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Potential Conflicts of Interest and Vote Explanation Documents

Note: Per Senate Rule 3.33(1), the Senate does not require submission of written Potential or Actual Conflicts of Interest. Senators verbally declare a conflict of interest during a committee meeting or a Senate floor session.  The declaration is recorded in the committee recording log, measure history, and the Senate Journal.

HB 4109 Wilde 2-20-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Marty Wilde2/20/2020HB41092020R1
SB 1535 Boquist 2-20-2020NewVote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/20/2020SB15352020R1
SB 1531 Boquist 2-20-2020NewVote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/20/2020SB15312020R1
SB 1551 Boquist 2-20-2020NewVote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/20/2020SB15512020R1
HB 4109 Mitchell 2-20-2020NewVote ExplanationRepresentative Tiffiny Mitchell2/20/2020HB41092020R1
SB 1567 Boquist 2-20-2020NewVote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/20/2020SB15672020R1
HB 4061 Boquist 2-20-2020NewVote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/20/2020HB40612020R1
HB 4140 Boquist 2-20-2020NewVote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/20/2020HB41402020R1
HB 4109 McLain 2-20-2020NewVote ExplanationRepresentative Susan McLain2/20/2020HB41092020R1
HB 4109 Sollman 2-20-2020NewVote ExplanationRepresentative Janeen Sollman2/20/2020HB41092020R1
HB 4012 Williams 2-20-2020NewVote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Williams2/20/2020HB40122020R1
SB 1511 Boquist 2-19-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/19/2020SB15112020R1
HB 4109 Williams 2-19-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Williams2/19/2020HB41092020R1
SB 1522 Boquist 2-18-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/18/2020SB15222020R1
SB 1533 Boquist 2-18-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/18/2020SB15332020R1
SB 1575 Boquist 2-18-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/18/2020SB15752020R1
HB 4097 Wilde 2-18-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Marty Wilde2/18/2020HB40972020R1
SB 1501 Boquist 2-17-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/17/2020SB15012020R1
SB 1506 Boquist 2-17-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/17/2020SB15062020R1
SB 1527 Boquist 2-17-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/17/2020SB15272020R1
SB 1542 Boquist 2-17-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/17/2020SB15422020R1
SB 1543 Boquist 2-17-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/17/2020SB15432020R1
HB 4106 Boquist 2-17-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/17/2020HB41062020R1
HB 4067 Boshart Davis 2-17-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative Shelly Boshart Davis2/17/2020HB40672020R1
HB 4026 Smith DB 2-13-2020Vote ExplanationRepresentative David Brock Smith2/14/2020HB40262020R1
SB 1507 Boquist 2-13-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/13/2020SB15072020R1
SB 1547 Boquist 2-13-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/13/2020SB15472020R1
SB 1550 Boquist 2-13-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/13/2020SB15502020R1
SB 1568 Boquist 2-13-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/13/2020SB15682020R1
SB 1576 Boquist 2-13-2020Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/13/2020SB15762020R1
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