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Legislator PhotoRepresentative Paul Evans

Democrat - District 20 - Monmouth​

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1420
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE,​ H-471, Salem, Oregon 97301

Letter to Joint Special Committee on Coronavirus Response3/10/2020 
Letter to City of Salem Re: Reopening of Fire Station 11 (West Salem) 6/27/2017 
House Committee on Veterans and Emergency Prepardness Interim Workgroup Topics6/20/2017 
Letter to Joint Sub-Committee on Transportation and Economic Development Re Veterans Package6/15/2017 
Letter to Director Ben Cannon (HECC) Re: UO Applied Science Facilities 6/12/2017 
Letter to House Judiciary Committee Re SB 10555/11/2017 
Letter to Independence Mayor John McArdle Re: Dog Waste Stations4/20/2017 
Letter to Education Committee Ref 34094/12/2017 
Letter to House Committee on Higher Education and Workforce Development Re HB 31134/12/2017 
Letter to President Trump Re: VA Exemption from Hiring Freeze1/24/2017 
Letter to ODOT Director Matthew Garrett Re: Center Street Bridge4/6/2015 
Letter in Support of HB 3126 The Accreditation Protection Act4/3/2015 
Letter to Chair Barker Re: Support of HB 3388, HB 3111, HB 33853/31/2015 
Letter to Chair Barnhart Re: In support of HB 2949, HB 3462, HB 33843/31/2015 
Letter to Chair Lively: House Veterans and Emergency Prepardness Re: Support of Veterans Package 3/30/2015 
Ways and Means Letter Re: Small Business Assistance3/12/2015