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Potential Conflicts of Interest and Vote Explanation Documents

Note: Per Senate Rule 3.33(1), the Senate does not require submission of written Potential or Actual Conflicts of Interest. Senators verbally declare a conflict of interest during a committee meeting or a Senate floor session.  The declaration is recorded in the committee recording log, measure history, and the Senate Journal.

SB 37 Heard 3-4-2021NewVote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard3/4/2021SB372021R1
SB 83 Heard 3-4-2021NewVote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard3/4/2021SB832021R1
SB 89 Heard 3-4-2021NewVote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard3/4/2021SB892021R1
SB 93 Heard 3-4-2021NewVote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard3/4/2021SB932021R1
SB 184 Heard 3-4-2021NewVote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard3/4/2021SB1842021R1
SB 210 Heard 3-4-2021NewVote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard3/4/2021SB2102021R1
SB 280 Heard 3-4-2021NewVote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard3/4/2021SB2802021R1
SB 297 Heard 3-4-2021NewVote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard3/4/2021SB2972021R1
HCR 21 Wilde 1-11-2021Vote ExplanationRepresentative Marty Wilde1/11/2021HCR212021R1
HB 4402 Keny-Guyer 12-22-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Alissa Keny-Guyer12/22/2020HB44022020S3
SB 1801 Sollman 12-22-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Janeen Sollman12/22/2020SB18012020S3
SB 1801 Keny-Guyer 12-22-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Alissa Keny-Guyer12/22/2020SB18012020S3
HB 4401 Sollman 12-22-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Janeen Sollman12/22/2020HB44012020S3
HB 4402 Gelser 12-22-2020NewVote ExplanationSenator Sara Gelser12/22/2020HB44022020S3
HB 4402 Dembrow 12-22-2020NewVote ExplanationSenator Michael Dembrow12/22/2020HB44022020S3
HB 4402 Reschke 12-21-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative E. Werner Reschke12/21/2020HB44022020S3
SB 1801 Monnes Anderson 12-21-2020NewVote ExplanationSenator Laurie Monnes Anderson12/21/2020SB18012020S3
HB 4303 Keny-Guyer 8-11-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Alissa Keny-Guyer8/11/2020HB43032020S2
HB 4304 Williams 8-11-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Williams8/11/2020HB43042020S2
HCR 221 Post 8-11-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Bill Post8/11/2020HCR2212020S2
SB 5723 Keny-Guyer 8-11-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Alissa Keny-Guyer8/11/2020SB57232020S2
SB 5723 Williams 8-11-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Williams8/11/2020SB57232020S2
SB 5721 Knopp 8-10-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Tim Knopp8/10/2020SB57212020S2
SB 5723 Golden 8-10-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Jeff Golden8/10/2020SB57232020S2
HB 4301 Heard 8-10-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard8/10/2020HB43012020S2
HB 5221 Smith DB 8-10-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative David Brock Smith8/10/2020HB52212020S2
HB 4201 Leif 6-29-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Gary Leif6/29/2020HB42012020S1
HB 4203 Leif 6-29-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Gary Leif6/29/2020HB42032020S1
HB 4205 Leif 6-29-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Gary Leif6/29/2020HB42052020S1
HB 4207 Leif 6-29-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Gary Leif6/29/2020HB42072020S1
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