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Oregon State Legislature Bipartisanship in the Oregon House

New Analysis Shows Vast Majority of House Bills have Passed with Bipartisan Support


As the 2015 legislative session winds to a close, a new analysis shows that the vast majority of bills have passed the House chamber this session with wide bipartisan support.

Of the 822 bills that have passed the House[1], 86% (788 bills) had the support of most Democrats and at least half of the Republican caucus. More than half of the bills overall—56%—had the support of every Republican member present at the time of the vote.

Only a small fraction of bills—3%, or just 27 bills—passed without any Republican support. \

Additionally, nearly half of the member-sponsored bills[2] that have passed had Republican chief sponsors. Of the 432 member-sponsored bills to pass out of the House, 215 were co-chief sponsored by Republican House members.

"On the vast majority of issues, House members see eye-to-eye," says House Majority Leader Val Hoyle (D-West Eugene & Junction City). "Unlike the bitter fighting and gridlock we see in D.C. and in other states, we're focused on working together to meet the needs of all Oregonians."


[1] As of June 29, not including concurrence or procedural votes

[2] In other words, not committee bills.