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Potential Conflicts of Interest and Vote Explanation Documents

Note: Per Senate Rule 3.33(1), the Senate does not require submission of written Potential or Actual Conflicts of Interest. Senators verbally declare a conflict of interest during a committee meeting or a Senate floor session.  The declaration is recorded in the committee recording log, measure history, and the Senate Journal.

Schlusser EA Golden 11-17-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Jeff Golden11/17/2021Select...
SB 881 Boquist 9-20-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist9/21/2021SB8812021S1
SB 881 Thatcher 9-20-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Kim Thatcher9/21/2021SB8812021S1
SB 882 Thatcher 9-20-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Kim Thatcher9/21/2021SB8822021S1
SB 881 Golden 9-20-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Jeff Golden9/20/2021SB8812021S1
SB 882 Golden 9-20-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Jeff Golden9/20/2021SB8822021S1
HB 3055 Dembrow 6-26-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Michael Dembrow6/26/2021HB30552021R1
HB 5006 Dembrow 6-26-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Michael Dembrow6/26/2021HB50062021R1
HB 5006 Smith DB 6-26-2021Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative David Brock Smith6/26/2021HB50062021R1
SB 5518 Hayden 6-25-2021Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Cedric Hayden6/26/2021SB55182021R1
HB 2142 Heard 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard6/25/2021HB21422021R1
HB 2143 Heard 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard6/25/2021HB21432021R1
HB 2740 Boquist 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist6/25/2021HB27402021R1
HB 2927 Boquist 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist6/25/2021HB29272021R1
HB 3000 Boquist 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist6/25/2021HB30002021R1
HB 3000 Robinson 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Art Robinson6/25/2021HB30002021R1
HB 3055 Campos 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationRepresentative Wlnsvey Campos6/25/2021HB30552021R1
HB 3055 Power 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationRepresentative Karin Power6/25/2021HB30552021R1
SB 139 Neron 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationRepresentative Courtney Neron6/25/2021SB1392021R1
SB 19 Heard 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard6/25/2021SB192021R1
SB 225 Heard 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard6/25/2021SB2252021R1
SB 27 Heard 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard6/25/2021SB272021R1
SB 291 Heard 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard6/25/2021SB2912021R1
SB 5502 Boshart Davis 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationRepresentative Shelly Boshart Davis6/25/2021SB55022021R1
SB 5502 Sollman 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationRepresentative Janeen Sollman6/25/2021SB55022021R1
SB 620 Heard 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard6/25/2021SB6202021R1
SB 762 Heard 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard6/25/2021SB7622021R1
SB 792 Heard 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard6/25/2021SB7922021R1
SB 817 Heard 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Dallas Heard6/25/2021SB8172021R1
SB 872 Boquist 6-25-2021Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist6/25/2021SB8722021R1
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