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Members can make comments on a bill. The comments will follow the bill regardless of the different version. Members can share comments with other members.

How do I add a comment?
On the "Bill Text" page, click on "New Comment". 


  Click in the "Comment Text" area and type comments.Click "Save Changes" when complete and "Close".



Sharing a Comment
Click on and highlight the comment you would like to share. Enter the member name you would like to share the comment with.



Click on "Add Share", you should see them in the list of comments shared with.



You can search for other members and add them to your list. Each comment can be shared with multiple members.

You can delete sharing a comments by clicking the "x" next to their name in the list.

Before your exit, save your changes to your change to your comments and shares.

Editing a Comment
To edit a comment, click on the edit icon. You can edit the text of your comment. It will change for anyone that you shared that commment with.

Deleting a Comment
Click on the "Delete" icon next to the comment you would like to delete. This will also remove from the person you shared the comment with.

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