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Welcome to Oregon's Legislative Revenue Office

Serving Oregonians and the Legislative process since 1975



Legislative Revenue Office
The 1975 Legislature established the LRO, a permanent, non-partisan legislative service agency. Its authority and functions are specified in ORS 173.800 through ORS 173.850.

Dept. of Revenue Building


Department of Revenue
Started in 1909, the DOR collects revenue that Oregon counts on. The department administers many revenue streams, including Oregon's personal income tax, corporate excise tax, marijuana retail tax, corporate activity tax, and cigarette and other tobacco tax programs, among others.

Judicial Building


Oregon Tax Court
Founded in 1962, the OTC hears tax appeals under state laws, including personal income tax, property tax, corporation excise tax, timber tax, local budget law, and property tax limitations.

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Legislative Revenue Office (LRO)

LRO staff provides research and analysis on tax policy and school finance issues for legislators, legislative committees, and their staffs. They also provide revenue impact statements on legislative measures that affect state or local revenue.​


The Research Section develops statistical and other descriptive information about Oregon's tax programs for a variety of audiences including policymakers, media, lobbyists, academics and the general public. Our reporting adheres to state and federal taxpayer confidentiality laws. This means that we don't release any information that can be traced to particular taxpayer returns.​


​The Office of Economic Analysis (OEA) provides objective forecasts of the state's economy, revenue, population, corrections population, and Youth Authority population. These forecasts are used by the Governor, the Legislature, state agencies, and the public to achieve their goals.​


​The Department of Transportation (ODOT) provides​ ​Information on fuel tax and highway fund revenue forcasts.

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