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Potential Conflicts of Interest and Vote Explanation Documents

Note: Per Senate Rule 3.33(1), the Senate does not require submission of written Potential or Actual Conflicts of Interest. Senators verbally declare a conflict of interest during a committee meeting or a Senate floor session.  The declaration is recorded in the committee recording log, measure history, and the Senate Journal.

EA Boquist 5-31-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist5/31/2024Select...
SB 1575-A Andersen 3-8-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Tom Andersen3/8/2024SB15752024R1
HB 4156-B Chaichi 3-8-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Farrah Chaichi3/8/2024HB41562024R1
SB 1578 Sollman 3-7-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Janeen Sollman3/7/2024SB15782024R1
HB 4024 Boquist 3-7-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Brian Boquist3/7/2024HB40242024R1
HB 4026 Sollman 3-7-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Janeen Sollman3/7/2024HB40262024R1
SB 1553-B Chaichi 3-6-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Farrah Chaichi3/6/2024SB15532024R1
SB 1553-B Hartman 3-6-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Annessa Hartman3/6/2024SB15532024R1
SB 1553 Robinson 3-6-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Art Robinson3/6/2024SB15532024R1
HB 4045-B Andersen 3-4-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Tom Andersen3/5/2024HB40452024R1
SB 1537-B Andersen 3-4-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Tom Andersen3/5/2024SB15372024R1
SB 1537-B Yunker 3-5-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Dwayne Yunker3/5/2024SB15372024R1
SB 1537-B Nguyen D 3-4-2024Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Daniel Nguyen3/4/2024SB15372024R1
SB 1537-B Pham H 3-4-2024Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Hai Pham3/4/2024SB15372024R1
HB 4045-B Grayber 3-4-2024Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Dacia Grayber3/4/2024HB40452024R1
HB 4031-A Smith G 3-4-2024Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Greg Smith3/4/2024HB40312024R1
HB 4002 Prozanski 3-4-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Floyd Prozanski3/4/2024HB40022024R1
HB 4031-A Nguyen D 3-4-2024Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Daniel Nguyen3/4/2024HB40312024R1
HB 4031-A Bynum 3-4-2024Potential Conflict of InterestRepresentative Janelle Bynum3/4/2024HB40312024R1
HB 4002 Jama 3-2-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Kayse Jama3/2/2024HB40022024R1
HB 4002-A Hartman 3-1-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Annessa Hartman3/1/2024HB40022024R1
HB 4002-A Pham K 2-29-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Khanh Pham3/1/2024HB40022024R1
HB 4002-A Elmer 3-1-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Lucetta Elmer3/1/2024HB40022024R1
HB 4026-A McLain 3-1-2024Vote ExplanationRepresentative Susan McLain3/1/2024HB40262024R1
SB 1537 Sollman 3-1-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Janeen Sollman3/1/2024SB15372024R1
HB 4002 Robinson 3-1-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Art Robinson3/1/2024HB40022024R1
HB 4002 Patterson 3-1-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Deb Patterson3/1/2024HB40022024R1
HB 4002 Steiner 3-1-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Elizabeth Steiner3/1/2024HB40022024R1
HB 4002 Campos 3-1-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Wlnsvey Campos3/1/2024HB40022024R1
HB 4002 Frederick 3-1-2024Vote ExplanationSenator Lew Frederick3/1/2024HB40022024R1
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