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Potential Conflicts of Interest and Vote Explanation Documents

Note: Per Senate Rule 3.33(1), the Senate does not require submission of written Potential or Actual Conflicts of Interest. Senators verbally declare a conflict of interest during a committee meeting or a Senate floor session.  The declaration is recorded in the committee recording log, measure history, and the Senate Journal.

SB 189 Boquist 2-2-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/2/2023SB1892023R1
SB 1501-B Hayden 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Cedric Hayden3/4/2022SB15012022R1
HB 4008-B Nelson 3-4-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Travis Nelson3/4/2022HB40082022R1
SB 1589-A Williams 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Williams3/4/2022SB15892022R1
HB 4002 Armitage 3-4-2022Vote ExplanationSenator Rachel Armitage3/4/2022HB40022022R1
SB 1546-B Holvey 3-4-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Paul Holvey3/4/2022SB15462022R1
SB 1579-A Wilde 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Marty Wilde3/4/2022SB15792022R1
HB 5202-A Smith G 3-4-2022Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Greg Smith3/4/2022HB52022022R1
HB 5202-A Kropf 3-4-2022Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Jason Kropf3/4/2022HB52022022R1
HB 5202-A Moore-Green 3-4-2022Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Raquel Moore-Green3/4/2022HB52022022R1
SB 1510 Armitage 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationSenator Rachel Armitage3/3/2022SB15102022R1
SB 1533 Lawrence Spence 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationSenator Akasha Lawrence Spence3/3/2022SB15332022R1
SB 1565 Lawrence Spence 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationSenator Akasha Lawrence Spence3/3/2022SB15652022R1
SB 1572 Lawrence Spence 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationSenator Akasha Lawrence Spence3/3/2022SB15722022R1
HB 4002 Findley 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationSenator Lynn Findley3/3/2022HB40022022R1
HB 4002 Sollman 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationSenator Janeen Sollman3/3/2022HB40022022R1
SB 1536 Thatcher 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationSenator Kim Thatcher3/3/2022SB15362022R1
HB 4034-A Scharf 3-2-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Scharf3/3/2022HB40342022R1
HB 4035-B Scharf 3-2-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Scharf3/3/2022HB40352022R1
HB 4077-B Scharf 3-2-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Scharf3/3/2022HB40772022R1
HB 4115-A Scharf 3-2-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Scharf3/3/2022HB41152022R1
HB 4157-A Scharf 3-2-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Scharf3/3/2022HB41572022R1
SB 1527-B Scharf 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Scharf3/3/2022SB15272022R1
SB 1543-A Scharf 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Scharf3/3/2022SB15432022R1
SB 1576 Scharf 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Scharf3/3/2022SB15762022R1
SB 1579-A Scharf 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Scharf3/3/2022SB15792022R1
SB 1589-A Scharf 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Anna Scharf3/3/2022SB15892022R1
HB 4097 Nathanson 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationRepresentative Nancy Nathanson3/3/2022HB40972022R1
SB 1504 Armitage 3-3-2022Vote ExplanationSenator Rachel Armitage3/3/2022SB15042022R1
SB 1510 Prozanski 3-2-2022Vote ExplanationSenator Floyd Prozanski3/2/2022SB15102022R1
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