunk Driving6/16/2011 
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collapse Year : 2023 ‎(11)
Response to Return of a Quorum6/17/2023 
Oregon Senate Republicans Halt Radical Legislation, Heartland Daily News6/7/2023 
KATU interview with Senator Thatcher about divisiveness 6/6/2023 
Why we're denying quorum in Oregon's Senate6/1/2023 
They're setting your children to be victims to a new multi-billion-dollar industry behind your back- using your wallet.5/10/2023 
They're Targeting Your Children4/25/2023 
April 6 Legislative Update4/6/2023 
Update for March 14th3/14/2023 
Bill Alert SB 704 Bringing Universal Health Care to Oregon3/7/2023 
Bill Alert SB 579 Expanding Voting Rights to Incarcerated Citizens3/1/2023 
February 23rd Legislative Newsletter2/23/2023 
collapse Year : 2022 ‎(2)
Dems Soft on Crime Agenda2/20/2022 
The Oregon Legislature has started2/9/2022 
collapse Year : 2021 ‎(10)
Digital Vaccine Passport12/3/2021 
Oregon has been Gerrymandered9/21/2021 
SOS - Citizen Commission on Re-Districting8/12/2021 
Who will represent you3/17/2021 
SB 554 - It's a trap!2/21/2021 
Information on PPE2/19/2021 
What you can do2/18/2021 
Introduction to OLIS2/15/2021 
Bills to watch out for...1/27/2021 
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(4)
Announcing event for 12/16 to discuss reopening schools12/15/2020 
2020 July First Special Session Update7/1/2020 
Boycott is Representing Best Interests of Oregonians2/24/2020 
Brown's Cap and Trade Hypocrisy2/20/2020 
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(2)
June 2017 Legislative Update6/7/2017 
May 2017 Legislative Update6/7/2017 
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(1)
Reflecting on the Legislative Session3/30/2016 
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(3)
Legislative Update May 20155/1/2015 
Legislative Update Feb-March 20153/1/2015 
Legislative Update January 81/8/2015 
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August 20148/30/2014 
June 2014 6/20/2014 
March 20143/19/2014 
January 20141/27/2014 
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October 201310/10/2013 
August 8, 20138/8/2013 
June 27, 20136/27/2013 
April 18, 20134/18/2013 
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December 201212/22/2012 
November 2012 11/1/2012 
September 2012 9/25/2012 
July 2012 7/12/2012 
May 20125/25/2012 
April 2012 4/15/2012 
March 2012 3/16/2012 
January 2012 1/6/2012 
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December 201112/9/2011 
November 201111/7/2011 
October 201110/7/2011 
September 20119/9/2011 
August 20118/5/2011 
July 20117/11/2011 
June 20116/1/2011 
May 20115/4/2011 
April 20114/7/2011 
March 20113/2/2011 
January 20111/14/2011 
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March 20103/1/2010 
February 20102/1/2010 
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December 200912/1/2009 
November 200911/1/2009 
October 200910/1/2009 
September 20099/1/2009 
August 20098/1/2009 
May 20095/1/2009 
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February 20082/1/2008 
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February 20072/1/2007 
January 20071/1/2007 
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January 20061/4/2006 
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Sample Newsletter8/7/2013 
collapse Year : 2023 ‎(7)
They're setting your children to be victims to a new multi-billion-dollar industry behind your back- using your wallet.5/10/2023 
They're Targeting Your Children4/25/2023 
April 6 Legislative Update4/6/2023 
Update for March 14th3/14/2023 
Bill Alert SB 704 Bringing Universal Health Care to Oregon 3/7/2023 
Bill Alert SB 579 Expanding Voting Rights to Incarcerated Citizens3/1/2023 
February 23rd Legislative Newsletter2/23/2023