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Legislator PhotoRepresentative Paul Evans

Democrat - District 20 - Monmouth

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1420
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE,​ H-276, Salem, Oregon 97301


Dear Friends and Neighbors: 

On June 30th, the 2019 Legislative Assembly went into the history books.  It was a loud, raucous, and transformational session.  And despite the noise, it was incredibly productive.  The hard-won battles we won this year will make a significant difference in the lives of our people in the preservation of our special place. 

Since January we passed the following into law:

•    HB 3427: A new permanent revenue stream dedicated to improving K-12 education.  This strategic investment provides schools the necessary support for helping students succeed.  And with the recent news that opponents of the Student Success Act have abandoned their referral efforts, we will ensure that the next generation will be better prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century;

•    HB 2005: A new paid family medical leave policy for all workers.  This innovative approach may be the best, most comprehensive in the nation.  It was passed on a bipartisan basis with the help of many within the business community;

•    HB 2007: A new diesel emissions standard for the Metro region of our state.  This approach provides financial assistance for all involved.  And it provides for voluntary transitional assistance for small businesses and exempted uses.  It is a step forward in our comprehensive response to global climate change;

•    SB 1008: A new approach to criminal justice reform and rehabilitation.  This realignment puts more sentencing authority in the hands of the judge.  It requires higher evaluation of post-sentencing outcomes, and it brings clarity to understanding the cost trade-offs in how we seek to prepare juvenile offenders for release;

•    HB 2209: A new pre-disaster planning requirement for all who transport petroleum products via railways in Oregon.  This bipartisan approach finishes the work of a four-year effort to find the best balance between reasonable preparedness, shared costs, and transparency;

•    A series of new laws focused upon improving fairness for renters, expanding buildable land opportunities, and dedicated funds for private/public partnerships for developing affordable housing throughout the State of Oregon.  This package represents the most significant statewide affordable housing effort since World War II; and

•      Targeted investments in our community, including funds for:

o    $1 Million towards the construction of the Gerry Frank Salem Rotary Amphitheater at Salem’s Riverfront Park;
o    $5 Million for Construction of new affordable housing for homeless veterans through a partnership with the Salem YMCA;
o    $300,000 towards the development of the Mid-Willamette Valley Trolley (between the cities of Independence and Monmouth);
o    $20 Million towards the construction of a new Water Treatment Facility for the City of Salem to combat emerging threats to our water supply; and
o    Rehabilitation of infrastructure throughout our region;

These highlights represent the significant accomplishments of the 2019 Legislative Session.  We worked on several lesser-known bills that became law, as well as a series of bills that will be tweaked for the 2020 Legislative Session.  Thank you for your participation in the process.  Please let my office know what issues matter to you most – together; we can reclaim the promise of our Oregon.


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Rep Paul Evans
State Representative
House District 20