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Our Pledge to Every Oregonian

Strengthening Our Economy

Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance: HB 2005 establishes a state-run paid family and medical leave insurance program for every employee in the state. The program provides up to 12 weeks of paid leave, with an additional 2 paid weeks for birth parents, to bond with a new child, care for an individual’s serious illness, care for a family member’s serious illness, or take safe leave related to a domestic violence situation.

State Income Tax Reduction: HB 3427 includes provisions to lower Oregon’s income tax brackets by 0.25%.

Public Worker Protections: HB 2016 codifies best practices in Oregon’s collective bargaining statutes, allowing designated representatives reasonable work time to fulfill their duties, requiring employers to provide unions with reasonable communication access with employees in the bargaining unit, expanding the list of unfair labor practices, and clarifying methods of member dues collection.

Economic Development Funding: The legislature directed nearly $1.5 million to support economic development throughout Oregon, with targeted investments in rural parts of the state. In addition, the legislature allocated $581 million for Business Oregon’s Infrastructure Division for municipal infrastructure, water and wastewater facilities that ensure compliance with federal law, seismic rehabilitation for schools and emergency facilities, port and airport facilities, levee improvements, marine navigation improvements, and other facilities that support economic and community development.

Innovation Research Fund: This year’s budget invests $10 million to help Oregon universities pull in additional research dollars to make them more competitive nationally and improve Oregon’s workforce.

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