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 Oregon State Senate Photo Gallery

​Welcome to the Oregon State Senate Photo Gallery.  Please enjoy exploring the different aspects of the Oregon State Senate.

 Art in the Senate Chamber


The Oregon Senate Chamber includes art rich in beauty and symbolism.

View more art in the Senate Chamber.

 Historic Senate Floor Desks


​During every legislative session since 1939, the same historic Senate floor desks have been used by members of the Oregon State Senate. 

View more of the historic Senate floor desks.

 Senate History Rooms


In 2011, the Oregon Senate dedicated five rooms behind the historic Senate Chamber to honor five notable Oregonians.

View more of the Senate's History Rooms.

 Craftsmanship in the Senate Chamber

Built in 1938 and inspired by Art Deco influences, the Oregon Senate Chamber includes detailed craftsmanship of the 1930s.

View more craftsmanship in the Senate Chamber.

 Technology in the Historic Senate Chamber

The Oregon Senate uses technology today that respects the historic nature of the Chamber.

View more technology in the historic Senate Chamber.

 Featured Photographs


The Oregon State Senate is a beautiful setting and we are proud to feature some of our best images here.

View more of the featured photographs of Oregon State Senate.