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2019 Legislative Successes

Defending Our Environment and Combating Climate Change

Oregon Climate Action Program: HB 2020, the Oregon Climate Action Program, remains unfinished business after passing the Oregon House but failing in the Oregon Senate. Oregon House Democrats are committed to tackling the devasting effects of climate change while ensuring our state has the resources it needs to build a 21st century economy. This legislation would have created a market-based carbon pricing program that guarantees that the state will meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals while also strengthening Oregon’s economy. 

Oregon Environmental Protection Act: HB 2250 sets a “baseline federal standard” of environmental law protections as those that were in effect on January 19, 2017 when President Obama left office. The bill requires DEQ and OHA to regularly assess final changes to federal environmental law to determine whether the changes are significantly less protective of public health, the environment, or natural resources than baseline federal standards.

Offshore Drilling Ban: SB 256 makes permanent the ban on exploration or drilling for oil, gas and sulfur off the Oregon coast. The Legislature originally adopted the ban in 2007 and later extended the policy until January 1, 2020.

Hydraulic Fracturing Ban: HB 2623 imposes a statewide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing until January 2, 2025.

Ditching Dirty Diesel: HB 2007 takes a meaningful first step to curb Oregon’s dirty diesel problem. This bill phases out pre-2010 medium duty registrations and pre-2007 heavy duty truck registrations in the Portland-metro area. It also prioritizes owner-operators and small businesses in accessing the Volkswagen Settlement funds to encourage earlier adoption of cleaner, newer trucks.

Reducing Plastic Waste: SB 90 prohibits a food and beverage provider or a convenience store from providing single-use plastic straws unless requested by the consumer. HB 2509 prohibits retail establishments and restaurants in Oregon from providing single-use plastic checkout bags to customers and requires them to collect at least a 5-cent fee per recycled paper or cloth bag.

Oil Train Disaster Planning: HB 2209 requires railroads that own or operate high hazard train routes to institute oil spill contingency plans and to have those plans reviewed and approved by DEQ and outlines a triennial schedule for training for response to high hazard oil train spills.

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