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Oregon Rail Caucus

Oregon Rail Caucus Information

Mission Statement:

The Oregon State Legislative Rail Caucus is intent on creating economic opportunity, upgrading the transportation system, and meeting environmental challenges through improving freight and passenger rail. The Rail Caucus will work with state and local governments, businesses, freight and passenger rail carriers, ports, labor organizations, and other rail-focused associations. The Rail Caucus aims to educate constituents and colleagues on the importance of rail transport for a prosperous, clean, and connected Oregon. We'll work together to inform stakeholders on how wider use of rail improves the economy, increases the safety and efficiency of the transportation system, reduces adverse impacts on the environment, and offsets increasing cost to roadways. The Rail Caucus is a bicameral and bipartisan group of urban and rural legislators with a shared goal of improving rail transportation in the State of Oregon, working in partnership with elected leaders throughout the Pacific Northwest.

2023 Rail Caucus Members
Rep. Nancy NathansonSen. Chris Gorsek
Rep. Tom AndersenSen. David Brock Smith
Rep. Maxine DexterSen. Deb Patterson
Rep. Paul EvansSen. Dick Anderson
Rep. Mark GambaSen. Lew Frederick
Rep. James HiebSen. Lynn Findley
Rep. Bobby LevySen. Michael Dembrow
Rep. Courtney NeronSen. Rob Wagner
Rep. Khanh PhamSen. Aaron Woods
Rep. Ricki Ruiz 
Rep. Anna Scharf 
Rep. Boomer Wright ​

Rail Bills To Track: 2023_03_02 Rail Bills Introduced.pdf