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Potential Conflicts of Interest and Vote Explanation Documents

Note: Per Senate Rule 3.33(1), the Senate does not require submission of written Potential or Actual Conflicts of Interest. Senators verbally declare a conflict of interest during a committee meeting or a Senate floor session.  The declaration is recorded in the committee recording log, measure history, and the Senate Journal.

HB 4059-A Scharf 2-22-2024Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Anna Scharf2/22/2024HB40592024R1
SB 1575 Boquist 2-22-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/22/2024SB15752024R1
SB 1576 Boquist 2-22-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/22/2024SB15762024R1
SB 1587 Boquist 2-22-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/22/2024SB15872024R1
SB 1574 Boquist 2-22-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/22/2024SB15742024R1
SB 1517 Boquist 2-21-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/21/2024SB15172024R1
SB 1553 Robinson 2-21-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Art Robinson2/21/2024SB15532024R1
SB 1553 Boquist 2-21-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/21/2024SB15532024R1
HB 4063-A Nguyen D 2-20-2024Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Daniel Nguyen2/20/2024HB40632024R1
SB 1506 Boquist 2-20-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/20/2024SB15062024R1
SB 1580 Boquist 2-19-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/19/2024SB15802024R1
SB 1568 Boquist 2-19-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/19/2024SB15682024R1
HB 4083 Helfrich 2-19-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Jeff Helfrich2/19/2024HB40832024R1
HB 4119 Bynum 2-15-2024Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Janelle Bynum2/15/2024HB41192024R1
EA Boquist 2-12-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist2/12/20242024R1
HB 5005-A Nelson 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Travis Nelson6/25/2023HB50052023R1
HB 3414 Frederick 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Lew Frederick6/25/2023HB34142023R1
HB 2004 Frederick 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Lew Frederick6/25/2023HB20042023R1
SB 1049-A Pham K 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Khanh Pham6/25/2023SB10492023R1
HB 5005-A Pham K 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationRepresentative Khanh Pham6/25/2023HB50052023R1
HB 5030-A Smith G 6-25-2023Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Greg Smith6/25/2023HB50302023R1
HB 3013 Sollman 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Janeen Sollman6/25/2023HB30132023R1
HB 3229 Anderson 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Dick Anderson6/25/2023HB32292023R1
HB 3242 Anderson 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Dick Anderson6/25/2023HB32422023R1
HB 3414 Anderson 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Dick Anderson6/25/2023HB34142023R1
HB 3632 Anderson 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Dick Anderson6/25/2023HB36322023R1
HB 5005 Findley 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Lynn Findley6/25/2023HB50052023R1
HB 5006 Findley 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Lynn Findley6/25/2023HB50062023R1
HB 5029 Findley 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Lynn Findley6/25/2023HB50292023R1
HB 5030 Knopp 6-25-2023Vote ExplanationSenator Tim Knopp6/25/2023HB50302023R1
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