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Potential Conflicts of Interest and Vote Explanation Documents

Note: Per Senate Rule 3.33(1), the Senate does not require submission of written Potential or Actual Conflicts of Interest. Senators verbally declare a conflict of interest during a committee meeting or a Senate floor session.  The declaration is recorded in the committee recording log, measure history, and the Senate Journal.

HB 5040-A Smith G 6-7-2023Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Greg Smith6/7/2023HB50402023R1
HB 5015-A Lewis 6-7-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Rick Lewis6/7/2023HB50152023R1
SB 954-A Bynum 6-1-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Janelle Bynum6/1/2023SB9542023R1
HB 5036-A Diehl 5-24-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Ed Diehl5/25/2023HB50362023R1
HB 5011-A Pham H 5-24-2023Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Hai Pham5/25/2023HB50112023R1
SB 489 Diehl 5-25-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Ed Diehl5/25/2023SB4892023R1
SB 907-A Cramer 5-25-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Tracy Cramer5/25/2023SB9072023R1
HB 5047-A Hieb 5-25-2023Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative James Hieb5/25/2023HB50472023R1
SB 901 Wright 5-25-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Boomer Wright5/25/2023SB9012023R1
SB 473-A Wright 5-25-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Boomer Wright5/25/2023SB4732023R1
HB 5010-A Smith G 5-25-2023Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Greg Smith5/25/2023HB50102023R1
HB 5011-A Javadi 5-25-2023Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Cyrus Javadi5/25/2023HB50112023R1
SB 756-A Nelson 5-24-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Travis Nelson5/24/2023SB7562023R1
SB 616 Dexter 5-23-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Maxine Dexter5/23/2023SB6162023R1
HB 2004-A Wright 5-23-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Boomer Wright5/23/2023HB20042023R1
HB 2004-A Elmer 5-23-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer5/23/2023HB20042023R1
SB 756-A Elmer 5-23-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer5/23/2023SB7562023R1
SB 767-A Elmer 5-23-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer5/23/2023SB7672023R1
SB 685 Elmer 5-23-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer5/23/2023SB6852023R1
HB 3031-A Elmer 5-23-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer5/23/2023HB30312023R1
HB 2572-A Conrad 5-18-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Charlie Conrad5/18/2023HB25722023R1
HB 2572-A Mannix 5-18-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Kevin Mannix5/18/2023HB25722023R1
SB 231 Reschke 5-17-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative E. Werner Reschke5/17/2023SB2312023R1
SB 592-A Mannix 5-16-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Kevin Mannix5/16/2023SB5922023R1
SB 209-A Elmer 5-16-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer5/16/2023SB2092023R1
SB 202-A Elmer 5-11-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer5/11/2023SB2022023R1
SB 529 Elmer 5-9-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer5/9/2023SB5292023R1
SB 184-A Elmer 5-9-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer5/9/2023SB1842023R1
SB 812-A Elmer 5-9-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer5/9/2023SB8122023R1
HB 3583 Elmer 5-4-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer5/4/2023HB35832023R1
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