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Capitol Phone: 503-986-1900
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-295, Salem, Oregon 97301
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Oregon Legislature’s LGBT Caucus Mourns Victims of Club Q Shooting11/20/2022 1:53 PM 
Oregon House Democrats Elect Leadership Team for 2023 Session11/16/2022 7:36 PM 
Majority Leader Julie Fahey Statement on Steady Revenue Forecast11/16/2022 11:33 AM 
Statement from Leader Fahey and Speaker Rayfield on Improvements Needed to the Conduct Process10/31/2022 5:16 PM 
Majority Leader Fahey Attends Groundbreaking for Affordable Housing Project, Supporting Homeownership10/5/2022 10:41 AM 
Emergency Board Approves Funding to Provide Co-Located Affordable Housing and Child Care to Low-Income Families9/23/2022 2:51 PM 
Legislative Investments Support Oregon Communities Impacted by Drought9/22/2022 2:15 PM 
Pandemic-Impacted Oregon Businesses Seeing Major Tax Relief Due to Legislative Action9/21/2022 3:11 PM 
Oregon Reaffirms Commitment to Semiconductor Industry9/21/2022 10:03 AM 
Lori Kuechler Sworn in as Representative for House District 529/19/2022 10:13 AM 
Statement from House Majority Leader Julie Fahey on Republican Nationwide Abortion Ban Proposal9/13/2022 3:27 PM 
$600 Cost-of-Living Payments Successfully Distributed to Over 236,000 Low-Income Oregonians7/13/2022 11:40 AM 
Oregon House Democrats Denounce U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision Stripping Federal Government of Ability to Respond to the Climate Crisis6/30/2022 3:00 PM 
BIPOC Caucus Statement on the Release of the Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Organization Decision6/24/2022 3:25 PM 
Oregon House Majority Leader Statement on Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization6/24/2022 9:30 AM 
FactSheet Abortion Access in Oregon6/23/2022 8:49 AM 
BIPOC Caucus Celebrates Juneteenth, Recognizes Community Celebrations Throughout Oregon6/16/2022 4:00 PM 
The Oregon Legislature’s LGBT Caucus Celebrates Pride Month and Progress Made6/9/2022 11:40 AM 
Emergency Board Targets Public Safety Improvements in East Portland with the Outer Powell Boulevard Project6/7/2022 1:23 PM 
Emergency Board Advances Millions in Funding to Support Health Care and Behavioral Health Workforces6/7/2022 12:20 PM 
Legislative Emergency Board Moves Forward Support for Stronger Schools, Early Learning and Student Mental Health6/6/2022 3:18 PM 
Emergency Board Aims to Support Victims of Crime and Violence Prevention6/6/2022 3:09 PM 
Emergency Board Takes Action for Infrastructure Projects in Wildfire-Impacted Communities Near Opal Creek and Jackson County6/6/2022 2:33 PM 
Oregon House Democrats Call for Further Gun Safety Policies and for Congress to Act5/25/2022 3:47 PM 
Oregon Legislators Attend White House Meeting with States Expanding Abortion Access in Preparation for Post-Roe U.S. 5/24/2022 2:31 PM 
Majority Leader Julie Fahey on Revenue Forecast: Investments in Working Oregonians and Small Businesses Are Working5/18/2022 11:59 AM 
Majority Leader Julie Fahey Issues Statement Mourning Victims of Mass Shooting in Buffalo5/16/2022 1:19 PM 
Majority Leader Julie Fahey Denounces Supreme Court Draft Opinion Overturning Roe v Wade5/4/2022 2:45 PM 
CORRECTION_House Democrats Enshrine Universal Legal Representation and Due Process in Immigration Proceedings3/10/2022 3:05 PM 
Oregon’s 2022 Legislative Session Closes with Major Investments to Respond to and Prevent Homelessness, Support Small Businesses, Working Families and Stronger Schools3/4/2022 11:33 AM 
 Legislature Passes Bill to Provide Emergency Heat Relief3/3/2022 4:59 PM 
Oregon House Democrats Pass Equity Investment Program to Help Oregonians Build Wealth3/3/2022 4:51 PM 
Legislature Passes Forest Environmental Protection Accord3/3/2022 4:39 PM 
House Democrats Vote to Improve Public Safety for Every Oregonian3/3/2022 4:33 PM 
Future Ready Oregon Passes Oregon House3/3/2022 4:24 PM 
Oregon House Democrats Protect Health Coverage for Low-Income Oregonians3/2/2022 9:42 PM 
House Democrats Approve Transparency from Treasury on Investments with Climate Risks3/2/2022 6:57 PM 
House Democrats Advance Coordinated Regional Responses to Homelessness3/2/2022 6:55 PM 
House Democrats Prepare Oregon for Broadband Expansion3/2/2022 6:53 PM 
House Democrats Vote to Send Low-Wage Workers $600 Payments to Drive Down Cost of Living3/2/2022 6:50 PM 
House Democrats Pass Bill to Alleviate School Workforce Challenges and Support Educators 3/2/2022 1:08 PM 
Oregon House Votes to Support Behavioral Health Workers and A Stronger Mental Health System3/2/2022 1:01 PM 
In Historic Moment, House Democrats Pass Farmworker Overtime3/1/2022 1:02 PM 
Prioritizing Community Safety, Oregon Legislature Votes to Invest in Violence Prevention Programs and Restitution for Victims2/28/2022 1:05 PM 
Oregon House Takes Action Against Labor Exploitation Associated with Unlawful Marijuana Grows2/28/2022 1:03 PM 
House Democrats Act to Support Schools Impacted by Wildfires2/28/2022 10:11 AM 
Oregon House Democrats Increase Supports for Homeless Youth2/28/2022 10:06 AM 
Oregon House Votes to Retain and Stabilize Oregon’s Child Care Workforce2/28/2022 9:48 AM 
Oregon House Votes to Support Nurses and Alleviate Workforce Challenges 2/25/2022 1:34 PM 
Oregon Democrats Announce $400 Million Package to Respond to and Prevent Homelessness2/25/2022 8:52 AM 
Oregon House Votes to Protect Injured Workers2/23/2022 3:33 PM 
Legislative BIPOC Caucus Statement on the Normandale Park Shooting 2/22/2022 10:44 AM 
House Democrats Invest in Oregon Talent and Jobs for Growing Film Industry Across the State2/18/2022 9:53 AM 
House Democrats Pass Bill Ensuring Press Access to Natural Disaster Sites2/18/2022 9:50 AM 
House Democrats Join Nursing, Behavioral Health, Education and Childcare Providers to Discuss 2022 Workforce Bills that Will Create and Maintain Jobs for Working Families2/18/2022 9:41 AM 
Oregon House Democrats Pass Bill to Protect Firefighters with Occupational Cancer2/16/2022 1:17 PM 
Oregon House Democrats Take Steps to Modernize Workers’ Compensation Benefits to Protect Working Oregonians2/15/2022 11:02 AM 
Oregon House Democrats Support Creative Housing Solutions and Wildfire Recovery for Manufactured Housing Residents2/15/2022 10:58 AM 
Oregon House Democrats Support Small Business Growth and Aspiring Entrepreneurs by Raising Cap on Loans2/11/2022 11:39 AM 
Legislative BIPOC Caucus Advocates for an Equitable  Recovery for All Oregonians2/9/2022 9:14 PM 
Majority Leader Fahey Calls for Investments to Drive Down Cost of Living and Address Homelessness Following Latest Revenue Forecast2/9/2022 8:20 AM 
Oregon House Democrats to Prioritize Building a Robust, Equitable Recovery for Oregon2/1/2022 9:49 AM 
Washington County Commissioners Appoint Nathan Sosa to House District 301/31/2022 8:00 PM 
Multnomah County Commissioners Appoint Travis Nelson to Oregon House of Representatives1/27/2022 2:30 PM 
Oregon House Democrats Elect New Caucus Leader, Speaker Nominee1/17/2022 4:02 PM 
collapse Year : 2021 ‎(119)
House Democrats Mark Historic, Successful 202112/31/2021 9:30 AM 
Legislative Housing Chairs: Only a Special Session Can Protect 10,000+ Oregonians from Eviction12/2/2021 1:26 PM 
Statement on Special Session from Chairs of the Legislature's Housing Committees12/2/2021 1:23 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Democrats Elect New Leadership Team10/1/2021 10:59 AM 
PRESS RELEASE: Oregon Legislature Passes Congressional and Legislative Maps9/27/2021 3:54 PM 
Press Release: Oregon House and Senate Democrats Condemn Newberg School Staff Member's Racist Conduct and Use of Blackface9/22/2021 4:50 PM 
STATEMENT: House Majority Leader Barbara Smith Warner Issues Statement Condemning Antisemitic Statement by Clackamas County Commissioner Mark Shull9/22/2021 4:05 PM 
STATEMENT: Majority Leader Barbara Smith Warner and House Redistricting Committee Chair Andrea Salinas Issue Statement on Changes to Redistricting Committees9/20/2021 5:07 PM 
STATEMENT: Members of the Committees on Redistricting Issue Statement Following Release of Congressional and State Maps9/17/2021 4:06 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House and Senate Redistricting Committees Release Proposed Maps for Public Review and Testimony9/3/2021 8:36 AM 
CORRECTION: BIPOC Caucus Condemns Passage of Texas Abortion Ban9/2/2021 12:16 PM 
STATEMENT: BIPOC Caucus Condemns Texas Abortion Ban9/2/2021 8:48 AM 
STATEMENT: House Leader Condemns Texas Abortion Ban9/1/2021 4:33 PM 
House Majority Leader Condemns Newberg School Board Attempt to Overturn Antiracist Policy8/4/2021 2:15 PM 
BIPOC Caucus Condemns Newberg School Board Attempt to Overturn Antiracist Policy8/4/2021 2:14 PM 
Nota de Prensa: El caucus legislativo BIPOC anuncia los logros de la sesión de 2021, mira hacia el futuro6/30/2021 9:10 AM 
PRESS RELEASE: Legislative BIPOC Caucus Announces 2021 Session Accomplishments, Looks Toward Future6/28/2021 2:30 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Democrats: Historic 2021 Session Delivered on Promises to Oregonians6/26/2021 8:00 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Passes Bill to Fund Nearly $200 Million in Wildfire Response, Recovery and Mitigation6/26/2021 7:17 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Passes Bill Requiring Public Schools to Provide Free Access to Tampons and Sanitary Pads for Students, Commits to Eliminating Period Poverty6/26/2021 7:14 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Passes Bill to Provide Health Care to Essential Long-Term Care Workers6/26/2021 7:10 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: Legislature Passes Bill to Modernize Oregon’s Recycling System6/26/2021 7:08 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: Oregon House Passes Bill to Improve Equity in Early Childhood Education6/26/2021 6:57 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Votes to Invest $50 Million in Economic Development Through Renewable Energy, Commits to 100% Clean Energy by 20406/26/2021 6:53 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: Oregon House Votes to Invest Over $3.6 Million in Services for Unaccompanied and Unhoused Youth6/26/2021 6:49 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Votes to Make Child Care More Affordable and Accessible for Children, Parents, and Providers6/26/2021 6:46 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: Oregon House Passes Bipartisan Bill to Invest $10 Million in New Healthy Homes Repair Fund6/26/2021 6:42 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: Legislature Funds Jurisdictional Transfer and Safety Improvements for 82nd Avenue6/26/2021 6:39 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: Oregon House Passes Bill to Expand Regional Health Equity Coalitions6/26/2021 6:35 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Votes to Establish Office of Immigrant and Refugee Advancement6/26/2021 6:32 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Votes to Ban Suspensions and Expulsions from Early Childhood Programs6/23/2021 2:07 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Passes HB 2591 to Expand Healthcare Access for Students Across the State6/23/2021 2:06 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Votes to Create Task Force on Student Success for Underrepresented Students in Higher Education6/23/2021 2:06 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: House Votes to Invest $4.5 Million in Long-Term Rental Assistance Program for Youth Experiencing Homelessness6/23/2021 2:05 PM 
PRESS RELEASE: Oregon House Passes Legislation to Modernize Emergency Management Systems6/23/2021 2:05 PM 
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