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Legislator PhotoRepresentative Paul Evans

Democrat - District 20 - Monmouth

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1420
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE,​ H-281, Salem, Oregon 97301


Friends and Neighbors: 

The 2017 Legislative Session has begun. Like many before, it will present us with a range of challenges. Together we must find a way to balance our needs with our capacities to pay for and produce a Biennial Budget. We must review our public programming and find innovative ways to improve delivery and stretch available resources to meet the needs of a growing population. And we must find a way to work collaboratively, bridging partisan and political divides, for investments in education, environmental stewardship, health care, housing, human services, management of our natural resources, public safety, transportation, and veterans' care.

Over the next six months we will debate many legislative concepts. You might support some of these pieces of legislation, you might oppose others. Most bills introduced do not become law, but many of them impact the conversations surrounding the legislation that does. Your voice is critical in discerning the best courses of action. We have real challenges that will require us to reconsider what government provides and how we provide it. It is a time of new opportunities at the national, state, and local levels.

This is an exciting time in Oregon History. I am grateful for your confidence in me to serve as your representative at this moment, and I ask for your continued involvement: your ideas, questions, and suggestions make a difference. Together we can - and will - rekindle the spirit of Our Oregon and find the most rational, responsible, and responsible answers to the challenges we face.

Please stop by sometime and enjoy your Capitol. I look forward to seeing you and sharing what we are working on. 


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Paul Evans

Representative for House District 20